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"The Other Woman" Is Creepy

7/18/2006 3:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The newest "Long Island Lolita" really bugs me. Diana Bianchi plays the perfect victim -- in front of a TV camera, that is. It goes something like this -- "I was so young. I was just working in this toy store and, like, he just asked me to work in his architectural firm. And like, I was making all this money and then, like, he was just coming on to me. And of course, like, I never thought I was hurting Christie cause I was just well, like 18 or 19."

Give me a break. This "child," who now says she was screwing Christie's husband, was smart enough to lawyer up (with an attorney who is, let us say, camera-friendly), talk to the New York Post and the New York FOX affiliate. And her lawyer, Joe Tacopina, now claims his client has "got a great sexual harassment claim."

She gives sexual harassment a bad name. Not since the heinous woman who set up Bill O'Reilly have I been so offended by such a claim. In my world, people who feel sexually harassed don't start spilling their guts to the media, in particular the New York Post. Don't get me wrong -- I love the Post. It just doesn't feel like a move someone with a righteous claim would make.

It feels as if this story was going to get out -- probably by Brinkley's camp -- so she, with the help of Tacopina, stepped out in front to manage and exploit it. And, just like the "gifts" she got from Christie's husband, there could be yet another pot of gold at the end of this rainbow.

Do you really think an 18-year-old is not capable of understanding what's up with a married guy who offers the toy store clerk a job in his architectural firm? She's either incredibly dumb or just plain manipulative, and I'm not sure which is worse. As the saying goes, "Sinners can reform, but stupid is forever."


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What is up with the whole "hispanic" comments, the woman's last name is BIANCHI that is NOT a latino lastname and if she were hispanic (which she is not)that doesn't mean anything, whores come in all colors, races and sizes, give it up you racists.

2987 days ago


And does it really matter what race she is? Would it make a difference if she wasn't a minority? Did anyone give a crap about Monica's ethnicity?' s about the action and the intention behind it. As I commented before, I really feel she was flattered, and had no intentions of going this far with the story. I'm sure somewhere along the line someone coached her, made her realize what big bucks were in store for her, and she went for it. You all say she's a whore..well, she'll be one of the best paid whores around. Personally, i think she should get as much as she can out of this guy for being such a perv.

2987 days ago


Things that make you go hmmmm....didn't Christie get busted having an affair with Billy Joel with her lover on a ski trip that turned into an accident....what goes around does come around it seems

2987 days ago

Lenny Keyboard    

All you people are all naive! 18 year olds have sex with stupid boys and men for mc donalds bugers after. guess christy was spending too much time with chuck norris. you see folks had she really used that work out machine and firmed up and hung out at her husbands work, he never would have rememberd the difference between a firm young body vs a soft old body. us boys where all in love with christy back in the day. she looks great still but she has been around. what 4 husbands and counting? p.s i dont care what race the girl is on the video she looks hot, young and probably smells really good. last p.s. Harvey only dreams of girls like her or pays for something close! lmao

2987 days ago


You have to blame them both, and the sad part of it all, is of course Christie's heartbreak, but also those poor children who now have their life altered and have to live with the consequences of their fathers selfish and immoral decisions. These things are a "choice"! Of course this little girl knew better, but you cannot help but see that he took advantage also. The mentality and emotional level of a seventeen year old is no match for the clever man, who literally bought her!

2987 days ago


Ho Hum!

It does get interesting. I can see the pornographic magazine headline now, " Lady Di".

"Diana" will go far in life...porno magazines, singing, dancing, tv show host, politics, businesswoman....she's got her whole life in front of her...I predict she will cash in both now and in the future.

She will go far in life. (no pun intended).

Brinkley is lucky she's seen the true side of her
(very handsome, if I might add) mate. She has plenty of time, beauty and money to play all she wants. I do hope she eventually ends up very, very happy with a deserving man. They are hard to come by.

2987 days ago


PLEASE!!If she was 17 in May2005 and is now 19 she was basically an adult,and she knew exactly what she was doing,and had her sister and dad not stepped in it would probably still be going on.She is playing stupid and now wants to benefit financially.I dont feel sorry for her one bit.With another woman stepping forward with claims he proposed to her just before Christie I think he "settled"for Christie and their marriage was a lie.He was basically waiting for some naive young thing to come along and didnt think twice about it.Christies previous marriages had nothing to do with his deceit.

2987 days ago


hmmmm, looks like she's had a little plastic surgery on her eyes. looks like she enjoyed the financial end of her deal. she was a willing party and knew what she was doing. her financial rewards were probably more than some people earn with honest work (he gave her the down payment on her car??). yes, he was the pursuer, but it doesnt look like she fought too hard!! i surely hope she does not win any lawsuit. sounds more like extortion!!

