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Girl Goes Wild on Joe Francis

7/10/2006 1:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Francis, mastermind behind the "Girls Gone Wild" videos, was allegedly punched in the eye last Friday night... by a girl. The details of the incident are sketchy, but police and paramedics were summoned to the site of a party thrown by a friend of Francis. A fire truck also arrived on the scene, just in case.

The extent of Joe's injury is unknown, but he was certainly upset, at one point raising his voice while talking to a police officer. Joe can be heard declaring that "the mitigating factor is my eye", and "we'll let it be decided in court". Later Joe holds what appears to be an improvised ice-pack to the left side of his face.

By the time he left the scene, Joe had calmed down, telling a photographer "Everything's fine. It was just a... misunderstanding".

Considering how many times Joe's company asks girls to lift up their shirts, it's a wonder he doesn't get slugged more often.


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Haley "bunch of slutty girls being shoved in your face"

You must have 3-D and change the channel or don't get cable.

Boo hoo, this guy is ruining our society. Most parents do that to their own children.

2991 days ago


#14....Words Gone Wild......

Good one!

Back to the subject.....

I have to admit, every time I see one of those commercials, I wish that I had thought of it first. This guy is making a killing!


2991 days ago


nice man boobs joe! lift your own shirt up for a GGW vid!

2990 days ago


I was at RJ's party too....Joe is the biggest maniacal pussy I've ever seen. He came up behind the twins, squeezed their arms so hard that it left a black and blue bruise, called them cunts and said they had to leave immediately. He then grabbed a camera from one of the girls, pulled the memory card out and tried smashing it on the ground. He's an absolute cokehead maniac and should be in bars getting fucked in the ass by hardened inmates. When he was punched in the face, it was more out of self defense because he was pulling the hair of the other twin.

Joe, you're a fag and can't imagine how you'd react if you got hit in the face from someone who ISN'T female and 110 lbs.

2987 days ago


Joe is a friend of mine and he is a very nice guy, I don't completely agree with how he makes his money, but it is a brilliant idea and all of you haters are probably just jealous you didn't cash in on it first. As far as the incident at the party goes, you guys know that you would also be upset (just as much as Joe, if not more), if you thought your vision was damaged. And if you care to know, I saw him on Sunday and his eye is healing perfectly. He's doing great!

2975 days ago


Hmmm... what does Joe schmo expect from his funny encounter ? a peck
on the cheek ? Not likely ! He had to find out the embarrasing way. And,
in the public eye, too. What a goofball !!! The police officer should have
arrested him for being under the influence, lewd behavior in public, verbal
assault on an officer...

2975 days ago


I personally think Joe Francis is a male sexist disgusting Pig!

Once again men have devised another way to solicit, exploit, degrade, and get rich off of women. It makes me so sick...I also blame those stupid women for allowing such to happen to them...It aint worth the risk or humiliation...Especially since Joe Francis has profited from the bodies of all these silly little girls and women. In fact Joe Francis was on the Tyra Banks show, and he himself said if he were a woman "he would never do what these women are doing." Go figure Fools!

2974 days ago

Rachel R. 20yrs.    

GirlsGoneWild are HOES!!! I have a great body and breasts but I have no need to throw away my morals like them, and about that "Joe" guy, he is a complete sleeze ball and I hope a mother and her children will come up to him one day and spit on him and slap him as hard as she can!!! If he ever came up to me and asked me to show my boobs off, WELL...let's just say that he'd be on the ground,holding himself and crying like a p***y!!!!
If anyone has any morals and agree with me please post your comments on here so that the normal people in america can see how we all feel .Thank you!

2974 days ago

Ann in Dubuque    

I briefly met Joe in an elevator, he is a sweetheart. He is Just making a living like everyone else. I'm sure there are other things your kids shouldn't be watching on TV, too. GGW doesn't advertise on the Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon :)

2974 days ago
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