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Nicole Got a Good One

7/5/2006 5:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

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How sweet!

2997 days ago


Pfttt!!!!!!!! of course he's gonna open the door!!!!! - they were just married!!! wait a few more months...

2997 days ago

wendell dixon    

I agree with Kat..Its a new relationship..are you suppose to do things when he start jumping in the car and waiting for her to drive..what will you guys say next..its good that chivalry is not dead, but they just got married folks..they just got married...check back within a year..thats 10 years in hollywood...good luck nicole..may he always open the doors and not slam em on you...

2997 days ago


I have been married for 5 1/2 years and my American (albeit he is Southern) always opens my car door, and in fact every door where we are together. He has also taught my adult sons to do the same. My husband also pumps my gas for my car, stands until I and other women have sat down at the table, and walks on the outside of me when we are walking down the street.

Do I like that? Absolutely! Wouldn't trade him for anything.

2997 days ago


well, LA DE DAH melinda!!! lucky you! if what you say is true, he is one in a million!.....the question is - is he hot though??? (like keith)

2997 days ago


My Manhattan man opens the door for every time we go somewhere, and has for 3 years...and he's a hunk. LA DE DAH to ya kat!

2997 days ago

denise tracy    

i'm very happy for Nicole Kidman .Her new husband's better then tommy boy. May they have a good life together. God Bless them

2997 days ago



2997 days ago


While he may, in fact, be chivalrous, I think he knows and does what's expected. After all, she is a ridiculously wealthy Hollywood celebrity with an extremely high profile; she has him well trained. You know it's very convenient to have the whirlwind courtship,clandestine engagement,stage the "fairytale" wedding and honeymoon and settle down to wedded bliss with NO CHILDREN around. Okay, call me cynical!

2997 days ago

Jinxy Cat    

Lucky Nicole...Bet Tom wouldn't ever have done that.
Tom expects doors to be open for him

2997 days ago


I agree with Brandon. I have worked (and dated) and lived all over the U.S. and quite a few places abroad. Men in the South and Midwest are BY FAR more polite and chivalrous. I can't help but wonder if women in places like say... California ask for it. They expect nothing from men they date and the men deliver.

And for those saying chivalry dies after a few months, that is not necessarily true. My husband still surprises me with keeping me on the protected side of him when walking, offering his coat when it is chilly, lights women's cigarettes... I am always clear to be appreciative because I really am. It is so nice.

Good for Nicole moving to Nashville. Get out of the land of the fake. Make a real life for yourself. I hope she finds happiness.

2997 days ago


okay susan, your cynical! I hope they are happy, and I don't think that because Nic has a lot of money, that Keith opens her door..It could be because she's a classy woman and expects it..but I don't think that Keith is the type to be trained by any woman, I just think he's a nice guy...

2997 days ago


I believe Keith will still be opening doors for Nicole long after the honeymoon. She waited and finally got a real man; I'm very happy for both of them. Guess, I'm one of the lucky ones as well as some of the other ladies here because my husband still opens doors for me. And if we go into a place and it's raining when we come out, my husband tells me to stay inside while he runs through the puddles to the car and then drives over as close to the door as possible and leans over and has the door open for me to jump in. #8 sure seems "jaded" that's sad she cannot believe there are men who routinely do this.

2997 days ago


This might be a typical male comment, but the car is an Aston Martin, not a Bentley.

2997 days ago


please, a man's manners have nothing to do with where he was raised or how much money he has, and everything to do with HOW he was raised. I have males friends raised in cities like New York and Chicago who always open doors for me, and we're not even dating! a man does these things for a woman when he respects her, and only a good upbringing does that. as far as I'm concerned, good parents are good parents, whether they are in CA, NY, or bumfuck.

2997 days ago
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