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"The Other Woman" Is Creepy

7/18/2006 3:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The newest "Long Island Lolita" really bugs me. Diana Bianchi plays the perfect victim -- in front of a TV camera, that is. It goes something like this -- "I was so young. I was just working in this toy store and, like, he just asked me to work in his architectural firm. And like, I was making all this money and then, like, he was just coming on to me. And of course, like, I never thought I was hurting Christie cause I was just well, like 18 or 19."

Give me a break. This "child," who now says she was screwing Christie's husband, was smart enough to lawyer up (with an attorney who is, let us say, camera-friendly), talk to the New York Post and the New York FOX affiliate. And her lawyer, Joe Tacopina, now claims his client has "got a great sexual harassment claim."

She gives sexual harassment a bad name. Not since the heinous woman who set up Bill O'Reilly have I been so offended by such a claim. In my world, people who feel sexually harassed don't start spilling their guts to the media, in particular the New York Post. Don't get me wrong -- I love the Post. It just doesn't feel like a move someone with a righteous claim would make.

It feels as if this story was going to get out -- probably by Brinkley's camp -- so she, with the help of Tacopina, stepped out in front to manage and exploit it. And, just like the "gifts" she got from Christie's husband, there could be yet another pot of gold at the end of this rainbow.

Do you really think an 18-year-old is not capable of understanding what's up with a married guy who offers the toy store clerk a job in his architectural firm? She's either incredibly dumb or just plain manipulative, and I'm not sure which is worse. As the saying goes, "Sinners can reform, but stupid is forever."


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What's the big deal? The fact that Christie's ex is involved? We have such a schitzo attitude toward relationships in this country. Was anyone hurt? Who was harmed? Who cares if he spent money on her? Many guys reading this story would do the same things, married or not, and many women would fall for it. And the Tacopina thing is too funny. Maybe Gloria Allred can find a spot on this bandwagon too. I'm going to start watching Nancy Grace. And Diana, I'm not judging you.....

2991 days ago


It takes two to make a relationship, she knew what she was doing. Her parents should be geting down on her. Shes to blame for the breakup of the marriage. If it wasn't her it would have been someone else. Ms. Brinkley should get rid of him he got caught now but how many times has he done this without being caught. She shouldn't waste her time on him.

2991 days ago


I cant say she is as much to blame as Cook because she's not the one that is married. As a woman, i know you can physically be 18 but you are still very naive and don't know what really goes on in the devious mind of a cheating dog. Not saying she didn't know right from wrong but none of you know what this man could have been telling her behind clothes doors. To me, he is the typical old man trying to relive his youth with a young girl and she should have known what was happening when he bought the car but like I said when you are a young girl, you will fall for anything. Ofcourse I don't expect a man to understand that because most men in that situation would say "she's not innocent she knew what she was getting into" just to justify there wrong doing. Point blank, Cook is dead wrong for cheating but I also don't know where the sexual harrassment suit came from since it was consensual, but at the same time if she said no lets keep it business, she may have gotten fired or might not have even gotten the job in the first place.

2991 days ago

Makinley's Mimi    

Good grief!!! I just listened to the video of this skank. Cook must be going through his childhood fantasies again. The Valley Girl fantasy!!! Like, she knew he was married and like people were like telling her in like her ears that it was wrong. But like and but like pleeeeeze!! What could possibly be going through the brain in his one eye?!!

2991 days ago


I find it amazing that everyone is making judgements about the 'other woman'. Cook is the betrayer. He decided to employ the 'other woman'. He decided to sleep with the other woman. This was his decision. The 'other woman' has not pledged alligence to Ms. Brinkley, Cook has. There is nothing won in calling anybody names or making judgements about their character. I am sure Christie is capable of deciding what is right. Besides, this being her 4th marriage, she has had alot of practice in relationships. I hope the children never read the comments people write about their father and his personal life.

2990 days ago

Gunner 10    

The sad thing about this whole situation is that this girl while young is far from innocent and if she really is a decent individual why did she not stop for five minutes to think about the fact that this would not only hurt Christy but their children. People who will partake of this type of behavior are the most selfish people on earth. He thought of nothing but his moment or moments of self gradification and she thought of nothing but how she could capitalize on the situation. She new what she was doing was wrong and if she gets any monetary gain from it then that is sad the fact that she believes she deserves any is even sadder. He lost much more then he ever gainned by being stupid enough to get involved. Be careful what you wish for. They are both to blame.

