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Oprah Gets All Uppity With Whoopi

7/13/2006 7:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah Winfrey, Whoopi GoldbergEven though Oprah Winfrey and Whoopi Goldberg ascended to fame together in 1985's "The Color Purple," Oprah apparently didn't seem fit to include Whoopi in her extravagant, year-in-the-making Legends Weekend, a glitzy, over-the-top celebration of the vanguard of African-American women back in May.

Whereas everyone from Maya Angelou to Gladys Knight to Toni Morrison was celebrated over the weekend with a luncheon, a ball and a brunch, Whoopi was nowhere to be seen. Though both stars have denied a rift resulting in the snub, Goldberg's omission was noticeable, especially when lesser lights like Angela Bassett, Audra McDonald, and Brandy were feted (in a grouping called "The Young'uns").

Parade magazine asked its readers to weigh in on whether Whoopi should have been invited to the event, and a resounding 76% said that Oprah was indeed wrong to exclude the actress-comedian from the weekend. Read some of the reaction and the full scoop from Parade here.


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Why is it the term "uppity" is only used when black women are involved? I resent it's racist implications. You never hear white women referred to as being "uppity". They might be called "bitches", but never "uppity"

3022 days ago

P J    

Oprah spends plenty of her own money that we know nothing about and that's the way she wants it to be..She gets her audience involved to bring all of us the joy of giving and helping others. It's a wonderful feeling to know you've done something to help make other's lives a bit better. I think it's a wonderful example for younger people especially. Oprah has changed so many lives we will never know and has brought many good things to be by raising the consciousness of her audiences. As far as Whoopi not being at the weekend affair, we don't know if she was asked or not, maybe she had other commitments she couldn't get away from, we don't know.

3022 days ago


what about Whitney? talking about a legend. Oh yeah, she must be in the Whoopi category. Not good enough for the big O.

3022 days ago


Come on people get off of Oprah's Dick! I like her but she eat's shit's and breathes like everyone else, hell she even gains weight like everyone else!
She was WRONG for not extending an invitation to Whoopi. Let's be honest here
Oprah's life hasn't exactly been picture perfect and according to Steadman she has a few bones she doesn't want dug up! She should be a little more considerate 0 Remeber Karma! Money doesn't do a damn thing for you after you leave this world! It's how you treat people

3022 days ago


This makes me sick! Oprah does so much good and people are so quick to down her. Maybe some of you need to walk in her shoes and then tell me how you would handle life!!!

3022 days ago


Love Whoopi. Not so sure about Oprah.

3022 days ago


Whitney Houston? Are you kidding me? She is nothing but a two bit drug addict that lost her once gorgeous voice. Why on earth would Oprah want the likes of her at this special ball? I'm sorry but Whitney Houston has not earned the right to be there. I think she would have disgraced Oprah along with all of her worthy guests.

3022 days ago



you are a little harsh. Whitney may have gone down the wrong path, but she has talent that made her a legend. I know why O didn't ask her, it is obvious, but did you really get that sucked into O's "special ball?"

3022 days ago


I, too, think Oprah has changed......but who wouldn't change if they came from nothing and ended up a multi-millionaire by actually WORKING? I would not even let Whoopi clean my bathroom. She is vulgar, NOT funny and just downright nasty!!!! Good for you, Oprah

3022 days ago


How could she not see Whoopie,as a legend,how many black female comics does she know??,and not only that but just out of friendship,or is there something we don't know some bad feelings??...Penny-Pen...

3022 days ago


How Whitney Houston became part of this story, I'm not quite sure. However, it seems like I read somewhere that Whitney had been considered a to show up as a "Legend" instead of a "Young-un" for the festivities. Unfortunately for Mrs. Brown, all of the repeated bad press over the last few years (abuse allegations concerning her husband of almost 15 years, Mr. Bobby Brown, the interview w/ the memorable 'crack is whack' statement), that I'm guessing Oprah decided not to take even the SMALLEST risk that someone would bring ANY bad press to the gala. As for Whoopie----Oprah has said on more than one occasion that the 2 of them, while they're not BEST friends, they're friends. Remember, it WAS Oprah's party, & last time I checked, you can invite or NOT invite whoever you want to! (personally, I loved the way the whole thing turned out---there was a LOT of mutual admiration that weekend)

3021 days ago


Oprah invited a lot of women to her legends weekend that did not show. It doesn't seem that Whoopi "hangs out" at parties. I subsribe to most of the popular Black Magazines as well as their counterparts and I have not seen her in any of them. Lay off Oprah!

3021 days ago


RE: post #2/J-Z
We know who you are, Jasper.........knock it off with that plug....nobody cares about that website.

3021 days ago


RE: post 28
OOPS...I meant post #3/Jasper

Drop it already! Nobody cares about that goes for you, too, J-Z (post #2)

3021 days ago


You're in Oprah's click as long as you're on top of the world. She sure was Tom Cruise friend before when he was "it". Now that there is negative publicity around him, she doesn't know him. Same with Whoopi. She sure did consider Whoopi her friend when she was on the hot list in Hollywood. If it weren't for Oprah, people wouldn't even know who Gail King is. She couldn't just hang out with a nobody, so Oprah made Gail a somebody.
Yea Oprah is an inspiration to us all.

3021 days ago
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