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Engaged? No. Rings? Yes!

7/17/2006 8:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

What do Cameron Diaz, Denise Richards and Jennifer Love Hewitt all have in common? Besides being smoking hot, these female A-listers have all been spotted sporting rings on their wedding finger. It begs the burning question- are they engagement rings?

Cameron Diaz was recently snapped by photographers out with her long-time beau, Justin Timberlake, flaunting a band on her wedding finger. Engagement rumors have been swirling around the couple -- who have been dating for three years -- but then again, so have breakup rumors. As of yet, however, no plans to walk down the aisle have been announced.

Denise Richards, who recently filed for divorce from husband Charlie Sheen, has been seen out with Bon Jovi rocker Richie Sambora. TMZ broke the news in early June when Denise was seen arriving at LAX airport wearing a rock on her wedding finger. The actress was returning from France, where she spent a a few days with her new man. Alas- sources told TMZ that the two were NOT engaged.

Girl next door Jennifer Love Hewitt and boyfriend Ross McCall were leaving an LA Starbucks in June with a surprise for waiting photographers: Jennifer with a diamond on her wedding finger. So far, the couple has not announced anything official to their ever-so-curious fans.

Vaughniston and Brangelina have apparently also jumped on board in the ring business. Vince Vaughn has reportedly purchased an enormous 9.5-carat, $500,000 diamond for his (reported) girl, Jennifer Aniston. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie also wear matching rings that some think is a sign of a secret engagement. Reps for both sides say there's no truth to the rumors.

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No Avatar


i've been single for 22 years and i always wear a ring on my left hand "ring" finger. none of them look like engagement rings. that's the difference. the ring on that two-timin, back-stabbing denise richards is so far from looking anything like an engagement ring, it's embarrassing that you have shown her in the group. wearing rings on any finger on either hand means nothing unless that person verbally announces their engagement!

2901 days ago


the latest trend in hollywood relationships without the costly divorce

2895 days ago


Who cares? They wear them for attention. As for Denise and Richie, hes still married and so is she. Cameron is a loser, she always looks like she slept in a car. They change partners every other month, thats the way hollywood is. They have all this money but live in misery with bad relationships. Like its said, Money cant buy you love, but it can buy a big rock on your finger.

2893 days ago


look at justin's face , his look seems to say i wish i was somewehere else with someone else, why justin why? you need a new look, this cameron chick is looking worse for wear with every new photo, Do not marry this woman, and you don't look happy,can her now!! Before it's too late and you wind up like britney.

2878 days ago


Forget the ring on Cameron Diaz's finger, what is with the "rolled outta bed look"? DAMN! I'm still trying to find out how men find the "bag lady look" attractive.

Nice rings, ladies. . . .

2919 days ago


I am sooooooooo tired of hearing about Bragelina. There whole situation has ruined me for the both of them.
Also as far as Vince Vaughn, Jen he is not worthy of you!!! He needs some work done on those triple bags under those eyes.
Last but not least!! I hate the thought of Justin and Cameron being together. No really good reason for it. I just don't like it.

2919 days ago


Denise Richards and Jennifer Love Hewitt are not A-listers. They're barely on the C-List.

2919 days ago

No legs in Texas :(    

There's "something about Mary",I mean Cameron, and it ain't good. She needs a comb more than she needs that ring. There are other pictures of her lQQking like this. Recently, she was a bridesmaid, and she looked worse, if you can believe it. This "senorita" needs to get a makeover before Justin dumps her messy ass. I'd hate to be "in her shoes" looking like that in public, and w/ a younger babe, no less. I suggest you "rock your body" over to a salon before you cry Justin a river.

2919 days ago


Denise Richards..........this should be an awesome ride since Richie was seen w/another blonde on the 4th of July in NJersey.

2919 days ago


Denise Richards........this should be an awesome ride since Richie was seen w/another blonde on the 4th of July in NJersey.

2919 days ago

Lance K.    

Ummm, actually how are these A-Listers? What is the definition of A-Lister

2919 days ago


Err. is it just me or is the picture of Jennifer showing her with a ring on the finger *next* to her wedding finger?

2918 days ago


Why would Richie want to marry a tramp who is always wanting to dress sleezy (pussycat dolls, pumping gas)or take her clothes (Jane magazine) off for the public..think she makes him feel special? She is going to get dumped soon in a bad way and Heather will have the last laugh!!

2918 days ago

Heidi Cattey    

First of all If Cameron and Justin are engaged good for them. Stop denying! Second, Denise Richards---Blahhhh!!!! She is nothing but a ho! Who could even think about stabbing your supposedly best friend in the back like she did. She has no respect for anybody. Thirdly for Jennifer Love Hewitt, it could be an engagment ring or it could be a promise ring. I know that when I got my promise ring, I wore it on my wedding finger as well, so these all could be promise rings saying that they could be getting serious. But if Denise and Richie are engaged or a promise ring, way toooo soooon. Can anyone say R.E.B.O.U.N.D.!!!!! For Vaughniston I think they make a great couple. I think that he will be good for her. I used to think that of Brad but since that HO that stole Brad from Jen has no respect for me. Who in there right mind leave such a sweet person like her for a Ho like A.J.

2918 days ago


Ok...ladies, gents...relax!
Justin can date, marry...screw whover he wants..and how the hell do YOU know if Cam is good for him or not? Gawd...relax people...

and secondly...You people are taking all this gossip..cuz thats what it is, gossip...waaaaay too seriously. It's meant for entertainment...these people aren't dating other people for YOUR sake...but for, again..RELAX!


2918 days ago
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