2987 days ago


If I remember correctly, sex with a female under 18 is statuatory rape, I don't care how you put it, a man his age has no business with a "little girl", no matter how savvy she might appear. Granted, she thought she was in pig heaven,,,,,,yeah, that's what he was, with all the gifts,,,,,,but she didn't have the life experiences this lech has to tell him off. I say the blame is squarely on his shoulders, with his ego the size of Texas, and I am sure, his bottle of Viagra, the same

2987 days ago


response to comment #45: why didnt i think of that!! what a great comment. im still laughing. hope the IRS does look into that!!! double LOL!!!

2987 days ago

meghan walker    

i was left by a pervert old 51 yr old doctor walker who was cheating on me with a 25 yr old office tech. he got me by delivering my daughter he is really a professional at what he does?
she is a homewrecker and she thinks she isnt????? he thinks he was in the right to do so, when your married there is no right outside of marriage, i hope like maryann. hurley jordan , that this bianchi home wrecker gets everything she deserves -like the left seat to satan, maryann has the right side,and stan has satans back, yeah theyre winners now.
i hate all this shit with older guys leaving for the dumd selfish pimple heads- who the hell wants to be old but? it is freaking reality even when you are with someone more then half you freaking age please it is a joke, and i hope god comes and wipes all this selfish uncaring ass-wipes off this world
i would love to beat the shit out of maryann for helping destroy a family, and for stan not being a man of honor or faithfulness
for 7 months i was a nun because he was saving it for her and giving me all these excuses how cruel can you be and he did worse to me and others before me too
so good luck flakey home wrecking bitch, short little nothing, with acne, and no shape.
but she has jessica simpson whip crwam ew baby is that what i needed to save my marriage? jessica thanks alot, for not selling your product sooner?
bless those who live right as best they can, peace

2987 days ago


Peter Cook is obviously a sleazebag and very pathetic to go after young girls. But these "poor, innocent girls" also disgust me with how opportunistic they are. How can Diana Bianchi keep a straight face telling the cameras that she is a "victim" and doesn't like all the media and attention when we all know that she's an aspiring singer and this is exactly the kind of attention that she wants, because otherwise nobody will know and care about her? How can her lawyer even claim to have a sexual harrassment case when that girl willingly accepted a *car*, for crying out loud, other lavish gifts, and a $50/h job that she would probably never have gotten if she weren't Cook's *very* personal assistant? I think it would've been obvious to everyone around Bianchi and Cook that they've got something going on. The police stepdad is disgusting too - "stop dating my soon as you give her another $10k!" The judge should laugh in her face before dismissing her case, then make her donate all the money she got by screwing her dirtbag boss to charities. She was 17, not 7 -- more than old enough to know right from wrong. She is a teenage prostitute who's trying to exploit the situation as much as she can before her 15 minutes run out.

2987 days ago


It seems so many people never grow up, even though, outwardly, they have all the "trappings." This kind of thing is spread throughout society in ALL classes!
Looking for something outside oneself to make oneself feel better, whether it is alcohol, other drugs, food, any number of items one can buy in a store, or
It may be that BOTH Christie AND her husband have been engaged in living addictively. Fame and fortune are pretty seductive, after all. ANY ONE is vulnerable! The ONLY real peace either of them will find is when they begin to look within themselves. All that human beings need to feel WHOLE, they will find when they begin looking in the right places! Perhaps this is an OPPORTUNITY for each of them to do this; otherwise, they are doomed to repeat destructive patterns.

2987 days ago

BIG Mamma    

God bless them all! They are all victims... Brinkley, Miss Thang and yes, Cook with his raggedy a**!!! Seriously folks what heterosexual man; hormones, ego and all is going to pass up a "hotty" if he thinks there is a remote chance of getting away with it? Please tell me where he is so I can go get'em! You still have to be realistic about human nature even in the presence of trust. Look at Dr. Phil. Where is his wife seemingly eveyday? Right there in the audience waiting on him and they walk out together. Could he remain strong in midst of trillions of vulnerable women everyday in the routine absence of his wife. MAYBE. but i ain't putting my money on it and I think they both know that. Now, about Miss Thang. On one hand they call her a teenager and in the next breath they say she knows right from wrong. Well maybe she does and her actions are not excusable. Still why call her a teen and still make her be a fully accountable adult. (Yes 18 is legally grown but it shouldn't be.)Which is it? There are plenty of stories about full grown matured women who get caught up in similar non-sense. Just like Cook feeding into his own weaknesses, how is a teen girl supposed to resist the come ons of this man of considerable power (at least from down where she is economically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually etc). ... and he's nearly 30 years her senior!!!! A seventeen year old with the strongest resolve with Jesus sitting on one shoulder would be challenged to resist that, let alone an opportunist if one wants to call her that.
It is possible that Brinkley was blind-sided but I still think she had red flags. I don't think this is his first time, he just got caught now everybody has to deal with it. I am so glad that her children are her priority. She is beautiful and discreet and will come out on top. She has to have learned something about herself and men. Afterall this is not her first marriage.

2987 days ago


They are both manipulating whores . Christy will be thankful to be rid of the lying bastard.

2987 days ago
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