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How White Is That?

7/6/2006 2:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Where my white women at, you ask? This morning, they were hosting "The View."

Not content to be blandly milquetoast in just their on-camera banter, the co-hosts of the ABC show added the very Caucasian Susan Lucci to the seat formerly occupied by the fired (and African-American) Star Jones.

Whereas Jones would talk about her sex life with husband Al Reynolds with gusto often and unabashedly, Lucci spoke of how her character on "All My Children" would have love scenes "in a coma," sometimes with a green tube up her nose.

Even the audience got into the act, with panning shots of the assembled crowd revealing a decidedly homogeneous group of "View"-ers.

Miami Heat star Alonzo Mourning did his best to provide some minority representation, and pop star Brandy returns tomorrow for her second guest-hosting audition-stint.


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Wow, is there a little anger in this article? As a white women, I am slightly offended and I think the animosity was a little unneccesary and honeslty kind of racist.
By the way, I think you should know, as a jounalist, that "at" at the end of a sentence is not grammatically correct.

2999 days ago


why bring race into this? this was a little uncalled for.

2999 days ago


You failed to mention that yesterday, The View had a black co-host, Brandy. It must be a slow news day, because this article is very pointless.

2999 days ago


Who cares if it is all white women hosting? I guess I don't understand the relevence of this article.
Now there is a status quo on minorities for the talk show circuit?

2999 days ago


I think Barbara should consider always having a guest host for that spot. it's refreshing to see a different face. She shouldn't have to be obligated to fill the post with a women as the same race as Star. Friends did very well in the ratings and they never had a black costar, until the end.

2999 days ago


I agree that a little color is missing there.

Why not a beautiful latina, Barbara?

2999 days ago


I would think that ONLY filling the spot with a black woman would be considered racist, not filling it with a white woman. Can that spot only be filled by a black woman JUST to show diversity? Bologna.

2999 days ago


first they had greek..she was removed
the asian was alos removed

2999 days ago


I agree with Amandas post. Reading the article made me uncomfortable and slightly offended. I failed to miss the point of it.

2999 days ago

South Florida    

Who cares about the view anymore? Its only a matter of time before they take it off
the air. Too much bad publicity. Who wants to watch an old woman, who thinks she has to remain in front of the camera ALL THE TIME, another woman who is menopusal and very disrespectful, and a republician maniac. Not to mention a loud, very annoying person they will be bringing on. The direction this show is going in spells CANCELLED. So who really cares??????? I say serves BW and ABC exces right.

2999 days ago


It's not so much that there need's to be an African American in Star's spot, I think that the view needs to have people from different backgrounds to provide different perspectives on the issues they discuss on the show.
I think the sentiments in the article are based largely on the issue of race but I also think those sentiments reflect on a need for variation and difference in background of the women co-hosting the show. That element is why The View has been so popular in the past.
However, where the show messed up was thinking Rosie O'Donnell was a move in the right direction. Putting her on to gain a larger homosexual following is just as bad as putting a person of color in a co-host's seat to attract minority viewer's.
So, really, is it the fact that only "white women" are co-hosting The View that's so bad, or is it the show's shameless attempts to widen their audience through moves like these?

2999 days ago


The point is for a show titled, "The View", you might expect diverse viewpoints from diverse folks. Does it have to be an African American viewpoint? No. Let's face it, the current ensemble is as vanilla Breyers. They could certainly put a token person of color in there to appease the natives.

2999 days ago


Lisa Ling was fired? I thought she got a better gig...

2999 days ago


As a black woman this article offends me. It implies that Star's only worth was in her skin color. Although not a big Star Jones fan, I believe she brought more to the table than the "black perspective" whatever that is. Plus, the hosting job should go to the best host. If she happens to be a woman of color great! No self-respecting black professional woman would want the job just to fit some quota.

2999 days ago


Ummm..first of all Tiffany, watch what you write, your racism is showing. Star is one black woman and does not represent black women as a whole, so, obviously a black woman can host the show. Secondly, if we were really a progressive country, then the race of whoever cohosts the View wouldn't matter. Lastly, I'm black, and I think it would be REALLY interesting if they had an Indian, Middle Eastern, Latina, or Asian person in Meredith's place. This country is not just filled with black and white people, there are so many other interesting "views" to be seen.

2999 days ago
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