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Paris Ain't Perfect -- But Cut Her a Break

7/20/2006 2:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Harvey Levin, Elliot Mintz, and Paris HiltonParis Hilton has flaws -- lots of them. She has spoken ill of others, she is too deep into vanity for my taste, she arguably parties way too much, she's a really bad driver, and on and on. But does that mean she deserves to die?

I'm stunned by how many people react to Paris the way they react to Al Qaeda. By the way, TMZ has probably done it's share to make her life miserable. We put the Brandon Davis video out to the world, and the car crash, and the other car crash, and the dancing, and the PDA's, and... you get the point. But really? Comment #100? Calling her a "stupid, ugly slut." You can do better than that.

And # 76, calling her a "dumpster for semen." True, she made a sex tape. But honestly, so what? I can tell you this, Rick Soloman bought a $3.5 million house off that tape, but there's never been evidence that she got any money or had anything to do with releasing it. So she made a tape with some guy she was with, does that make her a whore?

I think there's lot of fair criticism in the Paris Hilton department. And she brings a lot of it on herself by creating the Paris marketing machine which, by the way, has been incredibly successful. But with success come lumps, and she deserves to take those lumps. But isn't there a difference between Paris Hilton and the shoe bomber? Just because they have shoes in common doesn't make them one.


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how sad    

I think that paris has gotten herself into this but she is also a person and those type of words could badly hut any1 i think that u should lay off the words she is a human being with fellings and some of the things that were wrote are unexplainable i am not a big paris fan 2 but this is just horrible...:( it needs to stop

2962 days ago


ok well all these people commeting and stuff i have just got these things to say paris hilton a name recognized by almost all of the people in the US well wat do you think about her may say slut,dumb and un talented well i agree with them if you have money and/or fame you can use those for something more than fancy t shirts and s**t like that use some of it for o lets say trying to get political or something cuz the world outside hollywood like iraq would obviously be h*ll to paris so do something about it

2962 days ago


she cant sing.

2962 days ago


Here's another thing...I kinda think she is setting a bad example to teens. HELLO! LOOK AT THE WAY THE TEENS OF OUR GENERATION ARE DRESSING! They're dressing sluttier than ever! But they don't have to follow her. She shouldn't cry, it shows she has low self-esteem. Woo-hoo! She made a sex tape, so what? YOU GUYS STILL WATCHED THAT VIDEO! YOU MAY HAVE BEEN CURIOUS BUT YOU WATCHED IT! Geez, give her a break.

Paris: We kinda do know you, or what you put off...

2962 days ago


i think she is beautiful and enjoy watching her when she is going to be on TV........give her a big break

2962 days ago


Paris is really pretty to me, I think nobody has the right to say the things they did about her. God Bless you all have a great day.Keep it real. =p =)

2962 days ago


haha I LIKE Paris, I think that she is funny, and she is human. What is wrong with having a good time? I bet that if you had cameras up ur ass all the time, then you would get caught doing some things that were weird, or questionable. Haven't you ever said 2 yourself, god I am SO glad that nobody saw that, but she doesn't have that luxury. And besides isn't it nice that money doesn't buy class??

2962 days ago


Paris is an idiot. And who gives her the right to be so mean to everyone? She thinks she is God's gift to the world, but I have news for her. The world wants a refund! And to the person who wants to give her a break, the girl has brought all this crap on herself. And to think she had nothing to do with the sex tape being released, I think she would stoop so low as to do it, if she thought it would profit her at all. If all her money was gone tomorrow, she would just be a pathetic skinny girl saying "that's hot" all the time. Her parents have done a crappy job of raising her. I would be ashamed of her actions if I were them. But, money does weird things to people.

2962 days ago


In reply to Arielle saying Paris is "just a normal person." Just because she has money that is an excuse for bad behaviour? Everyone does make mistakes, but that doesn't give her the right to be mean. I think Nicky is probably the nice one out of the two. She looks and acts like her head is on a little straighter than her sister's.
If you are so mean that you would act like her if you had that much money, I would then say you are not a very decent person to begin with.

2962 days ago


I think people are way too harsh on Paris, what did she physically do to any of you or anyone close to you? The people who hate on her all the time are the ones that are not intelligent enough to hate the evil scum of the earth like pedophiles, child killer and so forth. Instead they get a boner from calling any woman who might of *shock/horror* enjoyed sex a slut, why are you so bitter? It’s not Paris’ fault you spend most of the time online hating instead of having a first name relationship with someone other than the Pizza Hut delivery guy.

Anyone who wishes death on anyone should cancel their internet connection, save up the money and get a therapist because if you wish death on anyone you clearly have mental health issues.

2962 days ago


your tears mean nothing to me. YOU ARE NO MARILYN MONROE!

2962 days ago

Steven Demitry    

How are you going to judge Paris when you have no clue what she's really like, she is just doing what any 24 yer old girl does, she goes out, she dates, so what, people who date are all of a sudden skanks, also, she made the sex tape with someone who she has been dating for a long time, many couples make sex tapes, its just unfortunate that with her fame it was brought into the public, all of you who hate on her are jealous of her fame, fortune, and other aspects of her personality, the reason she is famous is because the public has made her, so blakme yourselves, if u think there is anything to blame, you're all sick, sad, and worthless is you make judgements about her and you are just ignorant asses

2961 days ago


Oh please people.... Paris is a machine - not a war machine, but a Hollywood machine.( and no I didn't say she a movie star). She is a self centered ego maniac that is named Paris Hilton and has millions of peole watching her. Maybe mommy and daddy should have taken that silver spoon out her mouth once or twice and used it on her butt, then she might of had a little more respect for herself and others........

WHAT am I saying?!?
PARIS YOU STILL SUCK. now go get me a burger king sandwich and make sure it's........what???? "HOT" hehe

peace people

2961 days ago


PARIS, do something good with your money, stop acting like your the shit, don't steal boys away from friends, Act more like youself, you don't have to pretend like your a sweet virgin. Just be more real and maybe people will start respecting you!!! Donate some of your time and money to the less fortunate and do something positive with your image!!! Also, instead of a posing and modeling coach, you should hire someone who will teach you how to speak well. You have a lot of potential, but right now you just seem like a rich little girl that does not care about anything but herself!!!Go good For the less fortunate!!!

2961 days ago

Not impressed in the OC    

Hey Harvey, How much did you get from the Hilton's to write this
article? If Miss Hilton does not like the negativity then maybe she
should lay low and not go so out of her way for public attention.

2961 days ago
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