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When in Rome (or St Tropez)

7/13/2006 7:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pamela Anderson, a girlfriend and their children were snapped sunbathing topless July 2 aboard the luxury yacht Thunder Gulch in St Tropez in the posh south of France. Pamela has been in the trendy vacation spot celebrating her 39th birthday since the beginning of July.

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The topless pics show Pam is super comfortable and not afraid to bare all with children around (Well, they ARE in Europe- everybody does it!)

What do you think?

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I do Have to agree with Anna that she really should be looked at as a leader. Her work to raise money for Aids and her work with PETA although sometimes those groups can be very extreme and rub me the wrong way, Pamela certainly has used what God gave her, and man has added to, to do a lot of good in the world. And it is nice for a woman to call Pam a leader and a great contributor to "this" country when I am Very Proud to say...She Is Canadian!
and is one of the Most Beautiful Women in the world and joins Other Great Canadian Beauties like Linda Evangelista, Shania Twain and many everyday woman who walk the streets of various Canadian cities

3025 days ago


Finally someone with brains. MBH, I agree with you 100% Kids see their moms breast feed newborns all the time. She is topless, not having sex. A mother being topless around her kids will not take their innocence away, but teach them to see it as something normal.

3025 days ago


The more you cover up or act like breast are something nasty. The more kids get curious and start to see it as something DIRTY.

3025 days ago


whatever people. they're just boobs for goodness sakes - real or not. just because it is not "socially acceptable" for women to be topless in the US, doesn't mean it is "wrong" - it just means that we impose some ridiculous notions of propriety in this country. get over it. I live at the beach in California and men walk around without shirts all the time. I'd love to be able to yell out my window for 1/2 of them to put their stinkin' shirts back on over their beer bellies, but it is acceptable for them to go around flaunting their fat, so why shouldn't women be able to walk around topless as well?

3025 days ago



You're right. She is for PETA, which is a good cause even if their tactics are a little off.

3025 days ago


Who cares if she is famous or not?
Who cares if her boobs are fake?
Who cares if she's pretty or not?
Who cares if she's old or young?

She is sunbathing in front of her children topless. It's not right in my opinion. My children do not see me in the nude. If they were pictures of me doing it, I'm sure someone would try to get my children took from me.

3025 days ago

morgan ficher    

why did u bulr out her boobs?(a** hole)

3025 days ago

brandye valdez    

Ken, you're sooooo right man,
You're the only person that has mentioned the nude magazine thing, i was thinking the same thing.
And also, its not about how GOOD her breast look, or how OLD she is, we know she's hot, some people think she's not, whatever, maybe she's not.
But the real point is that nudity thing in front of the kids is CRAZY.

3025 days ago

Kimberly Foster    

I disagree, not from the fact that I feel like I'm jealous, but for the simple fact that she SHOULD NOT be nude sunbathing around her children exspecially them being young boys. What kind of example is she for those kids? But hey all the world is becoming these days is an updated Sodom and Gomorrah.

3025 days ago


Some of the tv shows and cartoons our kids are watching are so much worse that a pair of boobs. I bet the women that are all uptight about Pamela being topless are letting their kids watch spong bob as we speak.

3025 days ago


I'm not sure why Americans are so afraid of nudity. What do you think of tribal communities whom seldom wear clothing? Are they weird or disgusting? Does the fact that their children see them really make you feel like their doing some complete trauma to them? Who picks up a National Geographic and throws it down in dusgust if an african is wearing nothing but neck bangels? I mean, in the beginning we weren't born fully clothed; I'd imagine that the clothing was made for protection against the weather, not because they were embarrassed. It's a body. People seem to feel embarrassed by nudity because of what seeing our genitals and "private parts" represent, I guess, being sex. It's a prevalent idea that most people abide to, perhaps out of fear that they would be portrayed as "weird". It's a body and obivously everyone has one with the same parts. It seems to me like it would mean the same thing if a mother nursed her baby, "possibly predispositioning that child for trauma by introducing her naked breasts to them at some a young, impressionable age. Give me a break people. I personally walk around my house nude if I feel like it, everyone in my house does, and none of us would go to a nudist colony because that isn't our lifestyle. It's our house, it's our family, our domain. The European people do it and most accept that answer, but in America? Forget it because it's "not natural". What is wrong with you?

3025 days ago


PAM is a great mom, I heard it from someone who worked at the VIP set. SHE would get up at 4 am to cook and send her kids of to school. She has always been a free spirit, and honest,and caring. This woman has a great heart, she fights for innocent little animals. She is just a hippie at heart. She is still a very HOT woman, I HOPE I LOOK LIKE HER IN 10 YEARS. As for kids seeing their mothers topless; my 3 year old sees me topless all the time because I breastfeed my newborn. He goes up to his lilltle sister when she is feeding and kisses her on the forehead. NORMAL AND HEALTHY. I even shower with them, yes nude of course, Being nude around your kids has nothing to do with sex. UNLESS YOUR A PERVERT!!

3025 days ago


I would also like to say; Please don't support fashion with fur. It's your choice in the end, but just know how fur ends up in stores

3025 days ago


Why is everyone hatin' on Pam? She's SMOKIN' HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone is just jealous! She's in Europe and Europeans are'nt ashamed of exposure!!!! Americans are so prude!!!!!!

3025 days ago


Pam- I don't have a yacht........but I do have a beautiful Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles wading pool. Feel free to drop by. And leave the bikini top on the yacht. See you soon!!

3025 days ago
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