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Jillian Barbarie's Good Morning Matrimony

7/10/2006 6:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jillian BarbarieJillian Barberie of FOX's NFL pre-game fame and Good Day LA tied the knot this past weekend with boyfriend, actor Grant Reynolds.

Barberie surprised everyone by announcing her over-the-weekend marriage live Monday on Good Day LA, exclaiming that Grant was the love of her life. "I'm so in love with this man!" she said. Her co-hosts Steve Edwards and Dorothy Lucey were a bit stunned -- probably because they weren't invited! It was a very small ceremony in Barberie's backyard in the San Fernando Valley.

Barberie explained how she didn't have a dress or flowers the day before the wedding, but a friend saved the day with an off-the-rack, off-the-hook Armani dress.

Barberie plans to legally changing her name to Jillian Reynolds (yes- the folks at "Good Day" ribbed her about Star Jones Reynolds) because in her words "I'm, like, a traditional girl," but she still plans to use Jillian Barberie as her professional name.

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This morning Jillian said that the Queen of England wore horrid clothes. This is while she was sitting there with her fake boobs hanging out of her typical "whore-style" outfit.

You see, the Queen is in her 80's and dresses appropriately which is something Jillian never heard of.

At 9:00am, here she sits on TV with long dark roots, Mortician makeup, boobs hanging out of her dress and her bra visible and talks about an 80 year old Head of State that was named one of the top 10 Best dressed women in the world.

Why do I watch? I like Steve a lot along with the other co host who dresses far more appropriate than the trollop Jillian.

I guess that they keep her on to shock us and it works I guess, after all I am writing about it.

2473 days ago


I thought she only did black guys ?

2974 days ago


I thought I heard Jillian say not long ago (when she was on "Skating with the Stars', that she can't seem to find a good man, etc? When did she find this one?

Anyway, I'm very happy for her! Good luck to both!!

Lynn, Hawthorne, California

2974 days ago


She is a Low Rent No talent , NO Class skank who care's what she is doing

2974 days ago


I'm soooooooo happy for Jillian! She is so true to herself, doesn't pretend, and is beautiful without needing to gloat. No fuss, just FUN! I think her man is very lucky. I wish them both the best & congratualations!!!

2974 days ago


Why does it say actor next to his name? It should say extra. Has he ever had a speaking role in anything? I like Jillian but, I think she could have done a little better...

2974 days ago


well at least she got her wandering eye to stop moving for the wedding pic...

2974 days ago

Jane Rothrock    

Jillian has gotten better thru the years on Good Morning LA. (I watch it alot). She is funnier, smarter, wiser all the stuff we hopefully become as we get older. I think she has a college degree? Nevertheless, I hang on her every word now. (maybe I'm just a good listener). LA needs a upbeat show and this is it.

2974 days ago


Geez some people, can you say JEALOUS????? Myself, I wish Jillian the best of luck. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK JILLIAN, your the reason I watch the show!!

2974 days ago

Dee Dee Dee    

I think Jillian is pregnant, and that's the rush to wed.

2974 days ago


I am a fan of the show and do like Jill alot. I think she is funny as hell and is very upfront and does not mince her words about anything or anybody. Course, I like Dave who made a comment thought that she was only into us black guys as well but who cares. Love has no color, hell I date only white and hispanic women hahahahahah. You go Jill and I hope that this is the one that will make ya happy.

2974 days ago


Well I would just like to say CONGRATS Jillian you rock!!!! If I can just address some of the rude comments made. Jillian if you should read this. First of all Jillian if you farted on your cake more power to ya. There is no guy on this earth that wants a boring Miss Priss give me a break. As for a no talent I would like to see what Mary has done with her life and don't be a hater because Jillian is a stone fox and you are not. I look pretty good myself and women are just jealous of us Foxy Chicks fact of life moving on. I think Jillian looks great in whatever she wears who the hell wrote the book on what a non20 something should wear do your homework please and stop being a jealous person. Tastefully sexy is in get over it. Lastly if Grant is a nobody who cares Jillian married for love not material things she has made it already. I watch Jillian every morning and there is nothing phony about her she is who she is and has a great love for animals. Kudos to Jillian for finding a gorgeous man to spend the rest of her life with.

2974 days ago


Seems "Stone Fox" Christy got skipped over by the smart fairy.
That or she fell off the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down.

Don't scold and preach to others when you can't even use some correct grammar and maybe the correct phrases, like "stone cold fox" next time, moron.

2974 days ago

lois e sage    

I love Jillian and Steve and Lucey. I miss that show very much. Wish we could see it here in San Antonio, Tx. She's not phony, hence all the criticizim. You ROCK Jillian. Grant, you better treat her well.

2974 days ago

Apres Ski    


When that show was in Chicago, IL on Fox at 10 AM, Jillian was kinda loud, off course, and on tons of medication. The medication took away her sex drive but you could tell she needed a man in her life. She's a fun person & fun to be around, but she just needed her own man & her own life OUTSIDE of the studio & all those Hollyweird types.

You could see she wanted to be in a longterm relationship like Steve & Dorothy, but up to that point, she was just camping out until Grant came along.

Glad she's found her man & maybe she'll end up with child or two instead of trying to rescue all those stray dogs in California. God, I couldn't believe she'd rescue a dog every week. There's only so much rescuing & then . . . there's that good-looking man she rescued for herself.

And word to the wise:
The smaller the wedding, the longer the marriage.
(Kelly Ripa & Mark eloped to Vegas & theirs is going to last, 3 children!!) I hope Jillian & Grant have a longlasting marriage!! You go girl!!

The bigger the wedding, the shorter the marriage (Star Jones & Tori Spelling come to mind on this one folks!)

2974 days ago
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