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EXCLUSIVE: Cruise/Shields' Births -- New Twist

7/11/2006 4:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: St. John's Hospital still has not called back, but we may have figured out what is going on here. It seems as if the nurses entered the license number of the doctors who delivered the children. Doctors are registered with the Medical Board, not the Nursing Board. Reps from two other hospitals -- UCLA and St. Joseph's -- told TMZ the box for "License Number" should have the nurse's license, not the doctor's.

A rep from L.A. County Vital Records, the agency where birth certificates are filed, confirmed to TMZ that the "License Number" should be the nurse's, not the doctor's.

The same nurse who signed the birth certificate for Tom Cruise's daughter Suri also signed the birth certificate for Brooke Shields' daughter Grier, but there's an interesting discrepancy.

Suri and Grier's birthcertificates side by side

Both babies were born on April 18 at St. John's Hospital in Santa Monica. Anne Heffernan is the registered nurse who signed both birth certificates. As TMZ reported Monday, Heffernan, who never saw Suri, signed her birth certificate. A hospital rep says Heffernan is authorized to sign when a doctor is not available.

On the Suri Cruise certificate, Heffernan's license number is G48079. On the Grier Henchy certificate, Heffernan's license number is different -- G068399. TMZ checked with the California Board of Registered Nursing and we were told Heffernan's license number didn't match either of the birth certificates. A Board rep told TMZ Hefferman's license number is 317058.

And it gets more interesting. The Board of Registered Nursing told TMZ the license number on Grier's certificate comes back to a Dorothy Rork. The license number on Suri's birth certificate is a mystery. There is no name attached to that license number.

By the way, unlike Suri's birth certificate, Brooke Shields signed the one for her daughter. Someone listed as "Friend" signed the certificate for Suri.

Also, the hospital's policy is to file birth certificates with L.A. County within 10 days of birth. In the case of Suri, it took 20 days to file, in part because the "friend" didn't sign for 16 days. In Grier's case, Brooke herself signed two days after her birth and the certificate was filed nine days after the baby was born.

TMZ placed multiple calls to St. John's. So far, no comment.

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No Avatar


I'd be more worried that Brooke's doctor has an expired license. 1/31/06

3023 days ago


Why is Tom Cruises baby so important that we have to know if it is fake or not...Who cares...mind your own and leave it at that. He is a human being like anyone else,because he is famous shouldnt make a difference. I dont give 2 squirts about his kid..I just want you all to go live your life and stop worrying about crap outside the box

3023 days ago


I always liked Tom Cruise until this last year. I think he is totally out of control as far as his ego and image. He needs to remember he is just another human being. The mystery regarding the baby? Who knows, he's always been private about his kids, unlike any other area of his life. I do feel for Katie Holmes, she may really love Tom, but it isn't always enough. Tom has BIG control issues and Katie and Suri will be part and parcel of all that. Someone said they hoped her parents stay close to her, I do too. The world seems to see how wrong this is for her, but yet she can't seem to see it? This whole relationship from the first announcement of them being together, right on through till the baby's birth seems over staged and over dramatic.

3023 days ago


Celebs names are not their REAL names anyways. So UNLESS you know the celebs REAL names you probably wont ever really know anything. So give up and put your research into more useful things, like I dont know, finding REAL crimes in the world to expose.

3023 days ago


Here parents need to kidnap her and the baby if there is one...Tom is sick, he's right up there with Michael Jackson. I don't know what's going on but something is weird with this situation...maybe it's not as weird as all the theories everyone has but something is VERY STRANGE. He is NOT NORMAL and I think she was pretty normal until he cast his spell on her...shame on her for letting him, shame on him for doing it, and I feel for her parents...I'm sure they're beside themselves. And I don't know what kind of threat or spell he cast on Nicole Kidman to keep her quiet even years after their divorce but I feel she could shed a lot of light on this situation. She was with him over 10 years and I bet she has some stories to tell. I assume she's too classy or too scared to let them be know the the public. Hey, about you spill some beans for us.

3023 days ago

ron kolb    

not to be crude but the mystery probably involves Tom Cruise being found to have two heads. And the baby is an alien flown to the spaceship shortly after appearing. RK

3023 days ago


Maybe the babies were switched at birth !!! lol

3023 days ago



NO BABY !!!!

3023 days ago


We've been discussing this in my office here at work, and we think the baby is the
reincarnation of L. Ron Hubbard. And they are grooming her for world dominion in Tom's New Gay World.

Run Katie Run!!!!!

3023 days ago


i think that they just want thier privacy, we have to remember that Tom and Nicloe do keep thier other 2 childern's lives private.

3023 days ago


Tom never even introduced his adopted children, Isabella and Conner to the public until 3 years after they had been adopted. I do find it strange that supposedly friends haven't seen the baby but I do believe Kate definetely delivered a baby--a human baby. I agree with a lot of the previous comments, the media just needs to allow Kate and Tom to introduce the baby at a time this is comfortable to them or offer more money since that has been one reason given that the baby's pictures haven't been sold to a mag. When did a picture of a baby become such a media frenzy anyway?!?

3023 days ago


I will admit that I think Tom Cruise has gone off the deep end lately and feels as if he is more educated in the field of psychiatry and has come across as the biggest know it all and has a huge ego. (Can you tell he isn't my favorite person?)
However, I still would give them both a break and just let them enjoy their new baby in peace. When I had my first child I didn't go out much the first couple of months because I was still getting the hang of becoming a new mom and I was so exhausted from getting little sleep and nursing every 2 hours that I just didn't feel like doing anything but taking care of my new baby. So unless we hear otherwise it's best to just let them be the new parents that they are.

3023 days ago


Why don't you leave these poor people alone?

3023 days ago

all dogs can bite    

I wouldn't usually even comment on something as asinine as this subject... but I am compelled to address this stupidity. Think about it... this time is no different from when Tom and Nicole adopted. They chose to shield their children from the media and the general public. Tom and Katie have chosen the same path. They have zero obligation to parade their private lives and their baby's identity/condition/situation. This froth is just that; froth and no substance. FORGET IT!

3023 days ago


Who the heck cares!!! Get a life TMZ or whatever the heck your called! Jeez, I cant believe there are people that bored with life that they have to worry about stuff they obviously are making up. Cant you people find something better to question and article over? Get a life!

3023 days ago
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