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Paris Ain't Perfect -- But Cut Her a Break

7/20/2006 2:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Harvey Levin, Elliot Mintz, and Paris HiltonParis Hilton has flaws -- lots of them. She has spoken ill of others, she is too deep into vanity for my taste, she arguably parties way too much, she's a really bad driver, and on and on. But does that mean she deserves to die?

I'm stunned by how many people react to Paris the way they react to Al Qaeda. By the way, TMZ has probably done it's share to make her life miserable. We put the Brandon Davis video out to the world, and the car crash, and the other car crash, and the dancing, and the PDA's, and... you get the point. But really? Comment #100? Calling her a "stupid, ugly slut." You can do better than that.

And # 76, calling her a "dumpster for semen." True, she made a sex tape. But honestly, so what? I can tell you this, Rick Soloman bought a $3.5 million house off that tape, but there's never been evidence that she got any money or had anything to do with releasing it. So she made a tape with some guy she was with, does that make her a whore?

I think there's lot of fair criticism in the Paris Hilton department. And she brings a lot of it on herself by creating the Paris marketing machine which, by the way, has been incredibly successful. But with success come lumps, and she deserves to take those lumps. But isn't there a difference between Paris Hilton and the shoe bomber? Just because they have shoes in common doesn't make them one.


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I think it is unfair that Paris is labelled a slut while Rick, the other half of the sexcapade escapes the label. Male celebrities party and sleep around all the time, but Paris is the slut?.... Colin Firth and Charlie Sheen get away with just being "bachelors." Give her a break people and start holding yourself to the standards you are judging by.

2987 days ago


This is where I defend her: She's only human! Just cause she loves to have fun and live life to it's fullest doesn't make her a bad person. Yeah she stole a few boyfriends, but YOU TELL ME, how many of you haven't stolen atleast ONE guy from a friend or a nemesis! I know I have! I regret that, and since she's human, she feels bad about it too, whether she wants to or not, SHE DOES! I mean, I wouldn't be on her side but I wouldn't be on the other people's side either. I used to think she was a slut but then I started thinking. I mean, sex before marriage is wrong but a lot of people can't help themselves! Listen, be glad she's doing it with people she knows and not people she meets off the street (from what we know). Also, just because she has sex with guys, makes her a slut? I DON'T THINK SO! She can have sex if she wants, but atleast she's not selling her body off the streets! No one has a right to call her a slut for having sex, CAUSE GUESS WHAT?! YOU GUYS HAVE SEX TOO! YOU GUYS ALSO HAVE PROMISCUOUS SEX SO DOES THAT MAKE YOU A SLUT?! THINK ABOUT IT!

Here is where I don't defend her: Let's just say this, she needs to change! She needs to repent for the things she's done. She may not be a bad person but she puts it off like she is. She was kind of immature with the whole Nicole Richie at the club thing, you know from NE, she should have just let it go! She needs to ask for forgiveness from the people she hurts and she needs to forgive the people that hurt her. Cause she said she's Roman Catholic, right? It still says in the Bible that God won't forgive her if she doesn't forgive others(that's paraphrased).

To Paris: Don't listen to what people say, as long as you know you're a good person, is all that matters! But I do think you need to ask God for your forgiveness. Just be the best you can be! You're a very good singer! Keep going at it, but I think it's wrong that you took that song from Haylie Duff. I have an idea, go after guys that aren't your friend's boyfriends. I hope you actually take it what people said on this board. (The ones that were decent)! GOD BLESS! GOODBYE!

2987 days ago


Okay first off to whichever MOTHER posted on this needs to go back to watering HER garden, because let me tell you something, Paris is NOT self-concious, she is everything BUT. Which is OKAY, however rubbing it in peoples faces, is NOT an ideal way to make friends. If you watch that tape, she was about to laugh about the "fart" comment. She doesn't care about anyone but herself. Should she be called all these names? No. NOBODY does. HOWEVER, if she is so saddened by it, I suggest she do something about it, otherwise say fook it and move on.

Either way. This is her fault, and when you make your bed. You need to LAY in it. Period.

