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Studs in Spandex

7/6/2006 3:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

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Who cares! They are just a bunch of single guys riding bikes and hanging out. You can see that on anywhere. Big deal.

2995 days ago


I wish the hotties would come back to Austin, and bring Jake with them! (Well, not so much Lance, but Matthew is the hottest dude like ever). I've got the green and some bongo drums...sound like a plan?

2995 days ago

Beat Down Brown is Going Down    

No one is hotter than Jakey. People Mag made a mistake. They will correct it next year. I am certain of this as I am that the sun rises in the east! Jake is very good friends with Lance. He is also buddies with Matthew. I must say, Jakey has redefined the way I think of spandex! In a good way.

2995 days ago


Looks like the truth is finally "OUT!" I have always suspected that these three are really gay. Now it is confirmed. I wish they would just be honest about their sexuality.

2994 days ago


It just shows he's human and like the rest of us....

2994 days ago


They are just out having a good time doing something they love. Let them enjoy themselves and have a good time without criticizing. They are human after all and before we judge or make slanderous comments about anyone else we need to think about how we would feel if we lived our lives under a microscope. I realize this is a message board and isn't something to take too seriously but why waste energy saying something negative when you could just leave well enough alone and move on. I should've, and I realize that but I've already taken the time to write this and I'm not going to waste energy erasing it.

2992 days ago


so just because 3 guys go biking, that means they're gay? if 3 girls go shopping, are they lesbians? don't be so naive.

2991 days ago

don cestone    

yep, they are queerer than a tree doller bill. They must LOVE Tthe way that seat rubs there butts!

2991 days ago


Sounds to me like someone might be a little "intimidated" by these 3 good looking men. You know how it is...............ugly guys always call "good looking" guys gay. I mean ugly on the inside, but hey if the paper bag fits.............................grow up.

2991 days ago


would you all like it if someone thought you were gay? FYI just because these sexy goodlooking guys are biking does not mean their gay, If you don't like this picture than you shouldn't post in the first place, Women shop all the time does that mean their lesbians? No it doesn't have a little class and respect just because your all jealous because your not a big star and arn't as goodlooking as the guys above don't judge them, You don't know them you don't know anything about them other than there movie stars and have been in movies we like and dislike, If you have nothing better to do with your lives than critisize and judge than you shouldn't be on this site posting to beign with, GROW UP and act your age not your shoe size

2989 days ago


To all those that are mentioning in some indirect way how you follow these people's lives: how sad. I love this whole image of an actor taken just from the roles they've played and the interviews they've had. You know nothing of their real personality, for they ARE actors, just keep that in mind when you pretend you're gonna marry these people. It's just like that boyfriend you've had that is all sweet at the beginning then he turns out to be dicks. I'm sure in a lot of cases, these people might turn out to be the same way, regardless how they appear to be on the tube.

2989 days ago


I love how people think some guy is amazing just based on his character in movies and interviews, cuz that says a lot about he truly is.. he IS in fact an actor.. god forbid he's not playing himself up there on "stage"

2989 days ago


i saw a story where jake was "dating" natalie "portman", so if he's gay... surely you aren't suggesting that our nat likes to dine out at the beaver's retreat ?

2988 days ago



2988 days ago


"4. He must be wearing that white shirt to hide the growing beer belly. Biking in a dress shirt, how utterly ridiculous.

Posted at 7:51PM on Jul 6th 2006 by Juanita"

Since when do dress shirts have a zippers???

2988 days ago
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