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"The Other Woman" Is Creepy

7/18/2006 3:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The newest "Long Island Lolita" really bugs me. Diana Bianchi plays the perfect victim -- in front of a TV camera, that is. It goes something like this -- "I was so young. I was just working in this toy store and, like, he just asked me to work in his architectural firm. And like, I was making all this money and then, like, he was just coming on to me. And of course, like, I never thought I was hurting Christie cause I was just well, like 18 or 19."

Give me a break. This "child," who now says she was screwing Christie's husband, was smart enough to lawyer up (with an attorney who is, let us say, camera-friendly), talk to the New York Post and the New York FOX affiliate. And her lawyer, Joe Tacopina, now claims his client has "got a great sexual harassment claim."

She gives sexual harassment a bad name. Not since the heinous woman who set up Bill O'Reilly have I been so offended by such a claim. In my world, people who feel sexually harassed don't start spilling their guts to the media, in particular the New York Post. Don't get me wrong -- I love the Post. It just doesn't feel like a move someone with a righteous claim would make.

It feels as if this story was going to get out -- probably by Brinkley's camp -- so she, with the help of Tacopina, stepped out in front to manage and exploit it. And, just like the "gifts" she got from Christie's husband, there could be yet another pot of gold at the end of this rainbow.

Do you really think an 18-year-old is not capable of understanding what's up with a married guy who offers the toy store clerk a job in his architectural firm? She's either incredibly dumb or just plain manipulative, and I'm not sure which is worse. As the saying goes, "Sinners can reform, but stupid is forever."


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Pat O'Keefe    

Peter Cook is the one who committed to a marriage and three children; What he did is lie to his children everytime he came home to them by cheating on their mother. He had a responsibility to be faithful; he made a promise to be faithful; It's time for him to grow up and look at what is really important. Screw the money or the fame; There are real people hurting here and I think what he did is unforgivable; Christie Brinkley is an adult and I know she will survive; the real victims here will be the children; They were definitely put second here.

2983 days ago


My own 19 yr old daughter was working at Starbucks and has had MANY MANY men offer her jobs in their companies, but she is smart enough to know that they are just hoping to get into her pants....and this girl knew it as well...but he was good-looking and rich, and she must have decided to ride that gravy train for all it was worth...and now she's gonna get the last bit o'gravy out of the pan, even if she has to lick it out, so to speak.....

2983 days ago


To # 13, the kid got the exposure she wanted. lets hope she can actually sing. and to #s 4 & 5, are u a mexican?

2983 days ago


The only reason this girl is crying "sexual harassment" now is because the free ride is over and the money and gifts have stopped coming.....

2983 days ago

john borck    

A lesson in human behavior. people have affairs to distract from their despair. when people learn the fact that relationships don't solve your all your personal issues they have to deal with despair. a reality for all of us. so this brinkley merry go round is just another example. brinkley has her own affair escaping in the short lived ecstasy after the crash a few years ago. Cook is just another vulnerable and totally responsiblle male who ecsapes his despair with his acting out. Poor little miss bianchi has to deal with her mistaken judgement to get involved. no evil, no bad people, no perverts. just human neurotic behavior.

2983 days ago


Although both she and cook knew that they were wrong engaging in an extra-marital affair, I wonder how many older men are actually envious of cook and the opportunity to be with a much younger attractive woman (no longer a girl!). Of course, this will all benefit Christie divorce case, but I believe one of the reasons that this story is so intriguing is that it is about a love affair between an older man and younger woman; which is a lot more common than the media would have us believe. The sad thing is that, with the opportunities the internet affords for this kind of behavior, older men are messing around with much younger girls!

2983 days ago


Married women of the world lets unite and form a group against all sick,weak minded,perverted men!!!!!!!!Go Christy Go, takem all down the tubes!!!!

2983 days ago


In the marriage between Christy and Joel - there were long standing rumors that he cheated on her while he was away on tour....drinking and partying....doing what boys in the band probably do. With that said, I think she became involved with Taubman (for the phony that he was) at the end of her marriage to Joel, at a point when things were starting to blown open. I think she was the love of Billy's life and it is too bad that they didn't try & work it out. I think he always wanted more kids and during the marriage & after Alexa she resisted because of his cheating.
Interestingly, she and Billy remained very good friends and lived not too far apart from each other in Long Island...she actually adapted NY as her home state even though she was a California girl.

