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Jen and Vince's


7/5/2006 5:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Did the romance of Paris sweep Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston into a secret engagement while they were there together last month?

Well, if you believe Life & Style magazine, Vaughniston isn't just engaged, they're getting married "sooner rather than later," according to a story posted on the Internet Movie Database.

But Aniston's rep Stephen Huvane quickly quashed any speculation today to TMZ, saying that the rumors were not true.

According to the Life & Style account, the down-on-one-knee engagement happened while the couple were in Paris promoting "The Break-Up." "Friends" quoted by the magazine claim that Aniston even invited her former mother-in-law, Jane Pitt, to the wedding, that Vaughn has gone on The Zone diet in preparation, and that Courteney Cox will be the matron of honor.


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How could you possibly compare BradPitt to Vince Vaughn??? Even after you break up with someone you still have feelings, especially when you downgrade, while your ex finds someone decidedly better looking. The problem here is that Jen overshot the first time when she caught Brad on the rebound from Gwyneth... Truth is, she should have been with someone like Vince or even Jack Black from the get go...

2995 days ago


Who gives a crap! Let it go.

2995 days ago

Philly Girl    

i love how you guys think you were involved with brad and jen's breakup..and that you oh-so-know that it was about kids. i highly doubt it was. i think jen was sensible enough not to add kids into the marriage because that would've made things more complicated if things had already gotten strained. and she did have a career she wanted to work on...she has said she wanted kids and she will have them but obviously when the time is right for her. she probably wants to have them when she can give her full on devotion but she'll do that when it's her time..right now she wants to work. respect it. don't automatically start believing it was about kids!

2995 days ago


Who really cares what the Mag's & Media say, to them the real concern is what sells and what might keep you from the truth. For us to judge anyone based on what we might read, is crazy. Vince is a very sexy man and I bet he doesn't "run away" when things don't go his way. I'll take a big, strong, sexy man over "cute", any day.

2995 days ago


Hey, I hope that all is true. Jennifer deserves to be happy and i cant think of a better guy than Vince Vaughn.. Ever since Brad Pitt and Angelina sicko left for the other country, i always knew Jen would find mr right..She definetly deserves to be happy.. And when Angelina dumps Brad for another co-star he will be the sap left in the mud..And left looking like the fool he was for going with such an un American marriage breaker upper.. GOOD LUCK JEN AND VAUGHN>> YOU BOTH DESERVE IT....

2995 days ago


Vince is far more a hunk than Brad will ever be. You go Jen!!!

2995 days ago

Polly Flanders    

WHY on earth are ORDINARY people sooooooooooo hard on celebs ... Ihave NEVER flipped over Brad ..... he is probably a nice fellow ... he hangs with a group of guys w/George Clooney ... they seem to have a great time together as friends/and movie makers .....

WHY did Brad leave a gorgeous Jennifer? He very publically indicated that he wanted to start a family any number of times on interviews on TV ..... I didn't see that happening with he and Jen for whatever reason. Could be they just weren't all that in love after all .... to make that work ... or to adopt if Mother's Nature would not allow???? But whatever the reason it didn't happen.

He makes a movie with another gorgeous woman, Angelina, who I don't think much of ..... simply because she if putting tatoos on her body ..... I have to think that someone pretty and sane would not mare her God given body with such if she weren't an airhead of sorts. She has NUMBERS on her arm .... meridians ... where her adopted children come from .... huh .... does she fear that she will forget where they came from? Is she going to adopt 100 others kids and put more numbers on her body so she can display where they too come from in fear of fogetting??? Somehow this is nuts to me .... so I have little respect for her.

After she covers her body with tatoos from head to toe and her looks fade and she runs outta money what will those tatoos do for her? Will Hollywood hire tatoo lady?

I personally think Brad is the loser with Angelina ... think they will most likely not work out in the end but who knows? Angelina seems like the dominant one in that relationship and I think she is not glued together despite her attempts to love all the poor children of the world and help them. That is a wonderful thang to do and I commend her for her efforts.

Jennifer and Vince appear to have far less baggage in their relationship. I wish them the best in an artifical world; Hollywood. Hollywood is a tough place to survive. They make a cute couple and laughter is good medicine ... they seem more like equals ... who will work to make their relationship good.

Just think Jennifer and Brad grew apart .... think they care about each other still .... but are just not in love with each other. Sometimes people who are great friends t think they are in love because they LIKE each other a lot when they actually aren't ... I am no psychic so don't have the answers ... just opinions .... but I HOPE and WISH all 4 of the individuals above the best life has to offer and I hope you do to. I never flipped over Brad or most Hollywood men but I am kinda fondish of his good friend George Clooney .... now he is a hunk with gorgeous eyes ..... my kinda man. No doubt he is saving himself for me .... smile !!!

2995 days ago


Lol, some of you are so dum. Keep in minc idiots JEN DIVORCED BRAD. so obviously she doesnt want his dirty ass back. Seccond of all for all you dummies saying she went from Brad to Vince, um whats wrong with that? so you think being with someone who is a cheater and an ass is better than being with someone who is cute and GREAT? its obvious brad cheated on jen. Regardless of who he cheated with he was married and should not have done it. And what an ass to have a kid right right less than a year after his divorce. I cant wait till Angelina breaks his heart. Anyways keep in mind JEN IS HAPPY! Brad is the one who will lose out. He had to change to get Angelina, jen just needed to be herself to get Vince.

2995 days ago


How can you be so mean about someone for no apparent reason? What is the matter with you? We don't know any of them personally. Jen and Vince have never done anything to anyone. How many of us would be voted Sexiest man or woman? Who are you to talk? Jen and Vince both are nice people in person from all accounts and if they are happy together, then good for them. Everyones looks fade no matter who they are and it is what is on the inside of the relationship that counts.

2995 days ago


to the person who asked about stats for second marriages, a new study just released, showed about a 5% less chance for the second marriage to survive than a first marriage.

2995 days ago


Who thinks Vince isn't handsome? My God, he is so much sexier than greasy Brad! I could say more about how and why in my opinion Angelina and Brad deserve each other, but it wouldn't get printed.

2995 days ago


You all must be 15 years old. Vince is FAR more of a MAN than Brad Pitt could ever be !!! That skinny weasel wouldn't get the time of day from me. Brad Pitt is a dog barf barf.

2995 days ago


Why does Jennifer Aniston need to have any one? It's just nonsense publicity for people who have nothing better to do than gush over celebrities and celebrity-wannabees. DOES ANYONE REALLY CARE ABOUT THIS MEDIA HYPE?

2995 days ago


How pathitic. shes on the rebound. he's a geek. They are just trying to keep there names in the press. I don't like either one frankly.

2995 days ago


I am really sick of Jennifer Aniston. She is not a leading lady she can play a supporting roll. It was her involvment with Brad Pitt that got her into the headlines and not her talent. As for Vince...not much there also a second banana. Who cares if the are engaged or won't last.

2995 days ago
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