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Paris and Brandon's Mysterious Lip Lock

7/17/2006 11:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Could it be -- Paris Hilton and Brandon Davis, the new Hollywood couple? Take a look at these pictures, shot Sunday in West Hollywood. It looks a little bit more than friendly.

The two were also photographed this weekend in Malibu at a party which Lindsay Lohan also attended.

It seems bygones have become bygones. Wow - it feels to us that just yesterday Davis went on his now infamous rant against Lohan, with Hilton giggling by his side.

Elliott Mintz, a rep for Paris, tells TMZ, "Just for the record, Paris and Brandon are not the new Hollywood couple, and they were not engaged in a mysterious lip lock. They are pals and that was a friendship kiss."

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Paris Hilton


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wow, i didnt think it was possible for paris hilton to degrade herself anymore, but she has proved me wrong.... Brandon Davis?!?!?!? come one paris, even you can do better. brandon davis is the most worthless human being on the face of the earth. he cant even qualify as a d list celebrity. he is not fit to clean up the excrement of other celebrities. the only reason people even know who he is is because he called lindsey lohan a firecrotch. thank you, brandon davis, for proving to the rest of the world that my opinion of you is correct. and when i pass you leaving the std clinic, i'll make sure to hold my nose so i dont have to smell you.

3004 days ago


Who the heck is Brandon Davis? I have never heard of him before and why would Paris even hang out with him? Does anyone else think he is ugly as hell?

3004 days ago


uhm. a friendship kiss. wtf?
if your gonna give an excuse atleast make it a good one.

3001 days ago


Could you be anymore childish both you and Paris seriously get a think your funny that was sad Wow you have no personality..You think its funny to talk about anyone like that..Paris Has no Class and your hanging on for the ride..7 Million might not be alot to you but it is to alot of other ppl..You know what I dont even know who you are So to me your a nobody you are who you are cause your hanging with trash like Paris Hilton..Get a life..Dont even think this is jealousy this is total contempt for ppl like you and Paris..I'm happy with my life I am glad I am not living the rich life like you guys cause then I would be just like you depending on mommy and daddy .. Get a real job something Paris has never experienced.

3022 days ago


Four words: MADE FOR EACH OTHER. They are both brainless idiots with money.

3022 days ago


#7 - It seems that you might need more than #6 since you don't seem to know how to spell. It is "Sylvanlearningcenters" not Sylanlearningcenters dumb a**.

3022 days ago


Who' s Paris Hilton?

3022 days ago


Paris Hilton is like a bad rash, if you keep scratching it it gets worse. Just leave it alone and maybe it will go away.

3022 days ago


The people in lala land are idiots with alot of $$$. To bad they're selfish and don't do any good with it. Of course there are a few exceptions, but for the most part they care too much about themselfs.

3022 days ago


there marridge wont work everyone she dates gets married. they wont last shes better off with me.

3022 days ago

Greg Camarota    

Why is it that so many people in this world seem to be so mesmerized by an absolute Air Head whos only purpose on earth is to SHOP?

3022 days ago


There are shots for the infections you will get from having sex with her so why not do it one time for fun

3022 days ago

NY Derek    

Perfect for each other. Both inherited large sums of money that other family members earned, rich and spoiled because of their blood ties. Both are famous for doing absolutely nothing. Both are rumored to have drug problems. And most important of all: They can share their Valtrex presciption.

3022 days ago


she's like a door knob. everyone gets a turn sooner or later

3022 days ago



3022 days ago
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