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ABC Family Star Assaulted Wife, Police Say

7/18/2006 6:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Greg SeranoGreg Serano, one of the stars of the ABC Family show "Wildfire," is accused of assaulting his wife, Carmen, and her 15-year-old son during a dispute at the family's home in New Mexico.

Greg Serano faces two counts of battery against a household member, false imprisonment and obstructing an officer, according to a Rio Rancho police report.

Police responded to a domestic dispute call at the couple's home shortly after midnight on July 10, according to the police report. Greg Serano arrived home "very intoxicated" and began to argue with her after she called him a "moron," according to Carmen Serano's witness statement taken by police.

The statement goes on to say that Carmen punched Greg near his left eye after he grabbed her and would not allow her to leave a bedroom. He began to bleed from the punch and proceeded to smear blood from his eye area all over her face, her statement and the police report said.

According her 15-year-old son's witness statement, the son saw the blood on Carmen's face and thought that Greg had hit her. He then jumped on Greg's back -- and was thrown off and pushed onto a bed by Greg, according to the police report.

It was the 15-year-old son that called 911.

An arrest warrant was issued for Serano that night and he was arrested by Rio Rancho police on July 13.

Carmen Serano, through her publicist, released this statement to TMZ: "I want everyone to know that my husband and I are working through our marital issues through counseling, and the support of our friends and family. Greg and I are extremely committed to one another. We've had a good marriage for nine years and we will get through this together. We both love our fans and hope they will support us through this difficult time."


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Mark Gutierrez-Serano    

Hi guys, this is the son of greg & carmen serano and i just want to tell everyone that my family is doing absolutely fine. We're working out our family issues and making great progress. And the most important part is that we're sticking together as a family! Even though my parents are considered "local celebrities" we're just normal people, no super powers in this family. We go through the same trials that any of you may go through in your lives. But I do want to make it clear that my step-father is a great man, and my mother is a great woman, so please don't make rude comments about my parents or myself after reading a two paragraph article! There really is alot more to the story than what was described in that short article so please don't make your own assumptions after reading that! My step-father is not a "wife beater" and my mother is not "emmotionally unstable"! Thank you to our family, friends, and fans who have shown your support to our family. It really does help and we love you all!

Thank You,
Mark Gutierrez-Serano

2999 days ago

David Williamson    

Greg is one of the most humble, compassionate, and honest individuals that I know. He and his wife Carmen are the type of people that can bring optimism to a room just by walking into it. They are good, honest, community-oriented people, and they always have been.

Sometimes our emotions get the better of us - it happens to everyone. However, I am confident that this will ultimately serve to strengthen their marriage.

The Jul 18th article does not accurately represent Greg or Carmen.

-David Williamson

2992 days ago


Who are these people? Never heard of them.

3017 days ago


LOL!! Who exactly are your 'fans' sweetie? Egotistical, talentless morons.....

3017 days ago


So far the people who have responded sound like 'morons', since we're using the word for fun, now. I'm surprised at how utterly cruel humans can be to one another. Clearly every family has its issues, but we're just going to read an article and have it all figured out? Well then, shouldn't we be Dr. Phil, then? And I'm sure they do have many fans who are hoping that they get the encouragement and support that any one would need who got into a heated family situation that got out of hand. Let's dig deep, each one and connect to our humanity. Cause really, there, but for the grace of God, would be many of us. God Bless, Seranos, keep at it, love each other, and then help others when you've gotten yourselves to higher ground.

3017 days ago


He is the gay guy from Legally Blonde, the one who lied on the stand and said Elle's shoes were "last season".

3016 days ago


Carmen (his wife) is a model for a local jewelry company here in ABQ and is on bill board's all over town. That's the only thing i know about her. As far as filming goes, i drive by where they film everyday on my way to work and as of this morning, they were still shooting.

3016 days ago

Danny Sussio    

Im an old friend of Greg Serano from Brooklyn Nyc.. I know for a fact he wouldn't hurt a fly. I hope things iron themselves out., I know his family mean the world to him. I also hope the Tv show will wait for him to rejoin the cast.

3009 days ago

JIMMY O'    


3009 days ago

Eddie Calderone    

I met Greg in high school and we hung out during and long after high school on a daily basis. He's a good guy that never hurt anyone. He's highly dedicated to his family and his career. His wife is a sweet heart and I believe that the two of them got caught up in a moment, as we all do from time to time. The only reason this is big news is because of their careers. How many people out there have done worse and the world never knew? Keep on pushing Serano Family..... :)

3009 days ago

John O'Malley    

Greg is a great guy- Dont believe everything you see spun in the news. Greg and Carmen will work it out. This is a non-issue! The news will tell you the bad, but where is the good that Greg has done over the years. There's more than you can imagine. We should all be as good as him.

3008 days ago

Carmen Serano    

Just wanted to to thank all of Greg's amazing & supportive brothers from Brooklyn New York for remembering who my husband is and always has been ( & me too, thank you )....even when things sound like this!

We are Good! Our family is good..& we are so grateful for the support! The media can be somethin'! ( I laughed when I read "who are these people?") We are just people... nice people with normal issues. You woudn't have heard about your neighbors argument..huh.

We are blessed to have the careers we do but unfortunately sometimes 'this' comes w/ it. We are gonna keep our heads up because we are & always have been ,thru our 9 &1/2 yrs of marriage ,very much in love & committed to one another. And maybe the next time you hear about us, you'll want to say "Good for the morons... they did good!"

& for all concerned: Greg never left the cast of "Wildfire"..They are a family & they all support him & 'our family'. He will contiue to bring it "Pablo", (the Hot horse trainer) on ABC Family's Wildfire.

Thanx again..Carmen Serano & family

3008 days ago

Irene Robles    

I love Greg and Carmen with all my heart, and what they need are for more people that say they care about them to just remember to say a little prayer for them and their children, It has to have been a great task for Carmen and Greg
to keep the children sheltered from all the uglyness said about their mommy and daddy, I know they will make it though this ..........I HAVE NO DOUBT!
They are both very Strong people,In love and in life!

We are always behind you, and Love you both very much
Greg even your mug shot looks hot! LOL

3003 days ago


Please post a photo of Greg Serano in that green religious icon shirt he wore in "Legally Blonde"

992 days ago


I realize it has been quite some time since this actually took place. I hope that the Serano family has worked everything out and is stronger than ever. Keep up the great work on both family and careers. family first of course. good luck and God Bless.

962 days ago

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