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Accused Brangelina Paparazzo Won't Face Charges

7/12/2006 6:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Maddox Jolie-PittThe paparazzo who was arrested outside of the Malibu preschool of Maddox Jolie-Pitt will not face charges, Los Angeles County prosecutors announced today.

A spokesperson for the district attorney said there wasn't enough evidence that Clint Brewer was standing on school grounds at the time of the alleged incident. Brewer was accused of hopping the fence at a daycare center that Maddox was attending.

Brewer was arrested on June 22 and was detained by at the Lost Hills police station by sheriff's deputies for six hours. Brewer told TMZ at the time that the police "wanted to make an example out of someone."


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We need to draw the line on taking pictures of Maddox at preschool. Come on - everyone needs places where they can just be - let's let the little boy alone at preschool. We're not so desperate for photos that we need to invade that space. Maddox obviously doesn't like his picture being taken so much, he keeps making faces at the photographers. Let's just let him alone - he's to little to understand why everyone wants his picture.

2953 days ago


It sounds like Brad and Angie didn't press charges and by confiscating the camera gear, that told the paps don't cross the line and respect the safety issues regarding my children.

I haven't seen any more shots of Maddox at school so something happen behind the scenes with the photo agencies.

2988 days ago


Great news! We want more photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2988 days ago

Mark Hately    

We all know Clint Brewer and also know for a fact that the allegations were completely embellished and not true. And TMZ being the main people who were embellishing and trying to get an innocent Photographer wrongfully punished. TMZ are hypocritical scum who should get the facts strait before posting false information about people which could be potentially damaging to their career, lively hood, reputation and possibly worse.
Without these Photographers TMZ could hardly function. And when one of your video guys gets what he deserved from Woody Harrelson you try to make him out to be an angel! We all look forward to screwing over TMZ in the future.

2988 days ago

Pink Rocks    

So did the scum jump the fence at Maddox's school or not?
I mean we all love photos, but come on leave the kids alone at school.
And yes how do we go so long without photos, smells like photo op to me, yet we get them leaving Taco Bell or 7 11 or a random drug store, but we go weeks without one. Do they stay in the house for 3 weeks, and then what go to McDonalds????? I doubt it.

2988 days ago


so what are TMZ going to do about the bad name they gave Clint Brewer?????????? I hope all the people that put a bad comment are readying this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2988 days ago


TMZ should get closed down as the info on the site is shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2988 days ago


TMZ get good info THIS TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TMZ need to think more!!!!!!!!!!!!

2988 days ago


TMZ Are CUNTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2988 days ago

jack..yeah right    

I knew he was innocent!
It was just another attempt by brangelina to get sympathy...
well, lying won't do it.

and to Mystery not solved:
it's not that difficult for celebs to go out and not have paparazzi following them.

the reason we haven't seen anything of these ppl is 'cause thay have nothing to promote.
and angie is no doubt ashamed of her fat post-baby body!

2987 days ago


I hope that all the paparazzi get what is coming to them. I pray every night that they will just live one day in the life of a celeb and deal with the bull that they deal with every few minutes. I mean why can't you people just get a real job and let them have a peaceful life with their families.

2987 days ago


This just in. Brad will appear on the today show on July 17 in an interview with Ann Curry.

2987 days ago


Why don't the paps leave the Jolie-Pitts alone? All they want is their privacy, and to raise their children. They need to bother Jennifer, she loves the attention.

2986 days ago

jack..yeah right    

Jolie-Pitts have sold out their whole lives.
They deserve what's coming to them.
If they didn't want publicity, they wouldn't have become actors, they wouldn't have pimped out their kids etc.

Also, don't forget that they closed off the borders of Namibia, and had the government spend much needed tax money on their security!!!!
Only to invite an american film crew to film a part of their journey.
They also did TWO photoshoots there.
That doesn't sound like they want privacy, now does it?

2986 days ago

jack..yeah right    


What then explains the TWO photoshoots
and the film they made when they were in Namibia?

They didn't need to make that film, Namibia is one of the better off countries in Africa.
The TWO photoshoots were completely personal, family pics and all (all posed).


2986 days ago
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