2989 days ago


The 19 year old is aware of what she has done. When I was 25 a married CEO, a known womanizer, made a pass at me. Luckily I knew better but that is not to say that the thought of prestige and position of being with the CEO didn't enter my mind. The 19 year old was wrong for what she did, and I am sure Monica Lewinsky lives with her choices every day, too. But I don't like how the 19 year old is milking her 'innocence' and her 15 minutes of fame. My heart goes out to Christie and the children. And the bible says that if you are taken with a mistress, you will be reduced to a piece of bread. Literally. I have a feeling this is what will happen to Peter, if it hasn't already [monetarily, respect wise, etc...]

2989 days ago


Older men will use every trick in the book to get women. I respect marriage and at the age of 25,I found a very nice single man, who had a male roomate. The truth was that both were married to women and the apartment was just a sham. I was so hurt, but I moved on. Please watch out for yourself ladies and gentlemen, where sex is concern. The nicest guy could have the most horrible secrets. Careful...."You do reap what you sow AND MORE...."

2989 days ago

Pootie that's right THE Tang    

Not for nothing in this day and age there' no way this chick didn'tknow she was hurting Ms. Brinkley. Even a child knows when they hurt someone.

Yes she was young, but young doesn't mean she's fresh out of the womb and new to all things. She's exposed to media just the same as the rest of us.

As many examples there are of people cheating and lying and so on, there's absolutely no way she "didn't know" she was hurting someone.

When I was 18 I was offered the chance to be taken care of by someone who was involved. Did I do it? No, because I have morals and I value myself enough not to be bothered with someone who's still tied up.

Did she think Ms. Brinkley was gonna say "sure let's share 'em"?

2989 days ago


why the "witch hunt" against this young girl - yes, she was young and probably quite naive, but who is really at fault here is Christy's husband. he was the one who owed loyalty and respect to his relationship with his wife. so why is everyone putting all the blame on this girl - if you were 17 and someone offered you a nice job, a car and nice things, many would not turn it down? maybe she has never received this much attention from anyone before - whatever the reasons, we shoud look at a larger perspective of the situation and not just blame her for the whole mess.

2989 days ago


Being that I am a 17 year old girl, I can completely assure you that, regardless of intellectual capabilities, a 17 year old is capable of deciphering right and wrong. No one should fall for this inconsiderate, childish girl's pity party. Don't get me wrong, a grown man also holds a large portion of responsability. I was blessed enough to grow up in a home where good morals were instilled in me. However, regardless of her upbringing, some values are instinctual, and this girl clearly chose to push them to the back-burner. Both are at fault and i feel no sympathy for anyone but Christie.

2988 days ago


And to number 126, let me begin by stating that your vulgar language diminishes any hope that the rest of us had of you having anything worthwhile to say. You say that Diana is not a whore, and that clearly illustrates the morals that you have....sadly. Unfortunately for you, the rest of us were brought up with with higher values and are able to see the absurd actions of a morally responsible girl. Just because you may be "friends" with her (which i doubt to begin with) that does not mean that you should automatically look the other way when your "friend" whores herself. Be a real friend and advise Diana to seek some counseling and to stop trying to milk money off of her own mistakes.

2988 days ago


Why people keep saying she is mexican, she is not mexican. See her mother, she is ASIAN hello. To me, Bianci is not a whore but I know how male identified people usually through around the word whore at women but turn around and say the man was just being a man. Peter cook offered her a $50/hour job with the purpose of sexing her so she doesn't sound like the one manipulating the situation. I didn't even know this but she doesn't even have a sexual harrassment suit or anything, all she has is a lawyer to protect her image and give her side of the story since the media put the information out there. She's not on any band wagon for money because there is no suit but her lawyer threatens that there is some ground and if Cook continues to degrade her in the media there will be one for sexual harrasment and defermation. Cook is old trying to relive his youth and will probably get back with Brinkley and be happy ever after were is this girl will be embarrassed by this forever. One more thing, she and he say, they haven't EVER slept together so why do everyone keep saying they did?

2988 days ago


Audri, why are you asking if she is a Mexican, what difference does that make?
What are you trying to say? Are you a person with a racist mentality who thinks that a person's race really has anything to do with their bad behavior? She obviously made some bad decisions and so did he. Their race has absolutely nothing to do with it. Don't be stupid.

2988 days ago



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