2987 days ago


Seriously, people. Leave Paris Hilton alone. She is who she is. She is a very beautiful, very rich heiress. I do not particularly think she deserves so much attention-I find it amazing that so many people "hate" on her. I actually love her new single "Stars are Blind". I think if this single was released under a different name-it would go platinum. Because she is Paris Hilton-she is getting a bad wrap. None of us really KNOW her. We only know what the media creates. Have any of you spent any real time with her? No. As for her sex tape-c'mon...does that make her a slut? Really people. It does not make her a slut.Do any of us know how many people she has slept with???? I think the problem people have with her stems from the fact that she was born into money-and I suppose, well, we get a bit envious.Hmmmm??? Just go on with your lives.

2987 days ago


Please don't call her a slut. No, I am not a huge fan of Paris but still get real. There is no reason to call her a slut even if you don't like her. There are other ways to talk about people than calling them a slut. Simply state your feelings in a way that won't make her feel bad about herself. Let her be Paris like you let Hilary Duff be Hilary Duff.

2987 days ago


Why the apologia for Paris Hilton? Given her forthrightly bad public behavior, why would anyone care about her private feelings? What goes around comes around, and other karmic truths. Deal with it, girl, and maybe grow up a little and realize no one really gives a care about your shallow, self-centered butt except as trash entertainment.

2987 days ago


Envy? Jealousy? I think NOT!!!! At least, I have a JOB, and don't have to rely on the fact that my family had zillions so that I could have Plenty of time to "practice" my pouty look, and "come hither" eye shots!

I don't know any Icons that do nothing but party and spend the money they have done Nothing valuable to earn, and continue to do nothing valuable to earn. She certainly isn't an "Icon", by ANY stretch of the imagination...

Princess Di? Marilyn? Oh PLEASE, really partyed way too much when you convinced yourself you could even hold a candle on the same planet as those two...

I watched "The Simple Life" for about 4 minutes...and, people out there actually think she is "working"? I was embarassed for them both...Now she's a singer? Oh my....You have loads of money...get a voice coach, get a personal image consultant, get a JOB, work with the starving, get Something, but Please, Please, Please, get off my TV, outa the mags, and be a Human Being...then, perhaps, you will be treated like a Valuable Human Being...not treated the way that hurts your feelings because most of us Don't steal our friend's boyfriends, Don't bash our "friends" in public, Don't get engaged and unengaged every few months, and Don't act like we are Icons because we've convinced some dumb asses to Pay us to party!

2987 days ago


Paris PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE..SHUT UP. That is your have nothing of value to say. So you want people to stop talking about you? SHUT UP. Stop claiming you are an icon, stop trying to convince the hard working people of America that you would be anywhere without your famous last name, stop trying to convince people who work 12-14 hour days doing manual labor that your are so over worked, and most importantly stop trying to convince people that you are so damn smart and EVERYTHING you do is an act. People see you for exactly for the image you have sold them.

2987 days ago

Emily Phillips    

oh my word. LEAVE PARIS ALONE.

why are you guys all up in her grill? WATCH HER TV SHOWS, LISTEN TO HER MUSIC, WATCH HER ON TV! SHE ISNT A BAD GIRL AT ALL!!! so what if she got in a little trouble with her ex dick boyfriends, NO ONE IS PERFECT. paris- if you ever need a best friend, come to kc, you can hang out with real friends.

and dont cry over what some dipsticks have to say, your making a great life for yourself, and everyone only wishes they could do it. love you bitch :)


2987 days ago


Paris no way are you any of these things that people say you are on this web site. And besides the people who say this are probably girls that dont have a lifes so they try to make ou feel bad because they think it funny! Your awesome keep up the god work!!!
See you later on your show i love it

