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Fans Not "Crazy in Love" With Beyoncé

7/20/2006 4:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Beyonce KnowlesDisgruntled fans of Beyoncé have started a petition to get the musical diva to reshoot the video for her new song "Deja Vu."

The plea to her label Columbia Records, tries to make the case that the video "is an underwhelming representation of the talent and quality of previous music video projects of Ms. Knowles." "Bug-a-Boo" anyone?

The petition outlines seven comical points of contention and claims the editing "causes one to get dizzy and disoriented", calls the dancing "erratic, confusing and alarming" and the fashion "unbelievable and ridiculous." Beyoncé's outfits unbelievable and ridiculous? No way!!

Regarding her scenes with real life boyfriend Jay-Z, the petition believes the sexual themes between the duo are "alarming and show unacceptable interactions between the two."

Hopefully Beyoncé's fans will like the rest of her latest music and can 'check on it' when her new album "B'day" drops on September 5.


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im sorry, alot of people is going to hate me out there. BUT STOP HATEN, if you don't like the video fine, don't watch it, ya'll is going to crazy to start a petition. if you look at the artist in this industry beyonce got MOST of the female beat. some CAN'T SING, AND SOME CAN ONLY DANCE. NO artist can do it all no more. im a fan of beyonce she is a great performer, talent, can sing, and dancing is cool. if you don't like her because she "looks to fit", then damn, do they got to be under 95 pounds. Quit being stupid and trying to pick with every thing ya'll don't like, and do something else with ya'll lives. ---beyonce do your thing. you still have a TRUE fan here.--- if you don't like her don't watch the videos. ya'll act like ya'll can do better.
(ya'll-is to ever one who has a problem with har video) ya'll is talkin about her style-let her do her. STOP HATEN.

3003 days ago


The only good thing about the video, including the song is her clothes. The song is boring, the dancing strange and her interactions with Jay-Z seem forced, not cute and she is so awkward going through her moves with him that what is supposed to be sexy, isn't. Oh well, this too shall pass...I hope. I'm over her, unless she gets different songwriters. I think that they both think no matter what tripe they produce, if it says Jay-Z or Beyonce on it, it will sell so they can stay on vacation and not work too hard.

3002 days ago


I don't think it's her best video, esp. the part w/Jay X, but I have to give credit for not wearing any fur.

3002 days ago


I don't think it's her best video, esp. the part w/Jay X, but I have to give credit for not wearing any fur.

3002 days ago


I cant lie I do like Beyonce a little bit but this video scared the black off that dancing made me really dizzy for some reason and it just leaves you with the question:Is she that in love with Jay-Z to almost break her back in tha video?"

Iluv you B but the video isnt working.

3002 days ago


I can't believe people are still at this!

3001 days ago


Beyonce sucks and she has a fat ass!!! In this stupid video she looks like she's auditioning for the African Flashdance. She should just give it up and let her daddy make all of her decisions; like he was doing before when she was actually good.

3001 days ago



3001 days ago


Beyonce's video, music, and dancing SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is too into herself!!!

3001 days ago


Yes boo your time is up!!!! I am tired of seeing your same tired dances! every video its the same thing and all u do is use your body to make money. but i think you is a lttle to old now!

3000 days ago

ALeXaNDrA "ThE GReaT"    

Beyonce, Beyonce, Beyonce.... where should I begin?

I know. Perhaps the constant bleaching of that "oh so natural" blond hair has finally done its damage.

I mean, why in your right mind would put out a video like that? Nothing about it makes any sense. From the lyrics, to the cabaret wardrobe, everything was a basic setup for disaster. Unfortunately, that’s only the damage on the top of the surface, the real problem is that you're still out there making music.

Granted not everyone can shriek and scream at the same decibels but how long is society gonna let that make you a superstar? (Even "Mrs. Federline" finally got the point.) You have a "decent" voice, but no skills as a writer, so how about you let your man (Jay-Z) take you under his wing, make a couple babies like the rest of Hollywood and show you how to retire from the game... fade to black.

3000 days ago


I totally think the dancing is corny. Why does she keep doing the African tribal dancing and the corny 80's thing. B,,,,,,, hang it up.

3000 days ago


i think B. is off the hook , she's cute, growing up in front of our eyes, and she's doing a good job . i do agree the last video was crazy , as a dancer , it was not in tuned with music, no coordination and it had no meaning to de ja vu,

its clear that she is whipped but hey it happens to the best of us, and she just demonstrated how crazy in love she is which should be really rephrased to ridiculously in love

3000 days ago


at the end of the day beyonce is beyonce she is doin her thing reppin 4 black ladies n she does 1 video which i admit is very extra. i jus think she feels the competition frm ppl such as rhianna, cassie, kelis, etc...BUT..she doesnt need 2 feel pressured coz she is adhead of the game ya think b..dont watch the haterz..n do u baby girl.xxxx

2999 days ago



I'm a little older, so I recognized it right away, but Beyonce's dancing is a tribute to an African-American legend named Josephine Baker, who rose to fame in France during the 1920's and 1930's. Like Beyonce, Baker was considered very sexy and "exotic" during her time. The clothing that Beyonce wears in the video also is appropriate for the time period that Baker lived in...the entire video is a TRIBUTE TO A LEGEND.

Secondly, I do agree with some criticisms about the interaction between JayZ and Beyonce. I don't think Beyonce is doing herself any favors by acting like one of JayZ's groupies or Ho's...even if it is just for a video. She is the star of the video, yet he ignored her like she was not there. That is one of the biggest problems with the rap industry--the lack of respect for women, and unfortunately, Beyonce allowed herself to fall into the trap of being objectified by JayZ. Too bad because she is far too talented to belittle herself for the sake of his ego and image. I hope this isn't a sign of things to come in her future with him.

2999 days ago
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