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Oprah Gets All Uppity With Whoopi

7/13/2006 7:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah Winfrey, Whoopi GoldbergEven though Oprah Winfrey and Whoopi Goldberg ascended to fame together in 1985's "The Color Purple," Oprah apparently didn't seem fit to include Whoopi in her extravagant, year-in-the-making Legends Weekend, a glitzy, over-the-top celebration of the vanguard of African-American women back in May.

Whereas everyone from Maya Angelou to Gladys Knight to Toni Morrison was celebrated over the weekend with a luncheon, a ball and a brunch, Whoopi was nowhere to be seen. Though both stars have denied a rift resulting in the snub, Goldberg's omission was noticeable, especially when lesser lights like Angela Bassett, Audra McDonald, and Brandy were feted (in a grouping called "The Young'uns").

Parade magazine asked its readers to weigh in on whether Whoopi should have been invited to the event, and a resounding 76% said that Oprah was indeed wrong to exclude the actress-comedian from the weekend. Read some of the reaction and the full scoop from Parade here.


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Oprah will bring you fame or drop kick you, i.e., James Frey.

She always refers to Gayle King, as "my best friend." trying to squash rumors they are gay.

Gayle did a horrible job interviewing before the Oscars. She has no interviewing skills. Who is she anyway? What are her credentials besides being Oprah's BFF?

3023 days ago


I agree that Gayle King has no talent, and is a hanger on, obviously. Best friends-that's great if you have the talent-she is as interesting as drying paint. As far as Oprah inviting Whoopi I agree with some of the former posters that you have to worship at Oprah's shrine before you get an invitation anywhere. I have a friend that years ago was interviewed by Oprah-it was survivors of child abuse of the worst kind. My friend says she was horrible and rude to everyone on the panel, and when the camera was off she wouldn't acknowledge anyone. She's only in it for herself-aren't they all?

3023 days ago


Well, when I have a party I invite who I want to - and it's no one else's business. I would not expect to invite every white legal secretary I know just because I'm one!!! Get real folks!!!

3023 days ago


She should have invited Whoopi and Whitney and any other African American woman of note who is as accomplished, talented and famous as WG and WH, PERIOD. This occasion was a celebration of Black women and excluding them or any other Black woman of note was wrong. For a long time Whoopi was the only major Black female star. The snub is pretty obvious and wrong.

3023 days ago


Larna - I disagree with you on the use of "uppity" - I have heard many African-Americans use that terminology in describing white women. Frequently. Usually, uppity and bitch are used together!

3023 days ago


Why does no one realize that Legends thing as LAST YEAR?? I mean good Lord, Corretta Scott King was there and we all know (at least we all SHOULD know) she passed early this year around Feb or March. I gues you actually have to watch Oprah to know what's going on...

As for the snub thing, Oprah knew she was wrong...

3023 days ago

Liz NJ    

Its her party & she can chooses who she wants to invite////

when was the last time whoopi Invited Oprah to anything? NOT likly...

Just because there both black doesnt mean they HAVE to be friends.
Iam white & Dont like ALL white people.

2975 days ago


I believe she should have been invited and she might have been but why report on that because then there would be no story. She and Oprah started in the industry at the same time and have shared a great amount of success. Whoopi is not by any means bitter but is honest and open about her views of the current administration which is why many deem her bitter. I think she is honest and since she is not a journalist like Oprah she is free to say what she wants, when she wants to say it.

3023 days ago


Oprah and Whoopie are great humanitarians in their own right. There is no feud between the two. But , Whoopie knows she is not a slave. Because she is true to herself. She has made it through the intertainment business without the support most of the black community. She doesn't think she is better than Oprah. She feels like Black people should stop asking to equal at the same time separating themselves from whites and free black people. Nothing Oprah has done has made me proud of her. She looks very unhappy. True be told, that is the reason for the up and down weight. At least whoopie stays fat real.

3022 days ago


Whoopi was not invited to Oprah's Ball. At least that's what she told me. And it hurt her quite a lot, because no other woman of ANY color has an Oscar, a Grammy, a Tony, two Emmys, two Golden Globes, a BAFTA Award and the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. She's an American treasure whether Oprah can see that or not.

3022 days ago


Whoopi was brilliant & hysterical when she was younger but is now so bitter, negative & arrogant I switch the channel when she's on.

Oprah's not bitter or negative but she has taken arrogance to new heights. I loved Oprah early on but that's when a major part of her appeal was connecting with the audience, guests & viewers. Remember when she actually used to take questions from the audience and try to connect with them?

As for Gayle, she has a completey unearned sense of entitlement and NO talent.

I don't care if O & Gayle are gay or not but I do care that Oprah now acts like a deity and tries to force Gayle on her public. I was part of her public before - no more.

3021 days ago


Since when is Angela Bassett a 'lesser light'??? Shes more talented then most of the young'uns that were there! Why dont we dispute why Ashanti was even asked to come?? I think Oprah invited lots of people, they just couldnt make it. There is no way Brandy, Ashanti, and Kimberly Elise was there and Whitney Houston and Whoopi werent invited at all. They just couldnt make it.....

2968 days ago


I am so sick of Oprah. I agree, she is not as she once was. I do like topics her show addresses from time to time, however, I cannot stand her interruptions of the experts to voice her learned knowledge on any given subject. Her so called generosity is also getting on my nerves. It appears that it requires much accolade. I feel strongly that she likes being escalated to Saint, God, Guru, etc. I do not get the sense of humility any more. If any one watched the show about the women who is a shopaholic after husband was killed on 9/11, you would see how clearly disgusting she was .Between Oprah and Dr. Robin, they practically jumped all over that poor women trying to brainwash and speak for the women and her emotions. They litterally text book attached this lady's beliefs/opinions.

Also too, why should Gayle go to such extremes to address the gay inuendo. Doesn't she know that truth needs no acknowledgement and that one does not need to dignify the rumor if in fact it is a rumor. I do not know nor will I judge. All I can say is I for one am getting Oprah'd out, how did she get to promote herself to such a height as God, Kings, Presidents and beyond in the name of goodwill. Where is the humility???????

Enough already.

3016 days ago

N R    

Oprahs thhe one who is uppity She thinks the almighty dollar will make you a
saint some day. Thats why she thinks shes so above everyone else. She put on that Broadway play "Color Purple" but I never heard her mention Whoopies name. It was all about Oprah when Whoopie was the star. Jealousy probably wouldnt let her invite Whoopie. Didnt want to share thr spotlight.

3005 days ago


You people need to stop. Just because Whoopie was not there does not mean she wasn't invited. Perhaps she had something else going on that weekend that just happened to take priority over Oprah's Ball. I have never heard of either of them saying they were better than anyone one else. They are both very accomplished women and we could only hope to be so successsful. I guess you opposers are just jealous that you could not do as much with you own lives as they have been able to do. Maybe you lack ambition but they certainly do not.

3003 days ago
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