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"South Park" Cruises to the Emmys

7/6/2006 4:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Thursday's Emmy nominations issued Tom Cruise a big slap in the face and simultaneously re-ignited the Cruise vs. "South Park" grudge match.

"South Park'"s infamous "Trapped in the Closet" episode - which mocked Tom Cruise and Scientology - received praise from the Television Academy via a nod for Outstanding Animated Program.

Ironically, when the episode originally aired in November 2005 the credits listed each contributor's name as 'John Smith' or 'Jane Smith' - an evident reference to the possibility of being sued.

"Trapped in the Closet" eventually led Isaac Hayes - who is a Scientologist - to leave his role as the voice of Chef over what he called the show's "intolerance and bigotry towards religious beliefs." Further controversy ensued when Comedy Central planned to re-air the episode in March 2006 but replaced it at the last minute with another episode.

Rumors circulated that Tom Cruise was behind the cancellation. Cruise denied any involvement and Comedy Central insisted the episode was changed as a tribute to Hayes who had just announced his departure.

While you may have a better chance of spotting baby Suri than seeing Tom at the Emmys, all eyes will be on "South Park" creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker should the program win on August 27.


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What has Tom ever done to us? He and his cult have made considerable efforts to get episodes of South Park pulled from regular rotation. That alone is reason enough for me.

But he & his cult have a serious problem with even the slightest negative press, often threatening and beginning massive litigation against publications that express even the slightest criticism. This has happened both here and in Britain.

It'd be a different story if he had spent his time trying to retain a semblance of privacy- the fact that he calls a press conference so that people can take pictures of him kissing his wife opens him up to legitimate criticism.

3033 days ago

Denise Johnson    

South Park is brilliant. I loved this episode. These guys constantly push the envelope. Cartman is my hero!!

3033 days ago


This is hilarious, and Scientology isn't a religion its a scam. L. Ron Hubburd (A Scifi writer) created this scam to milk money from people. The man told his son once that the easiest way to get rich in America was to start a religion. He had followers including his wife break into government offices to destroy evidence of his fraud. They went to jail and he lived off shore for years so the FBI couldn't arrest his ass.

Scientology is no better the any of the other crazy cults out there that have their members commit suicide over comets, etc. South Park should win just to slap these guys around to try and wake them up.

3033 days ago


looks like they better get detective Sandy Vagina on this case!! cartman rules!!

3033 days ago

Ron Morrisette    

Is that the same closet he hid his Franciscan habit in? The deserter has received his just deserts. I must admit the animation does his favour....

3032 days ago


Time for Tom to come out of the closet!
Notice he's never gotten any of his wives pregnant...WHY..Because he doesn't sleep with girls!
Obviously Katie and Tom's baby, Suri was an artificial insemination..
Time to come out Tom!

3032 days ago

large sized teen    

This news MUST have burned Tom up. LOL.

3032 days ago


Gwen,......Whenever I see Tom Cruise I want to VOMIT!!

3031 days ago

James Marchione    

Tom Cruise is a fine actor. I've seen his work over the years and he just keeps getting better. Katie was great in Batman Begins (right now my favorite movie). One of the reasons we have a great nation is that people are free to practice what they believe...period. While personally, I'm not an advocate of Scientologly, I also believe in live and let live. I'm also a huge South Park fan, and believe that the laws of the First Ammendment should apply to them too. I LOVED that episode, and watching it didn't make me think any less of Tom and Katie. I think they should have a little more faith in their fans and lighten up on the show...They break on everybody, come on! It's part of the fun! Lighten up guys! On Matt and Trey winning an Emmy? They deserve it. Those guys are nothing short of BRILLIANT. OMIGAD!

Posted by Jim

3031 days ago


tom cruise has lost his mind or something i mean seriously...just cause this is what he believes doesnt mean everyone in the free world should too....and if he doesnt want people to make fun of him so much then he should try not to put his business out there so much i mean come on get a grip maybe he should let katie boss him around for a while instead of telling her what to do all the time...what a loser...can u believe he told her she needed to lose weight before they got married? and she just had his baby........DUMP HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!

3030 days ago


That episode was so funny! Hope it wins! Tom Cruise is a damn idiot! A highschool drop-out thinking he is an expert in the field of medicine. Go jump on another couch werido.

3017 days ago
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