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Jen and Vince's


7/5/2006 5:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Did the romance of Paris sweep Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston into a secret engagement while they were there together last month?

Well, if you believe Life & Style magazine, Vaughniston isn't just engaged, they're getting married "sooner rather than later," according to a story posted on the Internet Movie Database.

But Aniston's rep Stephen Huvane quickly quashed any speculation today to TMZ, saying that the rumors were not true.

According to the Life & Style account, the down-on-one-knee engagement happened while the couple were in Paris promoting "The Break-Up." "Friends" quoted by the magazine claim that Aniston even invited her former mother-in-law, Jane Pitt, to the wedding, that Vaughn has gone on The Zone diet in preparation, and that Courteney Cox will be the matron of honor.


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3025 days ago


What is between the sheets, should remain between the sheets. WHO CARES ANYWAY>>>>>>>>>>>MY BROTHER GOT A DIVORCE>>>>>WOULD ANYONE LIKE THE DETAILS?????????????LOLOLOLOL

3025 days ago

2nd time bride    

Just because Brad is hot doesnt mean anything. Personally I think he is NOT the hottest guy out there. Plus, he cheated on Jen and that makes him the ugliest man on earth.

Vince makes her happy! Good Luck to Jen and Vince!

3025 days ago


Who goes online to comment about other peoples love lives? You should just worry about yourself instead of famous people who don't even know who you are. Its pathetic...

3024 days ago


Vince is so much better than Brad Pitt, used to be a fan but he showed his true colors. If he wants to catch diseases from Angelina let him, shes nasty look at her past.

At least she finally got a goodlooking guy buts thats the best thing I can say about him.

Vince is very good looking and if you dont think so you have no taste.

Go Jen!!

3024 days ago

susan harrison    

i believe vince makes her laugh and brad made her cry

3024 days ago


you know what sucks about the whole thing when I heard that Jen & Brad were splitting up it was such a shock, kinda like if they cant make it who can.

Should have known as soon as he did that movie with anjelina something would happen she always has affairs with the men in her movies.

It just so weird how Brad has become such a humanaterian (spelled that wrong) all of the sudden. I dont think they will last, she doesnt last with anyone, I never liked her no reason just didnt.

I thought Jen and Brad made such a great couple, they just looked so good together but I dont think not wanting to have kids right away is a big deal Brad shouldnt have waited so long to get married then. She wanted to do movies and there is nothing wrong with that.

2-3 more years wouldnt have made a difference. I just think it is funny how Vince was in the movie with them thats weird.

3024 days ago


agree with hunter and angie. jen is better off without brad...weakling brad is best suited for a woman is a control freak and a freak- angelina.

3024 days ago


I think that Jen has found someone that cares about her and Brad was just a jerk that left Jen for a whore (Angelina). I really doubt that Brangelina will last, come on look at her last 2 marriages. Didn't Angie say that she tends to fall for her co-stars??? Brad just lost a good wife. But at the end Jen deserves to be happy, so she should be left alone. Good luck to Jen and Vince.

3016 days ago


Damn people are sooo cruel but i have to admitt poor Vince was totally GRILLED about everything Brad and Angelina did, do you think?????
I think that ,my opinion only of course but i think that Jen really really thought she could make Brad jealous with Vince since he was in the same movie but Brad has never even looked back.
And thing's worked out for them after all and both couple's are going on with their life.
And the only real truth is that Brad and Angelina and their new family look quite happy and i'm sure if Brad has to think about Jen it is to wish her as much happiness as he has.
either way i won't lose any sleep over it but it is fun when your bored to read other's comment's from other's except for the one's that are so crazy and vindictive that's scary i would be afraid for Angelina and Brad's kid's for all of the Jen's pity party people......

3014 days ago


jenn get together with vince! GET TOGETHER GET TOGETHER GET TOGETHER! lol love you jennifer!

3012 days ago


I just read where Vince dumped Jennifer, for a younger woman. I always thought there relationship would never last. Because Vince said, Jennifer never shuts up about Brad and Angelina. She even cried when Shiloh was born. I see why Vince dumped her, she still loves Brad. For Jennifer's own good, I hope she gets over Brad. He is happy with Angie, and their three children. They will never break up. They have a lot of chemistry. Vince and Jennifer had none.

3008 days ago


503-I don't know where you got your information from. But Angie said, she would never have a child biologically. She feel so in love with Brad she had his child. I think they will always be together. Brad and Angelina have a lot in common, where Jen and Brad didn't. As for Jen being pretty (non-pun intended) she is too manly looking to be pretty. She thinks only of herself. This is probably one of the reasons Brad divorced her. Too many pity parties. As for Jen and Vince. You must not have heard the news. Vince ditched Jen 3 days ago. He finally got sick of her, like a lot of other people did too. She has ruined her name since the BP split. As for Brad being selfish, no way. He gives a lot of his money to good charties, like Angie does..Jen does none of this. You said, Jen would have babies. Lol, she wouldn't even try to have the sexiest man alives baby. I don't ever see Jen having any children. She is getting too old. She is a child herself in so many ways. She would make a terrible mother. I am sure Brad and Vince figured this out. As for comparing Brad and Vince, its like comparing Angie and Jen. Brad and Angie would win in a landslide. Vince and Jen are heavy druggies. Brad and Angie are great parents and people. They have proved this. I hope you read up on the 4, and your opinion would change.
Btw, Brad has asked his mom and grandmother not to talk to Jen anymore. Like good people, they don't talk to Jen anymore. Brad and Jen didn't even have a bond together (baby) so the Pitts and grandma Russell, are now enjoying and loving Angie. There new daughter in law. It hasn't been published yet, but a lot of people think Brad and Angie got married before Shiloh was born.

3008 days ago


I love Jen very much and think and think what Brad did was foolish and unhuman,
Jen is a very beautiful lady compare to Angelina if it was beauty he was looking for or was he looking for children? I guess Jen was not just ready and he should have understand.
Bravo Jen go for your heart and just be you and do what you think is right and that will make you happy. Brangelina can rot in hell if they like.

3004 days ago


I don't like to be a hater. But I really cannot stand jennifer aniston. I think she is a horrible actor, and not at all attractive. I have always liked angelina, she is a great actor and a beautiful woman. I think her and brad make a great couple and great parents. And who cares if she supposedly "stole" brad from jennifer. Stuff like that happens all the time, just in there case the whole world knew about every move they made.

3003 days ago
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