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Let's Get This Party Started: Top Stories for Friday 07/07/06

7/7/2006 9:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Star Jones' triumphant return to television next week will come ... on a cable house-hunting show.

The fired "View" co-host finally moved her stuff out of her offices at ABC yesterday, and took down the contact information for Barbara Walters and other ex-bosses that she'd put on her website.

Starting July 10, according to PEOPLE, Star's next gig will be on HGTV's House Hunters, where she'll be helping prospective home buyers try to buy a house in New York City, and she'll be on the show for a week. But after that, says the mag, her calendar is open.

Meanwhile, she cleared out her desk and office up at ABC headquarters in Manhattan yesterday, reports the New York Post's Michael Starr, and did some housecleaning on her website as well, taking the addresses and phone numbers of Barbara Walters and two ABC executives off yesterday after she had encouraged her fans to send them correspondence for the past week.

ABC, for its part, wiped itself clean of any Star residue, removing photos, framed magazine covers, and the like from its walls. And it has lined up an intriguing slate of guest-hosts for the next few weeks on "The View," including Shannen Doherty, songstress Katharine McPhee, "Dancing with the Stars" champ Kelly Monaco and judge Carrie Ann Inaba. The permanent replacement will be named in the autumn.

Could Zach Be The Next Nick?

It seems like a slightly unlikely pairing, but Zach Braff and Jessica Simpson have been seen cavorting together recently, and gossipista Mario Lavandeira of reports that the newly single Braff, who just broke up with Mandy Moore, is "aggressively pursuing the recently divorced singer."

The two shared a cabana together at Hamptons hotspot Pink Elephant last weekend, while also hanging "innocently" at Manhattan's Bungalow 8. "He was flirting with her hardcore," according to a witness.

Kelly Clarkson Gets Her Own Water

Following in the footsteps of 50 Cent, Kelly Clarkson will be putting her name on a flavor of Glaceau's vitaminwater, according to Page Six. The "American Idol" songstress' beverage doesn't have a name (Fitty's is called Formula 50), but before the deal is made public, Clarkson has to shed a few pounds, says Page Six, since the vitaminwater line is all about health and fitness. It should be noted that Clarkson has already made promotional appearances on behalf of the company, but not for her own line.

Nicky Hilton Gets Into The Family Business, Sans Family

We just couldn't make this stuff up: Lodging heiress and famously overshadowed younger sibling Nicky Hilton is getting into-what else?-the hotel business, and the first two hotels will be opening in November in Miami and then Chicago.

Hilton tells PEOPLE that the hotels will have showbiz news tickers in the elevators, a signature scent, and rooms designed by her friends, like the fashion designer Roberto Cavalli, who's doing the $5,000-per-night penthouse.

"I've been around hotels my whole life," says Nicky, "and I know a good hotel when I see one." Oddly, however, Hilton, 22, says her family isn't involved in the project at all.

Russell Crowe and Wife Welcome Their Littlest Gladiator

Aussie actor Russell Crowe and his wife Danielle Spencer celebrated the birth last week of their second son, Tennyson Spence Crowe, at Sydney's Royal North Shore Hospital. It's the second child for the couple, and a younger brother to their first kid, two-year-old Charlie. Crowe had said he was planning on being in the delivery room with a video camera during the birth.

Kidman and Keith Cause A Stir in Nashville

The newlywed couple of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban watched the July 4th fireworks from the roof of a pool hall in their new home of Nashville, Tenn., and apparently the locals were fascinated by their new celebrity neighbors.

At Buffalo Billiards on Nashville's riverfront, Nicole and Keith took in the pyrotechnics in a private room, but civilians in the club were "text messaging friends and leaving giddy voice mails" upon noticing the famous couple. Later, Keith enlisted the help of the club's owner to help confront, according to the AP report, "some men taking pictures with long lenses," known in larger urban areas as the paparazzi.

Gwen Decides to Do Watches, Too

Pop queen and new mother Gwen Stefani has a new release, coming soon: timepieces. The New York Post reports that Stefani's watches, which will come out under her L.A.M.B. brand and will retail for $195 to $675, appear in Nordstrom department stores next month. Another line, cheaper and for younger fans of the No Doubt singer, will follow later this summer under the Harajuku Lovers line. The Vestal Group will actually make the watches.

Movie Biz Clears Out for "Pirates"

The summer's most-anticipated film, "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest," rolls out in theaters today, and the rest of Hollywood has decided to steer well clear of its release. The Hollywood Reporter notes today that the expectations are that the film will open in the $100 million range, and no other new release is going up against Johnny Depp and the gang.

