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The Z List - This Week's Biggest Losers 07/15/06

7/15/2006 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Zzzzz... That could be the sound of Rande Gerber and Cindy Crawford sleeping in this morning in Malibu. But it's not.

Kate Hudson, Shannen Doherty

In this case, it's merely our cue to point out some of the latest denizens of the Zone who have tripped over the velvet rope. Enjoy.

Naomi Campbell arrives with her lawyer at the Manhattan Courthouse - June 27, 2006 Naomi Campbell: When it comes to heaving wireless devices at her support staff, this supermodel apparently does not discriminate. Following charges in Manhattan Criminal Court earlier this year that she threw a cell phone at her 42-year-old housekeeper, the runway rabble-rouser was newly accused in Manhattan Supreme Court on Thursday of similar behavior involving a former 19-year-old personal assistant. By accident or design, Campbell has managed to bring a whole new haute couture meaning to the phrase, "Can you hear me now?"

Paul Bloch: It's been an uncharacteristically hectic week for the Rogers & Cowan bigwig publicist. He had no comment about rumors that Eddie Murphy is dating former Spice Girl Melanie B; he had to jump into the middle of reports of a Geena Davis backstage brouhaha at the recent Monte Carlo TV Festival; and, of course, he has been working overtime to keep a lid on the Church of Suri-tology. While his PR firm's Pacific Design Center headquarters in West Hollywood do indeed have the impregnable sheen of a fortress, they are squarely surrounded by the swarming power of the Internet.

Christie BrinkleyChristie Brinkley: It's a sad week indeed when a vision of loveliness such as Brinkley has something in common with rotund radio talk show host Tom Leykis. Both have been married - and, soon, divorced - four times. The 52-year-old Uptown Girl can still stop traffic, uptown and downtown, and no doubt will be able to count during this difficult time on the support of her age-specific CoverGirl demo, as part of the spokesmodel beat she shares with Queen Latifah and Keri Russell. But perhaps cosmetics competitor Revlon should steal Brinkley away, so that she can sidle up alongside fellow Unlucky in Love goddess Halle Berry. It could certainly make for a provocative TV ad campaign.

Shannen DohertyShannen Doherty: She was the Paris Hilton of her day, swapping brunette for blonde and a fictitious chunk of 90210 for the real Beverly Hills. Doherty's new Oxygen reality TV show "Breaking Up with Shannen Doherty," which she was promoting at the TCA Summer Press Tour, is essentially the bastard cousin of "Cheaters." Doherty shows up with hidden camera to inform one half of a selected couple that the other half no longer digs them. Too bad her show wasn't up and running last fall, when, on behalf of Charles Shanian, she could have personally delivered the bad news to... Tori Spelling.

Kate HudsonKate Hudson: Another year, another disappointing Kate Hudson comedy effort. This weekend's "You, Me and Dupree," hovering at 20% on, continues a troublesome artistic trend that has held firm since the actress burst out of the gate in 2000 with an Oscar nomination for her portrayal of Penny Lane in "Almost Famous." Granted, at age 27, she still has plenty of time to fit into Julia Roberts and Meg Ryan's shoes. But to borrow a phrase from hubby Chris Robinson's Black Crowes repertoire, DVD fare such as "Alex & Emma," "Raising Helen" and "Dupree" should definitely amount to a thorn in her pride.

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That poor little Christie Brinkley she really needs to stop getting married, bitch cant marry everyone she dates, smh

Shannen Doherty ???? That kid should of put a bullet in her head along time ago. lmao@ me still watching Charmed, only the ep. after she died

2989 days ago


Kate Hudson couldn't act her way out of the front door.

2988 days ago

the wise old owl    

I think the biggest loser of the week goes to......................BARRY BONDS. He's a lair, and adulterer, a cheat and a steroid user. He disgraced the great players of baseball by protraying himself as their equal. Any adverage baseball play enhansed with steroids could have hit balls out of the park like Barry did. HIs best freind turned on him and his mistress did too. It will be interesting to see if his suffering wife will stick around or just take half his $$$ and RUN.

2988 days ago


Christie should have stuck it out with ole Billie. Peter was too pretty. Too much competition. Everyone knows gorgeous men pick homely women and vice versa. Exceptionally beautiful people need that constant propping up. Mirror, mirror on the wall....hope I make mega millions before I fall. Pick me up and flatter me, again...... hope my movie opens before the trash bin.

2988 days ago


Shannen Doherty should not be listed as one of this week's biggest losers. She was referred to as the Paris Hilton of her day, but will we still be talking about Paris 16 years from now? Shannen debuted on 90210 in 1990 and here it is 2006 and she's still making headlines. I doubt Paris Hilton will have that kind of longevity, considering she's a talentless debutante. Go Shannen!!

2988 days ago


Christie ~ That's how may kids with how many guys now? They have a name for women like you.

2988 days ago


I like Kate Hudson!! I loved her in Almost Famous and Raising Helen. She is still young and has time to improve on her acting "faults", but I think she is great just the way she is. I think some stars get picked on because they are not in the limelight as much as people would like to see them. She has taken a hint from her mother and Kurt Russell and stays to herself and is not a headlines grabber!

2988 days ago


Ummm..hard to blame Christy this time when her husband has been running all over town with a 19 YEAR OLD HE PICKED UP IN A SOUTH HAMPTONS TOY STORE AND THEN HIRED TO WORK AT HIS OFFICE. The whole town has known, the teenagers DAD has confronted him etc. Trashy trashy trashy when hubby is doing it with the local teenager.

2988 days ago


More please on the Brinley -Cook saga....why do grown men want to have a 19yr around?? Come on.....what could thye possibly have in common??

2987 days ago


Dupree's more of an Owen Wilson vehicle than Kate Hudson vehicle...and it's not like she hasn't had a hit since Almost Famous - How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days did great at the box office. Placing the bad reviews for this movie seems like a bit of schadenfreude wishful thinking.

2987 days ago


Shannon is looking for love.......I bet..on horses....maybe if she was pregoes by k-fed she might get in the news...

2987 days ago


It is not Kate Hudson's fault her movies bomb. The producers who keep casting her are to blame.

2987 days ago


Does anyone find that ear-to-ear, show all your teeth, fake smile that is always on Goldie Hawn's face a bit gross?

2987 days ago

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