2987 days ago

Chelsea LaFollette    

U kno wat i think, u shood leave paris the heck alone b/c it's not her fault bout the tape n after that u NEVER seen her "body parts" Yea clevage but hey ALL celebs show it off!!! Yea she may make out w guys n stuff but u kno u did it n i learned a great lesson wen i was in kendergarden it was "Don't b jealous of others b thankful of wat u have" She may b a lil on the dumb side but she is really pretty, sucessfull, loved by sum n on top of that rich!!! I am not saying wat she does all the time is right but hey it's her life. U have to b sum kind of an evil lil a** to wright drop dead, go back to the mudhole u came from, n etc... All i gotz to say is how wood u feel if i said u were a white/black/mexican/asian/w:e trash, home reckin whore, that's so lose u can store yr house up in there??? n i don't even kno u. U don't kno paris. I go to high school so i kno how she feels ppl don't rely kno u they only judge u on rumors or your rep. n it's worse 4 her w a camera in her face 24/7! All i'll say is i hope wen yr @ the perly-white gates god forgives u! wat if u drive her over the edge n she does die??? I hope u feel like S*** n i am gonna quote a movie "She shood rip yr eyes out n stomp on them till they are mush but how will u b able to look @ yrself in the morning???" PPL R CRUEL SO SO CRUEL BUT DO U RELY HAVE TO B ONE OF EM??? I GUESS WE HAVE TO LIVE UP TO OUR POLLUTED AIR, WAR STARTED, RICH PPL ARE RICH POOR PPL ARE STARVING, EVIL, MONEY HUNGREY COUNTRY HUH??? but seriously do u want to b one of those ppl that wen u are @ life or death, no one cares if u die? think bout it!

2987 days ago


I think people are really giving a really sweet beautiful, fun, loving, and generous girl a hard time just being just that very person. We are all jealous of others happiness and alway try to do sometime to make us feel better about ourselves by saying mean things to that person we wish was us and thats not fair for any one person to handle with especially she doesn't know you or me. Try to play a reversal role in our mind and see how we feel in that position would make us feel. Having totally stranger trash our image by posting horrible thoughts and even death upon us. See how you would feel if other shred your life online by all the bad and neg comments. I think Its already very hurtful but to wish death is way over the line of jealous but evil. I don't know Paris Hilton but only from TV media and i'm not a fan but i know for a fact that she is more of a kind, caring sweet, big hearted, smart, beautiful, fun, and loving person. I think she bring beauty into life. i wish she feels better and hope she knows that postive comment are never posted but alway kept inside ourself. Keep your heads up and keep doing what your doing, Paris. You bring positive vibe wherever you are in tv or around around you. I know people like you and they alway make me happy to be around with. i don't know if this one comment help balance the neg but its done. "The Star Are Blind". continue success Paris.....

2987 days ago

Kay Marie    

I think you are all jealous of her...She is beautiful and talented and people like you always have to find someone to bring down because you aren't happy with yourselves...I think it was incredibly brave of her to speak on her behalf andshare her feelings, people are mean and hurtful. I also think the media makes things far worse and bigger than the truely are. I think Paris has matured quite a bit and is even more fabulous than before. My boyfriend hates her and thinks she is nothing but a"rich stupid slut." But I think she is a talented mature powerful woman. We should all take a lesson from her. I mean have you watched the new season of the simple life Nicole is saying things like can I sleep with your husband and other crude things while Paris is taking the oppurtunity to learn new things and become a mature young woman and maybe she will settle down sometime soon. But my point is don't try to bring others down because you aren't happy with yourself!

Paris you are great keep on doing what you do!

2987 days ago


" mean and sadistic " . how? you none of you guys have the right to say that if you dont know her. i bet you half of the people you see in your typical life on the streets and sluts. What is wrong of expressing your love to someone that you love, its not like she met him as a random guy at a club and took him home. And the video...some people make videos, its not a wrong thing to do..but it just happened to be brought up my someone else. its not like she wanted it to be brought up. i think . I really dont see why people say these harsh words. So what if she cant drive thats the dumbest reason to hate someone. Many people in the world cant drive but it doesnt make the sluts or she should go die. Most of you guys just find dumbass reasons to hate her. Everyone is imperfect...just because shes a heiress doesnt make her to be a perfect person. i really dont see why she is hated..she has mistakes but who doesnt?

2987 days ago


paris is a money hungry greedy bitch half the money from her sex tape goes into her pocket and not to a charity like she said.

2987 days ago
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