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Jen and Vince's


7/5/2006 5:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Did the romance of Paris sweep Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston into a secret engagement while they were there together last month?

Well, if you believe Life & Style magazine, Vaughniston isn't just engaged, they're getting married "sooner rather than later," according to a story posted on the Internet Movie Database.

But Aniston's rep Stephen Huvane quickly quashed any speculation today to TMZ, saying that the rumors were not true.

According to the Life & Style account, the down-on-one-knee engagement happened while the couple were in Paris promoting "The Break-Up." "Friends" quoted by the magazine claim that Aniston even invited her former mother-in-law, Jane Pitt, to the wedding, that Vaughn has gone on The Zone diet in preparation, and that Courteney Cox will be the matron of honor.


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R. Miller    

out of all of these NUTS, I believe Jen and Vince are the couple to survive the odds, certainly NOT Brad and Angie, she'll dump his behind before he takes the next shower! Tom anf Kate??? OH PLEASE!!! Can we talk? If he marries her, only because Nicole got married and he needs to show he too can......well,
so all the tabloids write, somehow, I believe some of it...makes sense to me.

3033 days ago


I heard from someone who had the opportunity to meet Brad that he has extremely bad skin -- quite "pocky." I would much prefer take the man who is sincere, kind and gentle over someone who is more concerned about his looks -- and takes the movie making to the next level when married. I recently saw Vaughn on Oprah and I have to say -- after hearing him speak and watching him be interviewed I like him more than ever! And, who says he is not a good looking man? He is tall, dark and handsome.....and on top of that one who truly cares for the woman he is dating.

3033 days ago

dee mann    

So when did you all meet jen, brad, vince etc. You write as if you KNOW them personally. If you only know what you read about them, get a life and try reading something important. Go out and coach Little League, volunteer for Habitat or pick up garbage at the curb. So much wasted time.

3033 days ago


i think vince and jen make a great couple i think vince is good looking but i agree that he treats her like gold . brad pitt is a has been and his looks are not that great and miss jolie is ugly with her big lips . i wish happiness and love for vince and jen and hope everything works out well for both

3033 days ago


You sound pathetic talking about feeling sorry for Jen just because she is with Vince. What makes Brad Pitt so special????

3033 days ago

Tom Riley    

Who cares what they do...they all treat marriage as a joke anyway.

3033 days ago


Wow some of your comments here are so harsh. Can't people just be happy for other people, without jealousy. Jennifer has worked hard to get where she is professionally, financially, and in love matters. She has learned that the best looking men are not always ALL THAT. Go for the funny, sincere and just alittle overweight guy..they usually treat women much better with respect and are better in bed. And for the record I have seen Vince in person in Chicago and he is very sexy.

3033 days ago


I think Jennifer Aniston is a beautiful woman, and all of you out there that think she's "old" or whatever, you sound jealous to me. I used to like Brad Pitt, but he's just wrong for what he did to Jen, and Angelina is a home wrecker. Oh yes she's gorgeous, but how will she look in 30 or 40 years? Like an old woman with big lips. I wish Jen and Vince all the luck and love in the world.

3033 days ago


How can you all be so judgmental about Jennifer Aniston and her life. Do any of you even know her? How can you say you hate someone you don't even know. You are making decisions by reading tabloids and a bunch of crap. If you ever got the chance to meet Jennifer Aniston I'm sure you would all jump on the opportunity and then you would be bragging to everyone that you got to meet her. None of you know, she may be a wonderful person. I personally like her. She's never done anything to me, so why dislike her? THINK ABOUT IT!!!!

3033 days ago


Good for them! I like Jen's work and Vince seems very funny from interviews and movies...not that I KNOW either one... BUT everyone needs laughter, happiness, and a best friend! SO GOOD FOR THEM... Many blessings ...... if it is true!

3033 days ago


How sad for you to all comment about people that you really DO NOT KNOW. All we know, the public, is that Jen and Brad were married, that Brad left Jen for Angelina, who appears to be a HOMEWRECKER, and that Jen and Vince are spending a lot of time together, that Brad and Angelina got pregnant before his divorce was final from Jen, and, too, that Brad seems to take on "the look" of whatever woman he is with at the time. I am not a Brangelina fan . . . . . I am not a big Vince fan . . . . I am not a "big" Jen fan . . . ., but it's obvious that Brad was very unfair to her and she has taken the "high road" and is to be applauded for her bravery and style. TEAM JEN . . . . for sure!!!

3033 days ago


boy there sure are alot of nasty people on here,,,give it a rest nasty people! why pick so hard on anybody,,jealousy I guess,,oh well,,there has always been nasty people that have to show how cruel, and stupid they are

3033 days ago


Some of you are very angry & mean.
Laughter does keep you young Bob, check any medical study.
Plus that is really what a woman wants.
Maybe the "guys" that are leaving posts should read the posts left by women/females first! lol It might open your eyes!
Jen & Vince met years ago and their friendship/closeness made even Brad uncomfortable. You can only be uncomfortable if you are insecure in your relationship.
I am happily married to my 2nd husband and have wonderful children. 1 from 1st marriage, 1 from second. Children don't make or break a marriage, adults do.
The only problem I have is that doing the math Angie was preg while Brad was still legally married. I know it happens everyday, but if you're in the public eye and little more tact should have been used. Doesn't make for great role models.
Everyone deserves to find love. Life is too short.

3033 days ago


Rule17 of dating - never marry the rebound guy....Vince is the rebound guy ...I love him, but he's doomed.....

3033 days ago


To the person who said Jennifer got her fame from being married to Brad....where have you been living.....She was a household name long before she married him. It may have added to her fame but it certainly did not make her famous when she already was.

3033 days ago
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