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Britney's "Access" To Gum

7/6/2006 3:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears Matt LauerI heard something hilarious yesterday about Britney's interview with Matt Lauer.

A producer for "Access Hollywood" helped field produce for Matt.  When they arrived at Britney's home, no one was there to guide Britney through this very important interview.  She did her hair, she chose what to wear and how to wear it.  It is shocking her publicist would allow what was about to happen.

What I find so funny is what I heard about the gum-chewing.  Apparently, before cameras rolled, Britney turned to the producer and asked "Should I spit the gum out?"  Of course the answer -- for Britney's sake -- should have been yes.   But Britney didn't ask the person who was looking out for her -- that person, her publicist, was no where to be found.  So the producer answered:  "Do whatever makes you feel comfortable."  And she did.

So Britney looked like a cow chewing her cud during the interview.  And she was actually seeking out advice -- from the wrong person.    It's not like the guy from "Access" did anything heinous.  But geez.... how did her people let her twist slowly, slowly in the wind?  It's remarkable.


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It wasn't the gum that made her look bad. It was everything else. No wonder she dyed her hair brown. After watching that interview, how could she not have wanted to change her image? Disgusting. So disgusting that I actually feel sorry for her.

3031 days ago

J Doe    

yrs ago she chomped her gum during a CNN interview and again in the most recent trainwreck interview..


3031 days ago


Ok I grew up in the time that I thought brittney was great but once she married kevin she just seemed like she should be hanging out a trailer somewhere I dont understand what happend to her I also got married and chose to have children young but I have never put my children in that kind of danger and neglected their saftey in such a horrific way she gives a bad name to parents like me who just made the responsible decision to have a family younger then most

3031 days ago


I do agree that the gum chewing is a bit obnoxious.... I've never liked it, but that's just how i grew up .... however, i don't think someone should be ridiculed about it....and yeah she didnt look so "hot" in her outfit and make-up, but do YOU really look that great without a professional....I mean,she's pregnant and just had a child....let her wear what she feels comfortable in, even if it looks bad to others....i think she's just too exhausted to even care....i feel bad for her...and for all the celebs...i dont understand...everyone is so mean on these comments and blogs....i put myself in other peoples shoes before i comment on them...i dont think people do that anymore.....sure, they have money and everything a human being could EVER ask for, but that doesn't make them the happiest people ease off a bit...we're all equal right?

3031 days ago


I dont think that her behavior has anything to do with who she is married to, its her
own persona. Maybe she had too much too soon, and has no idea what reality is. It is sad but her circumstance has made her who she is today. She is a shell of a person.

3031 days ago


Basicly, Britt is a girl that doesn't have an ounce of class in her body. Gum chewing on national television, marrying a bum, and not putting your baby in a car seat are not COUNTRY! They are stupid acts. There is such a thing as a southern belle still around, and she isn't one. My theory is that she pissed off her "spin people" too much with this whole Kevin fiasco, and now no one working for her really cares how she is presented to the public anymore. SHE wanted this interview. SHE wanted to change things for the better. SHE didn't fight for the change. She seems to just assume that if she cries on tv, she'll become America's sweetheart again. Uh, no. If Britt wants to have privacy, all she has to do is go off to some small town and raise her children. (With or without Kevin, in my opinion) Right now, on tv is the last place she should be seen. Celebrities hide away all the time to have a normal life. Demi Moore is an awesome example of that. Sure, the tabloids want pictures, but in reality, they really don't care. They just want their paychecks like any other working person. Britt is really easy to poke fun act, so why pass up easy money? I don't hate the girl; I just wish she had more common sense.

3031 days ago


She looked like a COW and white trash chewing the gum!!!!!

3030 days ago


Ahh gee excuse the girl for wanting to dress on her own and try and be normal instead of being every other Hollywood moron who has people pick out their clothes for them.

Also their is NOTHING wrong with chewing gum, perhaps it makes her feel calm. I know I chew gum all the damn time, I always have a pack of gum on me.

I think she is doing good with her and her son and she is obviously a very bright girl and can do for herself seeing as she does most of her house work herself , lets try and ask Elton john if he even knows how to use a dishwasher and unlike some Hollywood moms she actually takes care of her child.

Most Hollywood moms have their newborns for about a month and then it is bye bye back to work while babies at home with a babysitter all the time.

3030 days ago


(You can take the girl out of the trailer park, but you can not take the trailer park out of the girl.)

*slaps* that comment is for people who have lived in a trailer park you f*cking idiot.

Educate yourself before speaking if you want to be taken seriously and not have your head bit off

3030 days ago


News Flash!!!!!! Nothing else you can find to write about except Spears, gum chewing? Maybe time for a career change,huh?

3029 days ago


Where's Brittany's mother? They were so close and now you don't hear or see anything about her. As for Britt's publicist, et al., I think that if no one was there to assist her in preparation of that interview, it's because she didn't want them there. I hope her publicist, agent, lawyer and everyone else who works for her, have waivers for her to sign everytime she refuses their advice or assistance. I wouldn't want to have her downfall on my resume. As for her child, I'm glad she hired a nanny. Most parents realize very quickly the difficulty of getting around and carrying your baby at the same time. And in Brittany's case, she knows she's going to attacked by everyone trying to make a buck, so it's best to always have someone with her to help. I know she wants to show off her baby and show she's a good mom by taking him out, but please think about your baby's safety first.

Note to Brittany: Perhaps you need to hire someone that can help you and give you advice on a daily basis. Someone that can advise you from what to do first thing in the morning until you go to bed at night. Have this person come live with you for about 6 months and see if it doesn't teach you a few things. Have you ever seen the movie, "My Fair Lady?" I think it can work for you. Good luck.

P.S. Perhaps Madonna wasn't as good a role model as you thought.

3029 days ago


Well, call me old and too forgiving...but somehow Britney doesn't bother me like some Hollywood pop tarts.....she doesn't have a Baptist minister for a father who states, (referring to her breasts), "You gotta exploit them can't help but to exploit them suckers..."

What you see is what you get with Spears. She may be young and dumb acting, but so are A LOT of kids her age. She just doesn't have anyone watching her back (no pun intended), and she herself, is more comfortable just being herself.

3029 days ago


Britney is an adult. She is not a child. Big deal, she chewed gum on national TV. When i was pregnant with my first i was constantly chewing minty gum and chewing on ice. I didnt care where i was or who i was with. The ice cooled me down, quenched my thirst, and the gum helped me when i felt queezy. I dont think shes a bad mom. Everyday is a learning experience with your first. I didnt know how to change a diaper when i first had my daughter, and ive accidently locked her in the car. If i had cameras following me around im sure some people would be shaking their heads at me as well.

3029 days ago

angel porter    

double mint twin shes not but wrigleys just might have a new spokes person.

3029 days ago


About Britney Spears and the gum chomping. I saw that interview. If I had been the interviewer, I would have stopped it, and told her, "little one, here is a napkin, put the damn gum in it." I could not have stood that for very long.
Goes to show you, having money does not necessarily mean she has sense. As long as she has been on television, or other media, I would have thought she knew better. But, then again? She needs someone to tell her how to act in public.
Pathetic. Great role model, there BRIT! About like your pick in men, dim witty!

3029 days ago
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