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L'Oreal's Worst Nightmare

7/10/2006 7:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Eva Longoria without make-up. Yikes!

The "Desperate Housewives" star hit the town sans foundation Sunday in Hollywood with pal Mario Lopez, Apparently, on this night, Eva went au natural.


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Is that really Eva? Doesn't really look like her to me. As for the mustache, it could be the camera and the lighting doing that although there are some celebrities that do look like they have one even when the makeup is on.

3027 days ago

Marshawn Ellis    

Well, she does work for a make-up company so why is everyone so suprised what's under it. Isn't that what make- up is made for? COVER UP!!!!

3027 days ago

Princess Stinky Butt    

right on tweeky

3027 days ago


the reason she looks "bad" is because she dyed her hair n eyebrows blonde.... some people should never even try to go blonde.... shes hot with her dark hair so she should stay that way... her face (with OUT make up) is fine.

3027 days ago


I think she looks good, healthy and wholesome. L'Oreal sucks anyway, they still torture animals to produce their products.

3027 days ago


Post can have teeth like hers if you have about $40,000 to spend on them.

3027 days ago


More women should go more natural. You would think it would be fine to go out in public without all that caked on pancake cayola and spider lashes makeup. Once in a while is good. Save all that fake stuff for special occassions or a nite out or something. Women hide behind their makeup. Makeup by the way makes just about anyone look good. It is what is under all that stuff that women should be confortable with.

3027 days ago


WOW! Now I know all the celebs out there aren't all that and get lots of make up on their faces to look better.. they make them look perfect but I always thought Eva was a beautiful woman and its not that she's ugly without make up but wow! LOL she isn't attracitve as I thought.. just goes to show no celeb is all that.. LOL

3027 days ago


ACtually, I don't think that's a mustache, but a poorly lighted photo. She really doesn't look that bad, just NORMAL, which we are not accustomed to seeing. She actually looks a lot younger without all the paint!

3027 days ago


I think its the lighting too cause if you look at the other two photos its not even there.. she doesn't have hair there @@ lol.. she looks fine.. i think its the hair im not liking. She's still pretty but still goes to show.. none of them celebs are all that. .

3027 days ago


She doesn't look completely awful, but that just goes to show: the public shouldn't be worshipping the way celebs look on some dumb beauty magazine. It is not a surprise for me, anways. I never found her beautiful with make-up on, and I already speculated she didn't look all that great without make-up.

3027 days ago


Absolutely Beautiful!!!! Go Eva!!

3027 days ago


Ummm...I see a babe who could easily pass for 17. That's not a mustache, dudettas--it's uneven skin tone, which is what foundation fixes. Line up 100 women her age without makeup. She looks better than 99 of them.

3027 days ago


personally, i don't think she looks bad at all. her skin is taunt, radiant, and flawless. granted, she could have used a lip wax, but still in all her skin is blemish free. i am a licensed aesthetician and ethnic woman in my thirties with beautiful, flawless skin as well, and i think that less is more when it comes to make-up. it should be used to enhance one's natural beauty, and not used so heavily that when the make-up is removed that person is barely recognizeable to to their peers, coworkers, and loved ones. if more women would take better care of their skin, then they too wouldn't be afraid to leave the house without their "face" on! you ladies that are making these negative comments about eva should learn from eva and be happy in the skin you're in!

3027 days ago


She is a normal person just like us and has the right to hang out and relax when she isn't working just like the rest of us!! I think she looks cute and has all the right stuff that make-up just incredibly and beautifully enhances.

Lots of women can only dream to look like she does when she is working even with a full make-up job on thier face! Obviously make-up does not perform miracles when a person doesn't start out with the right stuff to begin with!! I am sure we all have a friend who piles it on in hopes to be beautiful but can never achieve what she would like to look like. And I acknowledge that I look better with a couple of strokes of mascara and eyeliner and some hot lip gloss...maybe some bronzer too! Let's be real.

Let the girl relax and be a person for pete's sake! That is just mean and hurtful to place a headline like that and plaster her face like that!! She seems like a geniune person too, I might add. I am sure her feelings are hurt if she has seen this and she didn't deserve that!

3027 days ago
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