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Fans Not "Crazy in Love" With Beyoncé

7/20/2006 4:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Beyonce KnowlesDisgruntled fans of Beyoncé have started a petition to get the musical diva to reshoot the video for her new song "Deja Vu."

The plea to her label Columbia Records, tries to make the case that the video "is an underwhelming representation of the talent and quality of previous music video projects of Ms. Knowles." "Bug-a-Boo" anyone?

The petition outlines seven comical points of contention and claims the editing "causes one to get dizzy and disoriented", calls the dancing "erratic, confusing and alarming" and the fashion "unbelievable and ridiculous." Beyoncé's outfits unbelievable and ridiculous? No way!!

Regarding her scenes with real life boyfriend Jay-Z, the petition believes the sexual themes between the duo are "alarming and show unacceptable interactions between the two."

Hopefully Beyoncé's fans will like the rest of her latest music and can 'check on it' when her new album "B'day" drops on September 5.


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I love the Deja Vu video! Beyonce looks gorgeous in it and the song is absolutely amazing! The editing is a bit fast but it goes with the beat and the cinematography is absolutely beautiful!

2999 days ago


I thought the Deja Vú video was aight...nothing spectacular. The wardrobe wasn't all that and the video plot didn't make any sense based on lyrics of the this joint. I do like the beat though. I do think she is sprung by Mr. Jay-Z....but dang, if I were his lady I'd probably act & feel the way!!!

2999 days ago


oops....I meant to say the SAME way.

2999 days ago


What a ridiculous post. So the girl has had a wild crazy dance off, and happens to be fit and leaner from touring and dancing, horribly or not horribly. At the end of the day - none of you are doing it, none of you (including me) probably can. So sheath those swords and find something else to moan about - better yet, actually do something about something that matters.

2999 days ago

Val M    

I would like to speak with a few of you who really aren't feeling Beyonce's video.
Please contact me with your comment and how we may get back in-touch with you to discuss.

Make all comments attention Val!

2999 days ago


you all are absolutely sad...where the hell are you people from???..first of all...for someone to start a petition about a harmless video like De Javu compared to the sick things abroad that should be petitioned it nothing short of sad!!! for all of you that think Beyonce' can't dance...maybe you guys are the ones that need to stop borrowing drugs from your friends..she is an amazing dancer/perfomer/songwritter,...not the best actress..but is GREAT musically.."high school" love affair????...dumb ass....they keep there sh*t private...blame the MEDIA!!!!!...thos of you "over her style and fashion"...get a god damn obviously can't comprehend what style and fashion is...and her's is great!!!...she isn't using fur the get fans you next dumbass...her fashion collection uses faux fur..and its not like you ever see here wearin it anyway...also..she didn't loose her curves, she lost a bit of size but..they are still VERY much there..maybe you should pay more attention..IF SOME OF YOU WOULD ACTUALLY LISTEN TO THE LYRICS..MAYBE YOU'D GET THE IDEA OF WHY THE VIDEO IS THE WAY IT IS!!..and where are all these supposed people that are tired of her???...and to the other dumbass...non-dancing???...she dances her ass off...are you blind??..she very innovative...she is being true to her self and bringing something different to music..well what can i say..but you can't please everyone..horrah for those that applaud her like myself..and the the rest a' yaz....go bang your heads on rocks...maybe that'll open up your close minded brains!!

2999 days ago

Mr. McDuck    

I did not like the video or song either. It was too much happening at once in the video. The clothes were not my taste but would be considered high fashion and someone out there wouldn't mind wearing them. So to each their own.

Why was she running through the long grass like a scared Wilde Beast? It so reminded me of a scene in Jurassic Park 2 where the people were running from the velociraptors like a hunted chickens.

As far as her dancing I can't blame her because she is not the choreographer she does as she's told mostly, but she could have said no! However, I have read comments on her dancing ability and I would like to say, SHUT THE HELL UP! What do YOU know?! If you seen her 'baby boy' video and old clips of her you would see she can dance. The reason she doesn't dance ala' Janet is because you can't dance hard and expect to sing hard which she does. SOME can but most can't.

Still I think she could do better, she does have talent and an ear for chords and melodies. She needs to quit trying to compete with these 15 minutes of fame/ flavor of the month people (Ciara, Cassie, Amerie, Danity Kane, Lumidee, Alicia Keys Etc...) and strive for the long haul Elite (Lauryn, India, Jill, Mariah, Mary J., Aaliyah, Monica, Brandy, Tamia, and the Oldies Girls who are STILL blowing & have memorable songs).

The music is stupid and b's voice is almost competing w/ the music.

Beyonce your alter-ego, Sasha, is messing up your career!

2999 days ago


The video and the song are awesome!For those who im assuming have musical voices and dancing skills,Please show us your video?Take a class or read a book!

2998 days ago


I say F*** all yall who hate. Why don't we think about all the other sh** going on in the world. This is pointless, why don't you start a petition over Christina Aguilera's new video or Justin's or Jessica's (attention:she and Christina Milan licks the side of andy dicks face)and what the hell lets not only boycott that lets boycott paris hilton's video and request that she never sings again i mean a deaf person would probally cry. B can dance her ass off and will go down in history as one one of the greatest performers. Those who hate on the outfits yall just mad that you can't afford the clothes or you wish you could fit them and don't say you wouldn't buy the sh** if you could afford it cause you would be lying to yourself. Only real reason for this sh** is because Beyonce is a young black woman who's on top of her game. If we boycott her then we boycott everything that we see on tv. I am proud to have Beyonce represent for all the young black women. If you have a problem then go f*** yourself. Stupid ass B****.

2998 days ago


I have always like Beyonce. I think she is going through a transition right now that is hard for others to accept. From the younger, take-no-sh*t, smart, independant image she had to now, an older, more experienced and IN LOVE person she is. I don't agree with anybody glorifying the use of furs. (I am a BIG animal lover) but It's hard to please everybody especially when your face is known to the world. Whatever move or step she takes, she will get critized for it.

2997 days ago

Johnny Wad    

Beyonce's video is to video making what Picasso's Guernica was to pacificism.

(Look it up).

2997 days ago


I can't honestly believe that any of you are actually serious... Beyonce is one of the only true talents the black community has today. And don't worry, I'm black and an artist, and I'm actually not obsessed with her. I just recognize her art. Calling her dancing, "erratic and crazy", is offensive to me. Whenever she does the stereotypical white pop choreography or ghetto booty dancing, she's fine. Now that she's trying to uplift the black community by including beautiful African Dance movements and teaching our people where we came from, everyone has a problem. When black female artists just sit around looking hot and shaking their asses, everyone loves it. God forbid one of our people attempts to remind us that we are not simple "video hos", but creative, expressive people.

2996 days ago


I didn't like the video but that is still a bad!!! Bitch.

2996 days ago

carol taylor    

You could tell no#80 dont read, when did Beyonce ever say she was all that Christian, you have it wrong. Michelle alway said she is the christian. you should get your storys straight. SISTER

2996 days ago

carol taylor    

dont care about our comments, as I read some of your comments, I could tell how
many of you went to school. some of you, dont even know how to spell her name right. I know its only about 15 maybe 20 up here, that heard about Fortune 500 the magazine, that will tell you about the riches black females and white also. and they have men in there for those of you that know. an Beyonce is the 3rd highest with millions. first come Opray, then Halle then Beyonce, so do you really think
Beyonce care about what we think??????
now go get the magazine and learn something!!!!

2996 days ago
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