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Topless Pam -- Lay Off Her!

7/14/2006 8:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

I'm really stunned by the harsh comments about Pamela Anderson, who dared to go topless in Europe, in front of her kids and others.

Pam Anderson topless in St. Tropez

How come so many Americans tolerate violence more than nudity? Show someone getting shot on the news, no prob. But dare to show a boob -- the FCC will kill you.

Anderson was on boat in St. Tropez. This just in -- in Europe, going topless is no big deal. You know the expression, "when in Rome." Well it means something, it really does. Anderson, like lots of American women on vacation, decided to take her top off. Does that really make her a "slut," and all the other names she was called? Or is that she has some peculiar responsibility as a celebrity to keep her top on?

I knew when TMZ put this item up that it would trigger a debate. But it just seems as if there's more than one way to live life, and even if we disagree with the choices others make, I don't see the need to vilify them. She didn't kill anyone -- she took her top off.


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This was in front of her kids people! That's just gross! What's next, taking them to a strip joint? Go ahead, they have already seen their mother's plastic boobs, why not?

2979 days ago

CindyLou Who    

Ask yourself why you post certain articles about Angelina and Brad, Cruise and Holmes, Brittney Spears, etc. Knowing full well that they'll be vilified by a bunch of loons based upon the way the article is written by a TMZ staffer?

Why was the bogus story you posted about Jennifer Aniston and the Marianne Pearl story removed?

Physician heal thyself

3023 days ago


She gets all the attention with her notorious boobs.....

3023 days ago


Harvey... hypocracy at it's finest.

3023 days ago


They are just's not like they are even real to begin with. She bought them why can't she show them off? Hand the woman some beads and be done with it!

3023 days ago



3023 days ago


So what? Whatever Pam Anderson or any other celebrity does in Europe that isn't disrespectful or illegal is none of our business. People have done worse. Leave her alone!

3023 days ago


Let's just say the woman has no idea how to be a respectful mother. Her children especially since they are boys will forever look at women as a piece of meat. This is simply atrocious behavior and extremely poor judgement on her behalf. Keep your most intimate body parts covered up when you are amongst your children. Shame on you Pamela. And you claim to be such a soccer mom I wonder what all the other respectable real soccer mom's think!!!!!!!

3023 days ago


On well, once a porn trashbag, always a porn trashbag. Nothing any one says or does about Pamela Anderson will change a lot of people's opinions about her. Just another publicity stunt. She has to do everything she can nowadays, she is just a hasbeen, might as well accept it and get a life..

3023 days ago


Okay, let me understand this. It's okay to make fun of an infant i.e. Suri, publish her birth certificate, call her mother brainwashed and question if her father is in fact her father.? onder if the child has a birth defect, died in childbirth or is mentally retarded because her picture hasn't been published. But it's not okay for people to make comment on old Pamela Anderson's fake taataa's that she's swinging around in front of her sons?

It's okay to print false stories about Brad and Angelina. Allow horrible, I mean horrible things to be said about her and Brad's children let along the disgusting things said about Brad and Angelina themselves but say Pam Anderson nude in front of children with those fake tits is a NoNo?

Someone needs to get themselves out of Hollywood and back into the real world

3023 days ago

Linda Zook    

As the mother of an adolescent boy, I cannot in any way justify this as healthy or normal behavior. What next..... no underwear ?My boy saw me typing this and his first comment was, "Wow, are those boys lucky !" See what I'm talking about ? The younger boy may still be niave, but the older one she should be more modest around. The woman needs to stop acting like trash, especially around her kids. When they are teenagers, does she want their respect, or does she want them to see her as the old sexpot the world sees ?

3023 days ago

Janet Jenkins    

See the picture of Tommy Lee french kissing Dave Navarro under hook ups and tell me there aren't issues Pam's kids face even bigger than her boobs, like drowned kids at birthday parties, infamous sex tapes etc... Going topless on the Riviera or anywhere else is not a problem. Anyway she seems like a really cool person by Hollywood standards and very sweet. All the criticism is misguided go pick on someone your own size like Mrs. Federline.

3023 days ago

Lisa, Midlothian, Va    

I've never understood the big deal anyway. Boobs r boobs. We've all got them. I've seen men on the beach w/ bigger boobs than my 36D's and yet that's okay, no one tells them to cover up. So why if the boobs r on a female does everyone have a problem w/ it. If Pam's kids r raised to believe that the body is nothing to be ashamed of they will be well adjusted adults, no matter what they look like.

3023 days ago


So, if it wasn't Pamela Anderson, would you really give a crap?

In Europe, that's normal. Open your minds, people.

3023 days ago

Lisa, Midlothian, Va    

Boobs r boobs, we've all got them. Why r men allowed to display their chest? I've seen men on the beach w/ bigger boobs than my 36 D's, but no one has a problem with that, no one tells them to put a shirt on. American's r the only ones that make such a big deal over women's boobs. Come on, get over it. Her kid's don't give her boobs a second thought. They r raised not to be ashamed of their bodies (especially a part that we all have)

3023 days ago
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