Still, "Pirates" is going to have to beat some tepid – and downright bad-reviews. The New York Times' AO Scott, while calling it "a glistening, sushi-grade chunk of franchise entertainment," also says it has "no particular interest in coherence, economy, or feeling." And Entertainment Weekly's Lisa Schwarzbaum calls it "a hellish contraption" and gives it a grade of D+, while Slate's Dana Stevens says that the film's storylines are "both convoluted and utterly dispensable." Of course, as "Da Vinci Code" proved earlier this year, the critical response isn't terrifically important to the box-office bottom line.

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She needs to go away. She's a whiny, self centered, egomaniac. I say good riddance. This new cable show (never heard of) indicates how desperate she is.

She needs to do something about that face of hers. I couldn't look at her for too long, especially on a cable show, her face and her voice are annoying as hell.

She should have bowed out gracefully.

3032 days ago

Joyce Gaymon    

i would like for someone to help me,i am 54 yrs old,svc 25 yrs with active army and national guard,raise 2 children by myself,father left me when they were real young,my dau.diana will be grad.from southern unvi on 7/28/06,a time with my son on drugs,but thanks to god he is getting his life toether,i have been tring to get me a home,but my credit is so bad cannot get a loan,i have been working since 1968 until presents all i want is a home of my on,i want to live in a nice home before i get to old.i have raise my children,and it was not easy with one pay check,i dont want money,just someone help me to get ahome please.thank

3032 days ago


Good for Star go with your life and God will continue to bless you.

3032 days ago

Barbie Otter    

I can imagine that these critics have something stuck somewhere on their persons, to have lost their childhood sense of fun and adventure. The total purpose of this movie has simply been lost to them. Hello....people!! Adventure! Thrilling! Fun! Fun! Fun! And Johnny Depp...nummie nummie!!

3032 days ago

Barbie Otter    

I can imagine that these critics have something stuck somewhere on their persons, to have lost their childhood sense of fun and adventure. The total purpose of this movie has simply been lost to them. Hello....people!! Adventure! Thrilling! Fun! Fun! Fun! And Johnny Depp...nummie nummie!!

3032 days ago


She talked so much about being a "professional woman" but putting that information on her web page is definately not something a professional woman will do. Yes, I will go to that web site and I will write to ABC and I will tell them how VERY HAPPY I am that they have gotten rid of this primma donna. I hope this information backfires on her and that ABC gets more "Thank you" letters than anything!!!! Star, just go away quietly.....

3032 days ago


You used perezhilton as a source????????????????????????????? what a joke!!!!!!!!! does that mean Pink and Halle are pregnant too? Cuz he's said that as well. TMZ, you better smarten up and start using more credible sources otherwise I am not visiting this site any longer.

3032 days ago


Looking at that pic of Star, all I could think was "How much wood would a woodchuck chuck...."

3032 days ago


Star still has the contact Barbara and ABC on her site

3032 days ago


#11 Too Funny. Star is a drama queen. She's also and attorney and she coreographed her exit methodically. Of course there are two sides to every story. The only one talking is the one that was fired. Barbara chose to take the high road after her comments the day after Star left. That was it.

Star seems "sick" for some reason. She does not look healthy, her face is sunken in, her eyes seem to have "popped" out even more. Hell, she doesn't even look human. Sorry, but that's MO.

3032 days ago


Would you have bowed out gracefully when you've been with a company (in this case ABC) for almost 10 years and they left YOUR contract hanging in the Air.??? I bet you wouldn't have.

I applaud what she did. She didn't have to go along with them when they were backstabbing her. I'm glad she went out with a BANG... UPWARD AND ONWARD TO BETTER THINGS STAR... GO GIRL!! This Home and Garden show is first of many I'm sure.. Star is a former Prosecutor she is a Smart woman....

3032 days ago


by the way the show that Star is going to be on next week on HGTV is called House Hunters and one of the most popular shows on TV. They follow people around as they are looking for a house to buy. It is very good and interesting. I hope they don't replace the girl that is on now with Star. I like Star very much I think she treated very wrong by MS. Walters and ABC I don't they wanted her to lose weight and they were mad when she did. I think she will come back with her own show sometime in the future.

3032 days ago


The contact info. for ABC is still on her web site as of an hour ago.

Now if everyone would contact them to THANK THEM for firing her, that would be great !!!!

3032 days ago

South Florida    

I wish Star all the best, I think she looks great. If you noticed people started running their mouths on her when she was clearly happy and feeling good about herself. These people that ran their mouths, Rosie for one seems miserable . To have to sink to that level to try and degrade Star and her family. Did it make her feel better about herself to be that nasty? I simply don't understand that mindset.
I admire Star for standing her ground, she told the truth.
You only get to go around once in this world, she can look back years from now
and say I DIDNOT COMPROMISE my principals. There are TOO MANY YES PEOPLE [butt kissers] as it is. I think her family and friends are very proud of her
as well they should be. I think Star will always be a Star that will shine brightly.
AS for the view, its shining very dimly from what I've been reading.

3031 days ago

Joyce Gaymon    

Star Jones is a classic lady,we love you very much

3031 days ago
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