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Paris and Brandon's Mysterious Lip Lock

7/17/2006 11:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Could it be -- Paris Hilton and Brandon Davis, the new Hollywood couple? Take a look at these pictures, shot Sunday in West Hollywood. It looks a little bit more than friendly.

The two were also photographed this weekend in Malibu at a party which Lindsay Lohan also attended.

It seems bygones have become bygones. Wow - it feels to us that just yesterday Davis went on his now infamous rant against Lohan, with Hilton giggling by his side.

Elliott Mintz, a rep for Paris, tells TMZ, "Just for the record, Paris and Brandon are not the new Hollywood couple, and they were not engaged in a mysterious lip lock. They are pals and that was a friendship kiss."

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Paris Hilton


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To comment person #7

Before you make fun of others you should spell check yourself......

3016 days ago


Paris is "Slut of the Month", and if she isn't she just ought to be!!. The American public worhips her. I don't care much for Ms. Spears, but if she did half the things Paris is reported to have done, she'd be tarred and feathered. all over the nightly news. . Paris Hilton is my all time pick for Sluttiest Slut. She looks unclean!!! Just Nasty Girl!!!!


3016 days ago


If you've seen the Linsay Lohan bashing videotape, which i'm sure you all have being fellow connoisseurs of this insipid celebrity voyeurism, then you'll know that, as Paris's rep stated, it was just a friendship kiss! Becaaaaauuuuuuuuuuse...wait for it....wait for it... Brandon Davis is UNDENIABLY GAY...I mean, he should have a friggin Redcarpet Wrapup show on E! he's so

3016 days ago


I don't care who. When does the ho make a new video, with the new beau?

3016 days ago


This is pathetic. First, Paris Hilton tells TMZ how "mean and sadistic" the comments made about her are, and then she turns around and starts ranting on Lindsay Lohan. Excuse me, but what the hell does she have that Lindsay doesn't ? And thats besides a screwed-up nose and daddy's millions of dollars.

3015 days ago


Although Brandon's comments about Lindsey were totally inmature it's the way of their world,they have so much money that all that is left for them to do is talk about each other. As far as Paris Hilton hey she made a mistake by trusting in her then boyfriend .We all do thing that we wish we had not done. Why condem her for doing what probably everyone on this web site has done or thought about doing,besides do we really know what she does with her life.Can you believe everything you hear? Give her a break. There is nothing that is said about her that is going to stop her from making money so why waste the time trashing her. To each his/her own

3015 days ago


Two nasty a-holes deserve each other.

3015 days ago


I don't wana read anything about Paris i just adore her she's the best ever And stop saying bullsh*t's about her she is adorable

3015 days ago


come on guys ur going to make paris cry she has feelings too and its not her fault her ex swcred her in more ways than one.

3015 days ago


Brandon and paris, fit for josephine and napolean, let them eat cake, each other and get what they deserve...fat, rich, sleezy and addicted. ooohh made for each other . lip lock is icky and lindsay is lucky to be otta there. keep showing them for what they are, cams don't lie.... good job my fav TMZ

3015 days ago


brandon davis is the son of multi bagillionaire marvin davis. his family is very charitable and his relatives need to tell him to get the HELL away from parisite hilton, or go after her sis instead. parisite is a keeper of sleeze germs of a magnitude only rich but filthy girls aquire while trying to be an icon in their own mind and have money to make videos about it... but blame boyfriends. brandon get away dude!! your familia is with you.

3015 days ago


Hi all, i just wanna say that i've read ur commentes about Paris Hilton n belive me i don't like wht u said, cz don't forget that Paris is human n she has feelings n i really think that ur comments r sulphurizing...
n i wanna say to Gloria who said "who is Paris Hilton?" that Paris is the most famous girl in this world, i'm not American i'm from Tunisia n belive me that here everybody know her...
Anyway, i wanna say to Paris "Dear many ppl love you, you are a very pretty girl n intelligent too, i like you sooo much, u'r the best n don't care about wht they said :)
i wish u will read my comment

3011 days ago
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