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The Smokin' Hot Olsen Twins

7/11/2006 2:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mary-Kate and Ashley OlsenWhen not sporting oversized sunglasses or visiting Starbucks, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen also find a little time to run their billion dollar corporation entitled Dualstar Entertainment Group. And by a little time we mean once a month.

TMZ has learned that the 20-year-old media titans and some-time NYU students, come into Dualstar's Culver City, Calif. offices around every 30 days.

But instead of attending executive meetings or going over financial reports, the doll-like duo prefer to hole themselves up in an office and chain smoke cigarettes for hours at a time.

Besides being an appetite supressant and bad for you, according to California law smoking indoors in public places also happens to be illegal.

While the former "Full House" stars may no longer need Uncle Jesse's permission, we bet the police and the Surgeon General probably have a thing or two to say about their latest extra-curricular activities.


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They look nothing like each other anymore..I used to not be able to tell them apart. Why is their smoking and coffee drinking so bad. Atleast their not partying, making homemade porn or trashing up TV with idiotic reality shows like other "stars" their age.

2979 days ago


k those girls have it all there lifes r great why ruin it by smoking!!they need to grow up and act there age!! if i were them i would be helping other people and not worring about my own belly button!! they need to stop doing what there doing because its not only hurting them but its hurting most of there fans who love them but it is mostly hurting there family and parents seeing those girls do that to them selvs!!there parents dont want them to get hurt so they need to make the right choice and stop smoking cause they lok unhealthy!!

who ever is with me say i!!
lovz brittany

2975 days ago


For all those people out there b****in & moaning about smokers...YOU MIND YOUR BUSINESS & WE'LL MIND OURS!!!!! "Opinions are like A**holes, We all have one". So just worry about YOURSELVES.......Have a great night..... : )

2973 days ago

Fourth Grade Mathmatician    

Whats the story with the ugly one. You Know MK. She always looks so pathetic. She looks like a science experiment.

The science experiment where you sleep under a bridge and then rub crap through your hair before you go in front of the public. Give it a rest already. People are laughing at you skeletor.

Some one get her a Ham bisquit STAT. FATTIE FATTIE boom boom

2972 days ago

Fourth Grade Mathmatician    

No WONDER!!! it all makes sense:

This little monkey skeleton did not suffer from anorexianerviosia,
Nor did she suffer from Beliema.

She would throw up, because when she went to the bathroom she looked in the Mirror...

2972 days ago


I agree with lexx428 ......................MIND UR DANM BUSINESS U CELBRETY SEEKING ..POP CULTURE LIL BASTARDS!!!!!


2971 days ago

Rick Chaffee    

To Vivovida, wishing cancer on two young girls, NICE. Get a real name while your at it.

2960 days ago

james pflug    

i'll give them omething healthyer to smoke

2958 days ago



3003 days ago

Gordon Wagner    

How nice that the state is concerned about whether or not we smoke indoors. Is ANYTHING legal in California any longer..?

3003 days ago

Jan Boston    

Oh My Goodness-----you Bad, Bad little girls. Sisters will do silly things--that is because one can't fink out on the other without getting slammed herself.

The worst they do is smoke one a month---------GEEZZZZZZZ----Maybe shoot them?????
Get real--I don't have their money, which proves I am not cute at baby age or all that cute now--just pecious--- sure as the devil not as smart--but who cares, you live your life and I will live mine, in fact I am pretty sure I like being me!!!!!Help of the mental kind is needed not for them but for us who post these things.
This is my first blog post---hey ---it's fun!!!!

3003 days ago

No legs in Texas :(    

Enough with this "first" nonsense, it's getting on my nerves!

3003 days ago

Jan Boston    

Well Hilda, since I don't know you ---look deep into your future and see if anyone cares.

Have a Good Day

3003 days ago


Gee, I bet the surgeon general is right on that... Please, they can smoke wherever they want, get over it people... If that's the worst they are doing- go for it, it's their lungs, not ours. Why are you people so freaked out about this- yea, they are strange, but who isnt now days? At least they are doing the Michael Jackson porn crap!!!!

3003 days ago

Jan Boston    


I owe you an apology, I was a butt to you and you weren't even talking to me.
Why would someone just write First?

Really though these are young sisters, who may have had a rough time, so why not give them ---their little bad girl--smoking--big deal--think of the things a girl that age could be doing--who knows they may but seem pretty sharpe.
Wish I was worth their finicial statement!!!!!!!! Big Time!

3003 days ago
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