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Spelling Mansion

Secretly On the Market

7/5/2006 2:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that Candy Spelling, Aaron's widow, has quietly put the Spellings' legendary mansion on the market for $150 million.

Sources in the real estate industry say Westside Estate Agency (WEA) has a pocket listing on the 56,000 square foot estate, meaning it is quietly being shopped among realtors and select buyers. The mansion, located in the exclusive Holmby Hills area of L.A., was completed in 1991 for around $47 million, which includes $10 million for the land.

One real estate source says Candy Spelling has let a lot of people on the staff go and that the buzz is that she is going to shut the house down so it can be shown by realtors. Aaron Spelling died on June 23.


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paul mark    

And we complain about athletes being overpaid? Sorry; but, Hollywood's elite ought to share more of the wealth. They only have a right to complain about corporate and others' wealth and greed when they reveal their own.

2947 days ago


Poor Arron is probably rolling over in his grave over this one! Money NEVER buys happiness as we all can see!

2947 days ago


Maybe the rich hollywood types will get together and buy it, give the land and most of the reconditioned home to illegals, rehab victims and criminals to raise crops, live in, to produce goods and gadgets for selling, get well and provide convenient servants for the surrounding district..? OH YEAH

2947 days ago


Poster number one. You obviously don't live in the real world. Did YOU buy a smaller house or rent a smaller apt so you could wander out on the streats buying meals for people?....yeah, didn't think so.

As for the price of thise house. It would be ridiculous to pay that for a house that cost 47 million just a few years ago. If I was going to spend $150 million dollars on a place to live I'd buy an island. All in all a very stupid buy at that price. Although it seems Candy can't wait to cash in.

2947 days ago


Well he did earn the money, it is not like he took it from anyone, or stole it. He spent it the way he wanted. And since they were together when they built it, she should sell it when she feels like it.

Plus, she probly can not keep up with the maintence or did not want the house in the first place, let her sell it if she wants.

2947 days ago


Its too small to house all the illegal immigrants in California!

2947 days ago


Like who cares? Tori already got her nose and boob jobs, and plenty of money in the bank thanks to daddy's hiring her (she ever work for anyone else?) so she doesn't need the money. Let LA rent it and use it for a home for bums, move them out of the beach areas, give them their own tennis court AND a place to bathe.

2947 days ago


Great location for a Super Wal-Mart.

2947 days ago


The real obscenity is that there are people in show business who are so rich...$150 million is petty cash.

2947 days ago

Karl Childers    

That's a mighty big house .... mmm-hmmm. I reckon that women'll sell it for a whole lot a money ... mmm-hmmm. Then I reckon a bunch of bed-wettin' liberals will cry about how much money it was and how it ain't goin' to poor folks like me to buy biscuits or potted meat or french-fried po-taters, mmm-hmmm.

Af'er a while them bed-wettin' liberals'll get tired of talkin' bout this and get back on the Babs Striesand site ... mmm-hmmm. I heard she done gave all her money to widers & orphans and is livin' in a 2 bedroom apartment in El Segundo nowadays mmm-hmmm.

You liberals should notta kilt all them babies like that mmm-hmmm. They was just lil' fellers 'fore you tossed 'em in the Planned Parenthoold dumpster mmm-hmmm. Then I comes along and put the lil' feller in a shoe box and buried him in the shed out back mmm-hmmm.

I'm going to stop talking now, so's I can get back to fixin' motors and whatnot mmm-hmmm. Eat me some mustard on my biscuits mmm-hmmm.

2947 days ago


Adrian darling are we jealous honey?

2947 days ago


Should she give away to charity the same percentage of her income that you do? Why don't you stop talking, work hard, make smart decisions and earn lots of money for yourself. Then you can give away as much money as you want. Stop acting like you're smart enough to know what to do with other peoples money.

2947 days ago


Hey Hoff,

Did you say babe stable or gay stable? Heard your cracked your head on a chandlier while you were shaving or gazing? . Perhaps you were jumping trying to check if your sack was still there by looking in the mirror

2947 days ago

Karl Childers    

What happent to my comment mmm-hmmm? I reckon some posts just need killin' mmm-hmmm... That Tori Spelling has boobs that look like a couple of ba-naners mmm-hmmm.

2947 days ago

Karl Childers    

That house looks a lot like the nervous hospital mmm-hmmm...

2947 days ago
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