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Bloom and Bosworth Dine, Leave Dog in Car

7/17/2006 12:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Orlando and Kate to be hitched?Orlando Bloom had a great weekend, with his "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie making another 62 million at the box office, but that doesn't mean his dog can come into the restaurant.

Bloom and Kate Bosworth were spotted going out for a late afternoon lunch (they had scallops) and - just like the rest of us - Orlando had to leave his beautiful black dog in the car.

We all know how dangerous a hot car can be for an animal- the risk of death is quite real. But Orlando took care of his best friend, making sure the window was cracked and getting up twice during the meal, possibly to go check on the pooch.

When he and Kate came out of the restaurant, the car had been moved to a shady spot. It is unclear if Orlando requested this or if the valet took the initiative. Either way, Orlando gave the guy what looks like a substantial tip.

And Orlando's right - it's worth a few bucks to ensure your pet's safety.


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Hello people.....who cares what either of them was eating?!! The dog should not have been left in the car period.

3008 days ago

jo-anne moore    

Unbelievable! I had a friend who left his large black dog in his car for a couple of hours in a summer heat wave, with "the window cracked" and when I went out to his car with him (not knowing he had brought the dog with him and left it in the car) the poor dog was dead of a heat stroke, in what must have been an agonizing death. The guy was just torn up - but really, what a moron. Just like Orlando Bloom. Someone should leave him locked up in a car with the window cracked during a heat wave.

3008 days ago

J. Gail    

To Mili who commented . I think you were punched in the head too many times or perhaps abusive yourself! To the people leaving the dog in the car. The dog is miserable. I know, I'm here in Palm Desert. I think you only have 3 minutes before suffocating. STUCK ON STUPID !!!!! J. Gail

3008 days ago


maybe Orlando isn't used to very hot weather. But the best strategy in hot weather is to leave the animal at home. If you're worried about him tearing up the house, get a large pen to place him in when your're gone. He will get used to the pen and even grow to love it.

3008 days ago

Mary Breiner    

I was saddened to hear of the neglectful actions of Mr. Bloom. Pets depend on us to keep them safe. Just 5 minutes in a car even with the windows cracked or all the way down, can reach exteme temps. I know that his actions on that day will forever change the way I think of him. I hope that these comments reach him, and that hopefully it will cause him to change his behaviour when it comes to his pets. Shame on you Mr. Bloom. And don't forget, Ms. Bosworth is as guilty as he. If it were a friend of mine I would have no problem letting them know, Hey this is a bad idea.

3007 days ago


Elizabeth, the comment about people being jealous of Kate because of the negative remarks they're making about the way she looks is way off base. She's not the only skeletal female celeb that people comment on. Bottom line, she needs to eat -- A LOT. Frankly, she looks like a walking straw from a haystack. There's nothing beautiful about that. That's not jealousy; that's just pure honesty -- brutal, but honesty all the same. And her being a model has nothing to do with her being too thin. There are a lot of models out there that are thin, but in a healthy way. Not to mention, she's an actress before she's a model. And she's more of a spokesperson than model per se. She, like all the rest of the girls like her, look sick. They always look like they're one less meal away from having to be admitted into the hospital. Pure and simple. I've heard a lot guys comment specifically about Kate and they feel the exact same way. Therefore, get off the jealousy thing because jealousy's got nothing to do with it.

As for Orlando, I agree, he's a sweetheart and he loves his dog. However, whether or not he was wrong for leaving the dog in the car can't be determined. None of us were actually there, so we don't know the whole situation. It's crazy that alot of people are making snap judgments about him and they don't know him nor were they even there. From what I saw in the video, the dog was not even panting which is a tell-tale sign of heat exhaustion for dogs. So unless you are Orlando or Kate or the darn valet attendant, stop with the name calling because you were not there. It was not a baby he left in the car, it was a dog. Animals, by nature, are more capable of adapting to the environment. He rescued the dog from Morocco for crying out loud where the heat is a lot worse than it is in L.A. I'm not saying that leaving any living creature in a car in the heat is a wise thing. If that is, indeed, what happened, then truly that was a big mistake. One I hope Orlando doesn't repeat. What I am saying, however, is until we know all the facts, it's just pure speculation. Guesswork. In other words -- bologna.

3007 days ago
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