2983 days ago


#58, right on, she does have some unreported income the IRS needs to know about, not to worry there will be more reported income from this. At least Peter's dirty little secret is a female, hopefully, unless this is all a cover for an even stinkier mess.

2983 days ago


First of all get a life... Dont you people have anything better to do than trash talk Diana??? Half of you dont even know the whole story and the other half are just jealous of the girl. She is absolutely gorgeous and she in no way shape or form looks like a hoodrat.

Let me also set some facts straight: 1) peter cook was not vacationing when he met her. he lives here 2) she is not mexican, puerto rican or dominican. Her family is from Guam. 3) She is the happiest, sweetest, nicest girl ive ever known. Never done drugs or drinks alcohol. 4) SHE IS NOT A WHORE/SLUT/PROSTITUTE OR HOOKER OF ANY KIND. The girl has had maybe 2 boyfriends her entire life. Get over yourselves and give the girl a break. The real person ya'll should be hating on is Peter Cook. HE CHEATED ON HIS WIFE OF 10 YEARS.

what is that again "you reap what you sow" yeah well all of you hating on Bianchi are seriously going to get what you deserve. Didnt it ever occur to you assholes that there are more important things in life than being jealous of a 19-year old??? Grow up bitches.

2982 days ago


Girl...nobody's falling for you jibberish so tell your 'so called' story to someone who's dumb, stupid and don't have the sense of a hog!! I was a teenager once and let me be the 1st to say that kids in their teens can be manipulative, selfish, self serving...the list goes on and on. They've been brought up in a materialistic world and they think that money and fame is all that matters. Whether you were 17 or 18, you knew exactly what you were doing when you played around with a married man and accepted expensive gifts from him. You're no more than a common prostitute so give us a break about this 'cry me a river' routine. Most ALL of us have been teenagers at one point in our lives and, believe me, you knew exactly what you were doing and you definately should know right from wrong!! Spare us all and stop this 'victim''re not fooling anyone!! As far as Peter Cook is concerned??? He's just as big a pig as you are. You both have the morals of an alley cat. Tell your 'woe is me' story to some dumbass that'll believe it. Unless you're stupid as hell (and that may very well be your problem) nobody's falling for your cockamanie garbage!!! I will promise you this, Miss Poor day you'll definately get yours in a double dose!!

2980 days ago


Personally, I think she is a greedy little bitch who knew exactly what she was doing. No one is that brainless. A young woman of 17 -18 - or 19 certainly knows that it's her choice whether she lays down or not. Quite simply, she is a gold-digging little slut. She wanted the money, and now she is milking this for all it's worth. I mean, what the hell would a woman of her age want with a 47 year old man besides money??? And we all know what it was that he wanted. There's no meeting of the minds here. I think its sickening, and I really feel sorry for Christie. She' s a world class woman who found out she was married to a no-class libidinous bum.

2980 days ago


Why do some of ya'll care what race she is? She's still a homewrecker. What comes around goes around and for her to be so young and to know that this will eventually come back to bite her in the butt--that is something that I wouldn't want to look forward to.

2980 days ago

native american mom    

Let it roll Harvey...

Her ethnicity doesn't matter. She's probaby Native American, judging frm the background in her 'singing' video. We have a sitting, black supreme court judge, who really sexually harrassed a black woman. Little Chickie has hurt the cause for real victims.

I went there as an undergrad in college, with a much older, single, professor. Maybe for a better grade, maybe because he was so much older and a 'real' man. In hindsight, he did take advantage of his position of authority and my naivite. It ended the moment my parents came for a visit and I felt shame. Whatever, two people were involved and there are no victims.

I believe you reap what you sow. Chrissie may be reaping now. Who knows? (I'll never forget her shallow self-video after the helicopter crash. Look-at-me-i'm still-pretty-after-others-have-died.)

It's all ugly, but the girl is nobody's victim. She's got 15:58 and counting.

2980 days ago


When I was 17 and 18, I knew right from wrong. I knew that getting involved with a married man was wrong. And I knew then that any married man who would cheat on his wife with a 17 or 18 year old is a piece of worthless crap. I'd have more respect for her if she just said that he was miserable with his wife and she gave him what he didn't get at home. Naive? Yah, right. Victim? Puh-leez. That girl has dollar signs all over her face. The only victim is Christie who now has to publicly go through a break up and put up with the invasion of her privacy.

2980 days ago
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