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"Other Woman" in Brinkley Split Speaks

7/18/2006 12:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The teenage girl who came between Christie Brinkley and her estranged husband, Peter Cook, is talking about about their steamy relationship and how it became sexual.

Diana Bianchi, now 19, told WNYW, the FOX affiliate in New York, that she met the 47-year-old Cook in May 2005 when Bianchi, then 17, was working at a toy store in the Hamptons. Bianchi says Cook offered her a job at his architecture firm. Within a month, she says, things turned sexual.

"He'd make advances verbally towards me first," Bianchi told WNYW's Rosanna Scotto. "It just escalated into something I didn't expect ... I never expected that he would take it to a different level."

Bianchi knew that Cook was married, but says that Cook never made her any promises. "He didn't say he was going to leave her. He just basically left it at he wished things were different. He wished that he was younger or he had met me at a different time ... I never asked him to leave her for me."

At one point during the interview, Bianchi's attorney stepped in, saying that Cook "preyed on her vulnerability, her naïveté, her age, her immaturity."

Bianchi says Cook would leave money for her, even providing a down payment on her car.

Brinkley and Cook have been married for a decade. Bianchi could be a key witness in the couple's divorce case, with a reported $60 million on the line. Bianchi's lawyer, Joe Tacopina, says his client has "got a great sexual harassment claim" against Cook.

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Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook

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Your comments: very sad... for him (cook) to sacrifice his family for some goofy looking teenage toy store clerk? what woman would want him now? he's
almost 50!... what a dumb@$$!

3011 days ago

Magda, Las Vegas, NV    

This girl is not innocent, she knew exactly what she was doing. If she had any
respect for herself she should have said NO, that's what a responsible person
would do. She is no beauty herself, so did she really think she could c ompete
with Kristie? I've heard many stories about even married women who are looking
to get involved with married men, usually they have their sordid affair but in the
end, the husband goes back to his wife, because he is knowledgeable that if
he continues with his affair, this alley cat will do the same thing to him that she is doing to her husband and he loses respect. All this idiot has accomplished is
being added to a "has been."

3011 days ago


He's a PIG. He has a beautiful wife, he deserves to get nothing !!!!

3011 days ago


He's a pig and she's just out for what she can get. She doesn't care who she hurts in the process. My heart goes out to Christi and their children. His attorney made a statement that he talks to his "daughter" every day. What about his son, that he legally adopted and has raised as his son since he was a baby! Imagine what is going through his mind right now. Christy should think long and hard if she is thinking about taking him back, considering the girl he was having sex with is the same age as his own step-daughter!

3011 days ago


This teenage girl is very sad. She will do anything for a little fame and money. Just like skank bag Paris Hilton and freeloader k-fed.

3011 days ago


Life gets boring for everyone. This is a boring buster!

3010 days ago


60 million dollars at stake and all she got was a down payment on a car??? She should feel like a fool. Was she even considered an adult when they first hooked up? What a pitiful little scenario for everyone involved.

3010 days ago



3010 days ago


I blame both of them. Today, an 17-year-old woman knows exactly what she is doing sexually. I hardly think of her as a girl. Just look at her picture. She is a mature woman. She has "been around the block a few times." Sex with a man, for money or gifts means just one thing, a prostitute. I cannot call her a a little girl who was overcome by a man' fame and fortune. She could have refused him, sex, gifts and money or quit her job. She could also have talked to her father.
As for Cook, Christy is well rid of him. He is just a sleasy character, and I would not let my daughter anywhere near him.

3010 days ago


He should have known better. Besides being married, she is under age! I think he is only sorry that he got caught. If he really cared for this girl he would have ended his marriage. He wouldn't have waited until they were caught.

3009 days ago


I think really that it takes two to make a marriage and two to break a marriage. We all should not judge. I think he was wrong but then again what relationship is perfect. If they truely love each other then they can work it out. I also blame the mistress she also was a big part of this.

3009 days ago



3009 days ago

Been there    

There should be some kind of law that punishes these kind slimy, slivering, sluts that come into families. They don't care about themselves so why should they care about anyone else unless they think they can get something in return, yes money. These young sluts know exactly what their doing and the older men know how stupid, selfish ect... they are to fall for them, but they just think they can get away with it. Immature Assholes. They get a twinge in the pants and think they need to act on it. Some men and women never, never grow up.

3009 days ago

So sad    

He's to blame only because he is the one that's married. If it wasn't this chick it would have been another one. A person can throw themselves at you all they want but nothing will happen unless u let it. He is a child abuser regardless if she's 18 or 17. He is old enough to be her dad, sh*t grandpa! I hate when older men look at me as if my p*ssy is on my forhead. I've read some of your comments and it's just nasty. One guy said he could picture licking the girl. When I see you nasty older men all I can think of is your crusty lips, saggy balls, smelly body, long nose hairs, and the list goes on. There's nothing sexy about a father figure being your man. The same goes to the females. Milf's my ass. You should all just stick to your age groups. And for those perves, I hope your dicks fall off and get processed through the meat grinder!!!!!!!!!!!! You men talk about girls like me and yet you have daughters that are my age. The one that has no morals it that sick f@#k for even looking at her!!

3007 days ago

Shannon Aust    

Makes you wonder what the real reason is that Christie's daughter left the Brinkley-Cook home to move into New York by herself at the tender age of 17.

3006 days ago
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