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Brandy's Star Turn: The Sequel

7/7/2006 12:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brandy came back Friday morning for another guest-host go-round in Star Jones' old seat on "The View," and it looks like she's going to need to throw her (not very considerable) weight around a little more if she's hoping to get the permanent gig.

The actress-singer-talent show judge did her level best to play along as Elisabeth Hasselbeck prattled on endlessly about her scatologically obsessed baby (getting the word "poop' in at least 15 times in a minute) and Joy Behar did a painful bit at the "Hot Topics" table about male personal ads that she'd "discovered." (It didn't escape our notice that she advised a man who advertised himself as being 444 pounds to "get gastric bypass," and made relentless fun of his obesity. Ahem.)

Though she was pretty, elegant and engagingly self-effacing and self-aware, Brandy might have been a little too smooth for her professional good, and not prone enough to the kind of pop philosophizing and too-much-information personal detail sharing that made Star Jones such a cringe-inducing (and popular) co-host.

Barbara, Joy, and Elisabeth will welcome an interesting panoply of guests to Star's vacant chair in July, among them Shannen Doherty, Katharine McPhee, and Kelly Monaco, but we'd start the odds on Brandy becoming the next co-host on "The View" at a middling 6-to-1, with last week's fill-in Renee Goldsberry a longer shot at 10-to-1.


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I've seen them both on the View and they both were BORING!!

3037 days ago


How about Kathy Griffin's audition!

3037 days ago


Is it just me or is Elisabeth Hasselbeck annoying!? She's too perky. I know you always have to have a perky one in the group but GOD she drives me crazy!!!

3037 days ago

Karen Kaufman    

Brandy doesn't seem to be bright enough to hold her own with the other women. Where's Gail King?

3037 days ago


This show need to be's boring as hell. Grandma Walters set the tone and keep the show from being fun. Joy is evil and not funny with her ads...taking pot shots at Star, the bi man looking for a mate and the 444lbs man looking for a mate that is advised by Joy to get a Gastric by-pass.

I found it interesting that Barbara gave a little speach to explain that Brandy is rich and have plenty of money...because on some websites, Brandy was made fun of as being poor and shopping for a gig to replace Star. Without Star...The View sucks "big time."

What I don't get is that this show target audience is overweight housewifes. Rosie is as fat as they come....and Joy is making fun of overweight people, in her drive to dig at Star. Barbara is joyless and poor Elizabeth, whom I do like but is overwhelmed by the other bitches.

I would watch a show with Brandy and Elizabeth because they have an underlining respect for each other but Barbara and Joy (funny lady) has a bitter undertone that is getting on my nerve.

I miss Star Jones.....CANCEL THE VIEW ALREADY.

3037 days ago

Marilyn Hood    

Don't diss Joy. She is the only reason I watch. Her biting wit is great. Without it the show is boring. Go JOY!!! I can't wait to see her and Rosie take each other on. Don't we want different opinions? Elisabeth has her lights on but no one is home mentality of your Bush follower - Barb is the icon - don't knock her and Star - Star who? Here today - gone tomorrow

3037 days ago



cancel this tired's nothing without STAR* and Brandy is Bland. Nothin to say...

babs squeely pitched voice is DRONING...she and elizabeth should sing a screech duet together, and then the show will STOP!

3037 days ago


Kathy Griffin or Monique. I cannot see anyone else. I would ditch Joy Behar while they are shuffling people about. That voice! It is like nails on a chalkboard. Could she be any more ignorant (not counting the Hasselback chick)? Brandy would be eaten alive. Maybe they can do a Mexican, a white, a black, a gay, a straight, a hermaphrodite, an Asian... yeah... Rosie can cover the white, gay hermaphrodite. Monique the black Christian, Kathy the athiest (although that could also be Rosie - I would ditch Rosie for Kathy), gay friendly, funny one, and revive Lisa Ling who got lost in the abyss of National Geographic as the Asian, smart and topical gal. Where oh where to find a mexican, outspoken conservative woman?

Any Ideas?

3037 days ago



3037 days ago


Maralyn, Rosie and Joy have differing opinions? I think you will be dissappointed if that is what you want. If that is what you want.

3037 days ago

South Florida    

The view is so totally over........its completely boring without Star and Meridith.
I quit watching it when BW stabbed Star in the back with her announcement
she was bringing Rosie on.
This show has ZERO CLASS, the panel now includes the most
rude,disrespectful and negative panel I have seen, and Rosie will only make it worse than it is already. Wouldn't it be great if CBS or NBC would offer Star a show of her own that comes on opposite the view. Star's show would win hands down, shes intelligent , confident, interesting and an all around positive person.
Thats what I would perfer watching.

3037 days ago


i can't believe i'm saying this, but I MISS STAR JONES.
i guess 'the view' felt as though star jones was depsensable, like lisa ling and debbie matenopolous. we'll see. --so far, i don't like the show, as is.

the show seemed incomplete enough with meredith leaving. now, it's like the show "the golden palace" after bea arthur left the "golden girls."

star is no oprah, but she was entertaining. she carried the show and i think they made a huge mistake in letting her go.

after meredith's departure, star was the only original (regular) co-host. and with barbara playing these foolish games, what kind of legacy does she hope her show will have, if she's editing it?

for the person who has never heard anything of 'the view' before june 26., they wouldn't even know that star jones was even a co-host of the view, if they were to check out the show's website.

what doesn't make sense is- if they "discovered" she was so unpopular with the audience, why wasn't she fired then. you'd think that if someone was this unpopular (and their employer knew it), that employer would figure, keeping this person on the show any long would loose them viewers.

why keep such an unpopular person on for an additional 7 months, ms. walters?

i don't believe that story for a minute.

something doesn't add up.

-- which is why i believe they got rid of star.

i believe ms. o'donnell will be cashin mrs. reynold's checks next season.

3037 days ago


Is anyone else embarrassed for Barbara Walters? She's awful as the show's moderator. Very unnatural and simple minded with her "quips" and seques.

She seemed to try to steal the spotlight leading up to Meredith's departure - always talking about her stint on the today show. Now that Meredith has moved on, Barbara attempts to fill her shoes is just plain sad.

3037 days ago


i think joy is a horny nasty bitch,,, shes always turning the conversations in to sex talk and she twitches in her chair and makes these wierd ass faces,, if i was a lezbo that fat bitch would make me go staright real quick lol,, lets see how joy and the snapper lapper rosie poly get along!!stay tuned for the big cancelation,,

3036 days ago


I LOVE Brandy...... But I don't think shes right for the show.
Let's face it nobody can fill "Star Jones" shoes. I miss her honesty on the show. Although Brandy is great as an actress ,
singer and mom, I just dont't think she fits the View "mold"
To be honest neither does Roise O'Donald. It will not be long before the "View" viewers just stop watching all together1

3035 days ago
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