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When in Rome (or St Tropez)

7/13/2006 7:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pamela Anderson, a girlfriend and their children were snapped sunbathing topless July 2 aboard the luxury yacht Thunder Gulch in St Tropez in the posh south of France. Pamela has been in the trendy vacation spot celebrating her 39th birthday since the beginning of July.

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The topless pics show Pam is super comfortable and not afraid to bare all with children around (Well, they ARE in Europe- everybody does it!)

What do you think?

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3033 days ago


As far as her children being present, I think it's the "not appealing anymore" enormous implants that's the turn off for everyone. I know she does some great things charity-wise, however, someone (a friend, stylist, or even mom) should tell her a makeover would do wonders for her and her career. Get rid of the outdated, unattractive huge boobs already!!!!

3033 days ago


I wonder if she were doing that in the U.S. (sunbathing topless around little kids) would Child Protective Services make a visit? Hmmm... I'm inclined to think they would. She should keep topless sunbathing in Europe only.

She's a beautiful woman, of course, but beauty is amount of money can keep old age at bay. She knows that, I'm sure. It's probably her greatest fear.

3033 days ago


I have no problem with seeing her naked, as the rest of the world already has, in fact - we would'nt have to if TMZ did not air it for all to see. I feel sorry for those kids those, it seems a little inappropriate. But, never the less, if Pam is comfortable -ah well to each his own or her own. I'm a female, I am not ashamed of my body, but, I don't think I would get naked around my boy.... Little girls are different - but not boys... A little tacky to me all the same. As for her body - you go girl, hope to look like that in about 10 years or so.

3033 days ago


When it comes to what Pam does it no surprise, but I think that being topless in the presence of a child is wrong. It shouldn't matter if it's Europe or the United States the fact is that there should be some kind of boundary when kids are around adults. I believe that many children lose their innocence because some adults can't conduct themselves in an adult manner.

3033 days ago


please people havent your kids ever seen you get out of the bath or watch you get dressed plus she is on vacation in a place where it is common place to go topless isnt that the reason you go there?

3033 days ago

no name please    

As a 38 year old mother of 5,I think she looks fabulous! Anyone who is dogging her out is merely jealous and wishes they could look that good! I lived in Europe for 3 years,and it is purely natural to be "topless"...or even "au natural" in some vicinities.I think if you have it,flaunt it! GO PAM!

3033 days ago


I'm not jealous. I do not like ho-ho's on my couch. I don't even hang out on my couch; quite active and could go on and on. What I DO CARE about is the children's INNOCENCE. I think she's selfish. I'm in my late 30's too. It's completely inappropriate to go topless in front of children. Hey, if she's alone-out of children's sight, then go for it...enjoy hanging. But to think you can just whip it out in front of them for fun? My goodness! would allow a man to whip himself out in front of a child because it's natural or allowed in Europe? Uuhhh, they would be arrested immediately!!!?!!! So, again....GOOD GRIEF PEOPLE. I swear this world has problems.

3033 days ago


YOU GUYS ARE NUTS! She breast fed her child with those. So what if shes topless. No wonder teens now a days are in heat and banging everyone cause the human body is made out to be so taboo. Thats the kids mother. Hes not going to get a hard on from it and want to bang her. Stop being such perverts. I'm sure she knows how to raise her own children. Mind your business.

3033 days ago


# 51
Im with you

3033 days ago


Hey Guy # 53... Go suck a dick

3033 days ago


See #54.........this world has problems. For you to feel the need to use that kind of derogatory statement to someone is ridiculous. I feel sorry for you -that your family didn't give you much love. For you to cut someone down such as that shows how unloved you are from others. Was your innocence taken also? I hope someone will come into your life to teach you otherwise, so you don't have to cut others down so horribly. Very sad.

3033 days ago


NO MEG< YOU HAVE PROBLEMS. And you need to educate yourself honey. All over the world there are tribes and cultures that run around half naked, it's NORMAL for the kids to see that, because their minds are not dirty, like yours, and that's why YOU think it's wrong. The kids just see it like anyother body part. People with money, that travel the world and are educated, like PAMS kids, understand this . Why should it make a difference if it's a quick look coming out of the shower, remember; it's when you cover up and hide THAT MAKE KIDS START TO WONDER AND THINK ANYTHING OF IT. and who cares if the kids are boys or girls, the person that said that it would be ok in front of a girl, but not a boy, is just ignorant. I SEE DUMB PEOPLE HAVE A LOT OF OPINIONS, BUT NO FACTS. LOVEOTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

3033 days ago


Society has changed immensely since way back when it was more innocent than it is now. For example, if your facts for today were correct, you would understand that many tribes now cover themselves due to this change in all society. Yes, it's true...Did you know that? LOL Please get your facts correct, mam. Innocence has been harmed by the society this world has become. Period. You may try and band aide your way of thinking so you can feel good about your unfortunate choices/thoughts, but facts are facts. Society has changed. Would you allow your child to go hang out at the nude beach near you? Truly, would you? Now don't forget, that paparazzi is tagging along watching and taking pictures of you and your child's every also publish it? So, you would? Wow, what a mature choice. Very selfish and uncaring any Mother would be to put a child in that predicament.

3033 days ago


Yes, I know some tribes cover up, who doesn't, silly. They have to do that because of people like YOU, that have the ignorance to tell them their way of living is WRONG AND YOURS IS RIGHT

3033 days ago
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