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"Other Woman" in Brinkley Split Speaks

7/18/2006 12:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The teenage girl who came between Christie Brinkley and her estranged husband, Peter Cook, is talking about about their steamy relationship and how it became sexual.

Diana Bianchi, now 19, told WNYW, the FOX affiliate in New York, that she met the 47-year-old Cook in May 2005 when Bianchi, then 17, was working at a toy store in the Hamptons. Bianchi says Cook offered her a job at his architecture firm. Within a month, she says, things turned sexual.

"He'd make advances verbally towards me first," Bianchi told WNYW's Rosanna Scotto. "It just escalated into something I didn't expect ... I never expected that he would take it to a different level."

Bianchi knew that Cook was married, but says that Cook never made her any promises. "He didn't say he was going to leave her. He just basically left it at he wished things were different. He wished that he was younger or he had met me at a different time ... I never asked him to leave her for me."

At one point during the interview, Bianchi's attorney stepped in, saying that Cook "preyed on her vulnerability, her naïveté, her age, her immaturity."

Bianchi says Cook would leave money for her, even providing a down payment on her car.

Brinkley and Cook have been married for a decade. Bianchi could be a key witness in the couple's divorce case, with a reported $60 million on the line. Bianchi's lawyer, Joe Tacopina, says his client has "got a great sexual harassment claim" against Cook.

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Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook

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No Avatar


the 18th year old was taught at a young age the answer NO. She knew exactly what she was doing the MONEY made her happy

2982 days ago


She knew what she was doing... I know her momma taught her better, she saw dollar signs and went for it. Now she's going to play the POOR ME I WAS YOUNG I DIDN'T KNOW CARD. Anyone real naive girl would not have accepted cash, gifts or sex for a year. He most likely wanted it to be over and she wasn't having it. So she leaks the affair.

A Real Latina Women doesn't kiss and tell....

2982 days ago


They both make me sick... I'm so sick of girls who know these men are married and still can't say no... Just another sleaze. Wake up stupid girls they won't leave their wives for you and if they do, they'll do the same thing to you... As for him.. what a pig... whatever the problems are at home.. clean your mess at home first then move on.. But a lot of men can't do that because they really have low self esteem and couldn't stand being alone.. Probably because they can't stand themselves... As for a sexual harrasement charge only a sleazy lawyer would come up with that... She knew he was married any court in America should laugh as they are throwing it out of court!!

2982 days ago


Whoever coined the phrase "what goes around, comes around" knew what they were talking about. Let us not forget that Christie Brinkley was screwing around on Billy Joel with Rick Taulbaum (?). She got caught when they were in a plane crash. She & Billy divorced, she got pregnant and had a son with Rick. They stayed married for 4 months and she paid him off to keep him from ever seeing his son, Jack. I think Christie Brinkley needs some serious therapy. A child should NOT be kept from his father.

2982 days ago

Luv Hollywood Gossip    

What goes around comes around, Christie. Isn't this what you did to Billy Joel? Cheat on him for your 2nd husband that barely lasted a year. Four husbands - who is the sleaze here?!@#@ And she's not even beautiful IMO.

2982 days ago


if cook did not have any money .Would she have touched him?

2982 days ago


I disagree with everyone blaming this girl. While I do agree that at 19 she knew being with a married man was wrong, but I do believe she was naive enough to believe the whole "my wife doesn't understand me"...."there's no love in the marriage anymore"....blah, blah, blah. Many an older woman still fall for it. And of course, in her young eyes, Christie Brinkley is OLD....not a supermodel who still looks incredible. Most of us older women would have immediately gone to the thought....."Okay, if this guy is gonna cheat on Christie Brinkley.....he's just going to cheat...period" The only person to blame in all of this is Cook! Christie might be the biggest B**ch and most difficult person to live with for all we know, but real men get a divorce in that situation and then move on. Of course, who would have supported him in the lifestyle he had become accustomed to then?

2982 days ago


I haven't seen the girl top to bottom - there yet seems to be a full body shot of her on tv - but, she certainly looks quite delicious! Seems to be the kind of hot young girl that knows her way around a man's body - and at a delicious young age...

2982 days ago

Paparazzi Punks    

What an idiot! They are worth 60 million and all she was recieved was a DOWN PAYMENT on a car. Stupid is and stupid does, LOL Why not get a car and your college tuition paid in FULL. She should be embarassed to show her face. She not naive. SHE"S STUPID

2982 days ago


I hope Cook knows what he has done and what he has lost. Stupid....and frankly I don't think she's all that great. The saddest part of this is what is has done to the children...their world is suddenly upside down. They have fled their home, community and family. Their whole sense of security has just vanished. ANd for what??? Because their Dad wished things were different at he hooked up with some young & immature little chick.

2982 days ago


I can't believe some of the nasty comments!! They are both losers. I have the perfect solution. After Christie divorces him, she should get together with Sir Paul!

2982 days ago


More info coming to light that Cook had an affair while dating Brinkley and right before they got engaged. Again, this was with a 19 year girl who worked for the then 37yr old who was obviously involved with Christie at the time as well. The guys is just a pig!

2982 days ago


Diana Bianchi is a gold-digging money hungry tramp. Naive, my ass. Nice environment she was raised in. Nice values.

Mommy and Step-Daddy raised this girl to bang married men and blackmail them for money? That's why the step-dad confronted Christie and Pete at a public venue. Pete told her to screw off when she tried to blackmail him.

Have you noticed all these bimbos are aspiring actresses/singers/models/homewreckers, etc.

She's aspiring to a big fat payday, so she never has to work again.

And he's an asshole who runs around thinking with his dick. Retard. Nice going. You'll never see your kid again, idiot.

2981 days ago


He is a class A dirtbag!!!! And this "little girl" is definatly NO BETTER!!! I feel so bad for Christie....what a mortifying situation to be in...and now for the entire world to know about it. It makes a woman feel like less of a woman...but for him to be with a teenager....Holy cow.
Even when Christie takes him to the cleaners in court, she will have to live with the humiliation and deception forever. Keep your head up Christie....Your life will be better without him.

2981 days ago


Sexual Harassment only holds if the actions on behalf of the employer were neither welcomed nor accepted by the employee. Period. Affairs beween bosses and their "assistants" as as old as the hills. To accept what Cook offered, willingly, suggests that this young lady knew exactly what she was doing. There were no promises, which this young lady also freely admits. So I am little perplexed as to where the term "naive" comes into play. Based on the facts presented thus far, this was not sexual harassment...just a sleezy, pathetic affair. Cook has caused enormous grief and embarassment for himself and his family.


2981 days ago
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