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Paris and Brandon's Mysterious Lip Lock

7/17/2006 11:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Could it be -- Paris Hilton and Brandon Davis, the new Hollywood couple? Take a look at these pictures, shot Sunday in West Hollywood. It looks a little bit more than friendly.

The two were also photographed this weekend in Malibu at a party which Lindsay Lohan also attended.

It seems bygones have become bygones. Wow - it feels to us that just yesterday Davis went on his now infamous rant against Lohan, with Hilton giggling by his side.

Elliott Mintz, a rep for Paris, tells TMZ, "Just for the record, Paris and Brandon are not the new Hollywood couple, and they were not engaged in a mysterious lip lock. They are pals and that was a friendship kiss."

Photo gallery:
Paris Hilton


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It is my opinion, being 82, and far from being a virgin, the worst
trash living is Paris Hilton. She would not qualify as a prostitute. To be truthful most prostitutes I have known in the U.S. and
Europe are actually good people.l Morals of the oldest pro-
fession are left to God for judgement. Paris Hilton flagrantly acts
as a proud nympho-maniac with her inferior body in public places. I do not think a legitamate brothel would hire her. The
sooner we lose her the better we sshall be.

2986 days ago

No legs in Texas :(    

Every single word is spelled correctly in #6, f***ers!

2986 days ago


Classless Paris...why does she continue to lose what sophistication, class, appeal and regality by stooping to a bottomless never-ending pit of just plain SLUT! Whore is not too strong either. She has it all...yet no doubt needs a psychiatrist...she's just lost any sense of morals, care for the feelings of her parents, reputation and a boy crazy, childish slutty tramp.

2986 days ago


Look people, on the real I am a black guy and I know some really cool white dudes for really real ya' dig' but this cat Brandon, he ain't one of them ya' heard. (No Homo) I mean he is greasey all the f***in' time man. . . what's up wit' dat? Her wrapped up on him is like her kissing a giant hamburger fresh off the grill. I mean I really think deep down inside Paris, she wants some black meat and just don't know how to get over her fears and make it happen. . . but I do Paris so get at me

2986 days ago


Paris is a rich prostitute. Anyone dating her should be careful of catching something. How could her parents be proud of a pitiful brat like that.? All the money in the world cannot give the Hiltons class. Without the Hilton money, Paris is a useless, ugly, talentless bitch. A waste of human flesh!!!!!!

2986 days ago


#13, do people still use the term "dyke" to mean a female homosexual? I mean, people other than the dykes, themselves. It's so Archie Bunker, but without making me think, "Yes, but we all know that deep down he has a big heart."

It makes me wonder where you fall on your own list.

As for Paris, she is never one to miss a photo op...NEXT!

2986 days ago

paris hater    

Paris is only worth a buck, she's cheap, greasy and you can have her your way... oh yeah, that's the BK Whopper

2986 days ago


Erryn, you dang sure dont type like yer happy

2986 days ago


i am so sick of hearing about this chick.....she's famous for no reason. If anything she should get a gold card to the skankiest hall of fame because she gets around more then a tether ball..... she should be a spokesmodel for a condom commercial

2986 days ago

Sir James    

I feel like she should go out in the real stage of normal peoples lifes that actually earn there living money and have more of a honest way of life by not living off of mama and papa. Cute is Cute and Sleazy is Sleazy..........

2986 days ago


They deserve each other they both have potty mouths are spoiled smelly rotten and have the same STD"s.

2986 days ago


She such a hoe bag.....typical hollyeird keeping up on the low lifes! soon as you know we'll more garbage about alec baldwin making love with elton john....another low life scumbag.

2986 days ago


wonder what paris hilton's parents are like? they must be darned proud of their daughter! i'd be proud of my daughter if she slept with every guy she came in contact with, paraded around like a freakin bimbo idiot, cocked her head for every photo, behaved like a slut in public...yep, i'd be darned proud of her!

2986 days ago


Go AWAY! Turn the Simple Life over to Nicole and anyone else. AT least Nicole is funny. I'm not sure that Paris has any talent for anything whatsoever.

2986 days ago


Say what you want but I'd do her in a second.

2986 days ago
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