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Idol's Chris Daughtry's Record Deal

7/10/2006 2:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Daughtry was favored by many through most of this season's "American Idol" to win it all.   In fact, when he was eliminated his 'Chrisaholic' fans smelled conspiracy.  Like Bo Bice fans from the year before, Daughtry followers were dumbfounded when he left the show. Fans blamed everything from "low turnout" because they all felt he was safe to "phone malfunctions."  Message boards and forums lit up with theories. Other fans were less conspiratorial and blamed the show's format, reminding their peers that the show is seeking a "pop" star and not a "rock" star.

Since the show, Chris has been in the news about the next steps of his career.  He was offered, then turned down, the lead singer slot in the platinum-selling rock band Fuel who lost singer Brett Scallions to solo projects.  While it may have been a good fit, Chris probably did the right thing there. I'm sure Clive Davis agrees.

The venerable industry stalwart has signed Daughtry to a deal on RCA in conjuction with 19 Recordings Unlimited, the label managed by Idol creator Simon Fuller.  Daughtry will form a band and sources say he has already begun to work with "A-list collaborators" to write and record material for the record.  The hope is to get it out to stores in time for the year end holiday season. 


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I love Taylor, and his style! But Chris rocked da house!

3026 days ago


I can't wait for Chris's cd.......he was awesome on the show. Love Taylor, but Chris was awesome also. They were my favorite 2. U rock Chris!!

3026 days ago


I loved Elliott Yamin and thought he represented what the show was all about - undiscovered and raw talent with class and a heart of gold. I also liked Chris Daughtry. He was the best rocker AI ever had. I'm happy to see him get a contract. Taylor Hicks, who relies too much on showboating and not enough on vocals, is a bit too cheesy for my tastes. If America had picked the winners rather than the producers of Am. Idol, Elliott, Chris and Paris would have been in the Top 3.

3026 days ago


LOVE HIM !!!, LOVE HIM !!! LOVE HIM !!! No, this is not Paula, but I love his talent just as much. GOOD LUCK Chris even though you really do not need it.

3026 days ago


chris is good - but he projected an attitude that left me cold. especially when he thought he was of such importance that "he'd been punked" Lets face it, he's one of many and Taylor and Yamin are great at what they do and very few can copy their act. whereas, chris is just another screemn' rocker

3026 days ago

Debbie Stewart    

Congratulations to Chris! He was wonderful in the Manchester NH show. It was very clear by the rousing reception that he received every time he took the stage just how much he is loved. I can't wait to buy the first of many cd's to come. Clive Davis knows a winner when he sees one. Way to go! Thsi coming from a 54 yr old grandmother who loves Chris Daughtry!

3026 days ago


Chris sounds just like the rest of rock, however good in his own way, but another screamer is all. ........BUT Taylor is like another Bob Sieger......Rock pn Taylor Hicks.
CHRIS, if you readin this,,,,,,Stick to ballots, smooth rock. Fits your voice, You can do it. People need love songs, not drug it and drunk songs.

2980 days ago


Chris was the best thing A.I. ever had next to Kelly Clarkson. Kat should have gone home the week before Chris was voted off because she screwed up not one week but two weeks in a row. Chris was on point with both elvis songs but the twisted voting process is to blame. I am gonna push A.I. to doing online voting. No busy signals. Chris, good luck with your new cd. I'm buying it. I wish it was an Absent Element cd because you guys rock when you're together.

2973 days ago


I love Chris I thought he should have been the real winner was shocked when he was voted off. Can't wait for his CD to come out I will be buying it for sure. I always thought Taylor acted too goofy. I didnt want him to win. I didnt think his voice was all that great I wont buy Taylors CD.

3021 days ago

Tricia S.    

YES!!!!I'm sooooooooooooo happy Chris got a record deal!He was my favorite since the auditions.I knew he would get a deal b/c he just has too much talent for him not to.As far as I'm concerned,when his cd comes out people will go "Taylor who?"I will be first in line to pick up the cd.CHRIS ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3020 days ago


His voice sounds like something we've heard before. Nothing new. Now Elliot shoud've been the winner.

3018 days ago


LOL @ Taylor being like Bob Seiger.. and good luck to Chris, but he screwed up not taking Fuel's offer. My opinion, don't care if you agree.

2940 days ago


After attending the Idols concert 3 times just to see Chris, it is even more unsettling that "HE DID NOT WIN"!! He had the most applause, screams and fans at the shows I attended. Coast to Coast he received the most glowing reviews. So it is a mystery that Chris did not win!!! But he is better off and 4th will be the new first!! Nov 21st babe!!! Chris will Rock the House and outsell and outlast!!

2940 days ago


Unless you have seen a concert, you have no clue about Taylor Hicks. He can NOT sing. He does his bafoon dance moves to cover up his inability to hit high notes. I went to the concert in Worcester, MA and every time Chris photo was show the place went wild, not so for Taylor. Chris whipped the crowd into a frenzie during Whole Lotta Love and held us captivated. The screaming for him was deafening. Not so for Taylor. Chris is the only idol who I believe could hold an audience for an entire concert. Those who want just ballads FORGET IT!!! Chris has said his CD will be a clean your clocks rock!! He will have a couple of songs like Keep Me Close and Home, but I know his roots are Indie and as such he will have heavy guitars and plenty of Screamos. His sound is now. And no other rocker has such a rich voice that has so many overlaying qualities. Taylor will be forgotten by the start of next years Idol and Chris will be selling out tour dates coast to coast.

2940 days ago

Tina from Cincinnati    

Chris was the star of the whole AI tour. The audience could not get enough of him..and he gave them what they wanted..what they screamed for!!!!...hard rocking!!!!!! Chris had the most positive reviews in the news following each city on the tour...Chris has an awesome voice and an even greater talent..He has always been in a class by himself...He has copied NO ONE!!!! He knows how to capture an audience and bring them to a frenzy...(not with dancing Taylor..) .but honest real talent and showmanship.. He is going to bring us rock at a NEW LEVEL.. He is NOW!!! I will buy his new CD (s) and see him on his tours. Chris is going to be very very successful for him and his family. Famous established musicians have already become a fan of his music and style. And they also have the utmost respect for him...He is the best, ,and will ALWAYS be the best talent AI has ever had or will ever have. Altho I wanted him to win, it really was the best thing for him NOT to he can make his music, his band, his way... Rock On, Chris ....We are ready for you to ROCK US HARD!!!!!!

2940 days ago

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