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Russell's New Babe

7/11/2006 12:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Russell SimmonsTMZ caught Def Jam founder Russell Simmons out last night in New York City, rolling up with a beautiful young blonde in his car.  It's unclear what the relationship is, but Russell did open the door for her.

It was confirmed back in March that Simmons was splitting with his wife Kimora Lee, and since then the hip-hop mogul had been rumored to be dating rap video model Denise Vasi.  The unknown woman in our video looks about the same age as Vasi, who is in her early twenties, and equally beautiful.


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To Lucy girl, you really sound like the dumb white chick. For all the black men looking for some stupid chick to mess with she's only L-U-C-Y away.
If you didn't notice white woman ani't the only one with mixed children you silly chick. You better be some dumb teenage chick, cause if your not then i feel sorry for you.

3008 days ago


what the hell is all of you ho's problem??? figure it out this is 2006 and color should not and never should have mattered!!! get a life and leave lucy alone with your foolishness and ps black uneducated broads do hate on everyone thats not ghetto like them but then again they even hate on their homegirls
psss im black and not a hater so dont even go there hobags
maybe if u had a life of ur own u would not be worried about who russell is with- kimora does not care so why the hell you do u losers? is he ur man or baby daddy does he pay ur bills or does kimora pay them or do u dumb ass pay theres by buying all therir sh*t!! ya i have some babyphat but i do not spend all my money on their sh*t and i do not put my lil baby who is gonna out grow that shit in 2 weeks in it u bunch of idiots

3007 days ago


Russell is gay. Kind of an open secret in the hip-hop world. And even Kimora is now talking, saying how he wasn't shit in bed, that vaginas just weren't his thing.

3005 days ago


I hope that this siting with that women was just a friend having a friend out on the town, if not then russel needs to stop drop and roll his ass off a cliff. you r making me puke russel, for god sakes if u going to date someone be comfortable and always make sure their are better looking and cooler than ur last relationship urs being with kimora.

3000 days ago


For By me , you sound just like those idiots you speake about . Who cares if you have babyphat , you need thumbs up for that. Come on and get off your self.

3000 days ago


I am bi-racial also. Black and asian, most bi-racial people are good looking but I have trained myself to be very "Humble" about the beauty, the exoctic, and glamourous comments that I receive. Remember too much of a good thing can make a person sick. Maybe Kimora's attitude that too much is never enough, her over-the-top, excessive flash, and "bling no matter what" was too much all the time. I have that same attitude Kimora has and sometimes I get sick of myself! It doesn't matter how the girl he's out with looks, I bet she doesn't have that attitude or the over-the-top trip going!

2995 days ago


she's homely at best! dang!

3024 days ago


Why are people (TMZ) speculating that is woman is Denise Vasi? Are you all blind? This woman is WHITE...Denise Vasi is black (or bi-racial) they look absolutely NOTHING alike.

3024 days ago

King of New York    

This girl is Temla Thormattosidir. She is a model who was worked for Godiva and others. She is a prominent nightlife person who hangs out with the owners of nightclubs, such as Riche Akiva and Noah Tepperberg. She probably met Russell through Richie, since her sister Raquel dated Richie for a while and Richie and Russell are good friends. I don't know why people are saying she is homely, because she is very beautiful. People on here are probably used to a more manufactured, processed type of beauty like Jessica Simpson--whereas temla has a much prettier, natural look. Also, her and Russell are definitely not dating--he just enjoys surrounding himself with beautiful women. It has even been rumored that Russell is gay, however I do not think this.

3022 days ago


Russell is a man that has been beyond touchable when it comes to integrity for decades. If he has seperated from his spouse and begun dating, let him. What makes him different from any other seperated couple, cameras? Kimora is a woman with a voice and a forum and if she has a problem with her 'baby daddy' and his dating status Im sure we would have had a sound bite by now!!!!

3021 days ago


So what idf black men like white women? Being a biracial woman doesnt mean you are more beautiful that a white woman or a black woman. I get so sick of black women hating on white women or light skinned black women. Thats so catty. If you cant find a black man who wants you, there are plenty of white men we would love to share with you....

3015 days ago


Well Russell is an adult, and he can date who he wants to date. Black, white, yellow, purple. He is a man, and that is what they do. When they get sick of their mates, they trade them in. White men: Once you go black, you'll never go back. (Ms. Lucy). Who's the hater now?

3013 days ago


Like I said we would love to share :)

3012 days ago


Lucy girl, you have serious issues. You started the little racial bull crap in the first place. That's why you do have a chance with a black man, they love stupid chicks. I was nice and didn't call you what you really are witch.

3012 days ago



3012 days ago
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