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Paris Ain't Perfect -- But Cut Her a Break

7/20/2006 2:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Harvey Levin, Elliot Mintz, and Paris HiltonParis Hilton has flaws -- lots of them. She has spoken ill of others, she is too deep into vanity for my taste, she arguably parties way too much, she's a really bad driver, and on and on. But does that mean she deserves to die?

I'm stunned by how many people react to Paris the way they react to Al Qaeda. By the way, TMZ has probably done it's share to make her life miserable. We put the Brandon Davis video out to the world, and the car crash, and the other car crash, and the dancing, and the PDA's, and... you get the point. But really? Comment #100? Calling her a "stupid, ugly slut." You can do better than that.

And # 76, calling her a "dumpster for semen." True, she made a sex tape. But honestly, so what? I can tell you this, Rick Soloman bought a $3.5 million house off that tape, but there's never been evidence that she got any money or had anything to do with releasing it. So she made a tape with some guy she was with, does that make her a whore?

I think there's lot of fair criticism in the Paris Hilton department. And she brings a lot of it on herself by creating the Paris marketing machine which, by the way, has been incredibly successful. But with success come lumps, and she deserves to take those lumps. But isn't there a difference between Paris Hilton and the shoe bomber? Just because they have shoes in common doesn't make them one.


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Marny Bailey    

I truly don't know whether to admire, hate or just be indifferent to Paris Hilton. Let's start with admiring her. She is famous for nothing. I had a once in a lifetime opportunity (I'm just an ordinary middle class citizen from Maryland) to attend the American Music Awards. Paris was a presenter. While everyone else was introduced as multi-platinum this or top artist that, Paris was introduced as "one of the most talked about women in America". That's all. There was no other way to describe her, because she has no accomplishments. She's famous for nothing. BUT, you have to admire that. She's rich for just standing there and dressing to shock. I guess I can't really hate her, I don't know her. I only hate the fact that she is rich for nothing and I am not. I want to be rich for standing there and acting stupid. So I guess it is more envy than hatred. I'm jealous. If I change my name to Hilton and get blonde extensions and dress like a sleaze, I still won't be rich or "the most talked about woman in America", so she is doing something right. The fact that I wouldn't be able to act as trashy as her is probably part of the reason. I don't think she's any more attractive than me or a hundred other girls I know. But her name is Hilton, she is rich and I am not. BUT I will NEVER feel sorry for her. She made herself what she is and it is true, people do not know the real her, they know the image she created and she is just going to have to accept that people are going to talk about that image in hurtful ways. If she doesn't like it and it hurts, leave the spotlight. My guess is those "hurtful" comments aren't too hurtful or she would just walk away from it all.....anybody see that happening ? Guess they just weren't that hurtful after all.

2962 days ago


and we're supposed to feel sorry her? She IS a punching bag, that's her job. She's NOT a singer, and definately NOT AN ACTRESS. She's the most UNTALENTED,unworthy piece of crap in history

2962 days ago


sure Paris brought a lot of this on herself.
but i keep remembering that most of the negative people
who make such critical comments have a lot less
going on it their lives than she.

most of the negative stuff is envy..pure and simple.

2962 days ago

One Love!    

I think she is a nice person and she is very happy about it, what she has in her life. I think she also prays - you know what I mean?!?!?
And I also say, that shes lookin very pretty!! And I am wondering bout her music - not bad!
But it would be much more better, if the phrases have more intelligence! She could sing but God, Love and the Wold,... about people, animals.... so many helpfull things!

Money is not important, but in this world if you have much money you can buy nearly everything and you dont have to think everyday "how could I get money..??"

We should be happy for those who have luck!

I am for Jusice, but nobody should judge somebody,


2962 days ago

One Love!    

We should ALL LOVE EACH OTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thats simple life!

2962 days ago


all right well all these people defending paris and stuff like your just jealous or stuff like that i have somethin for ya when paris was a tenn she was a ugly brunette and now after blonde hair bleach and blue contacts shes suddenly "hot" which i do agree that she kind of is but all those people said shes only human well f*** you guys f*** you ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as one of the people here said why did she make the video anyway! and im not close minded im just smarter then parises defenders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so to the defenders and paris F*** YOU and have a nice day

2962 days ago


Paris Hilton represents all the worst that America has to offer. Her celebrity reaffirms how shallow people in the US truly are because people are fixated on her. She stands for greed, greed, greed, more greed, vapidity, greed, vanity, greed, class consciousness, greed, materialism, anti-intellectuallity, condesention, low brow culture, and a hundred other things. She is truly worthless.

2962 days ago


This was one of the best things that I have seen in a long time! I LOVED the fake and caring way that Elliot took Paris over to see if she was okay with this whole thing...her demure dress, her downward glance, her purity and sweetness. The fact that people who don't even know her come up with mean and sadistic things is truly shocking! And the THREATS on her life! you were able to keep a straight face and ask her those questions is an all time classic. I can't stop watching it. Paris...YOU ARE A SLUT. You are a completely worthless person, unworthy to walk the earth. The only possible way you could even begin to redeem yourself is by taking out your hair extensions, moving to India and serving the poor for the rest of your life. Even then, I don't think you could rack up enough points to undo the damage you've already done. How your parents, Rick and Kathy, can wake up every morning and face themselves is beyond me...everything that has happened to you - you created it. You mentioned doing what you do best. Well, according to what I've seen, what you do best is shop, pose like a freak, laugh hysterically at your drunken boyfriend's ill-mannered and disgusting rants about someone else in a public venue and back into cars. You also drive drunk and/or stoned, play your own music, talk on your cell phone non stop and stare at yourself in the mirror as you drive. I am surprised you haven't killed yourself in a car accident, let alone some poor "motel-living poverty striken person with only 7 million dollars." You are part of a disgusting culture that has been forced upon our society - one of overt materialism and self centeredness. You are wasting our resources and the very air that we breathe. You are an empty headed, vapid, shallow, anorexic freak that has made the most out of nothing. You should be ashamed of yourself and beg the American public forgiveness.

2962 days ago


I wouldn't choose to hang out with her. She can be vicious, immature, and dishonest. But I don't wish her ill will or comment on her sex life - this isn't junior high. (My honest opinion is that she was dissed during high school and has been trying to make up for it ever since - but all she really needs is to let go of that.)

2962 days ago


I think everybody that has something bad to say about Paris Hilton should look at themselves and the mistakes they have made and think to them selves -- I wouldn't want some of that S--- out in public. Yes she puts her self out in public but its not up to us to determine what kind of person she is -only god has that right. And if she feels what she is doing is acceptable to her than I say - you go girl. Be you and that is what matters.... Don't let the people that have faults in their life's control who you are. Nobody is perfect......!!!!!!!!!!

2962 days ago


Well, conveniently, we live in a free country, where we are allowed to hate or despise whatever we want and speak out minds about it.

I have to say, I am GLAD so many people are vehemently opposed to the Public Debacle known as Paris. She is a bad influence on society, she's spoiled and conceited and mean, she is reversing women's rights 10-fold, and she has proclaimed herself "American Royalty" and "The New Blond Icon for our generation." Who is she to get to proclaim herself these things? Know what? I would be more disappointed in people if they weren't offended by her.

2962 days ago


i think she is beautiful and enjoy watching and reading about her.......i think she is hot.....give her a big break

2962 days ago


TMZ did they pay/threaten you to say that?

2961 days ago

I'm just saying...    

I don't HATE Paris Hilton, I really don't. Sure, she is a poor little rich girl who can get away with damn near ANYTHING because of her name and what that name possesses,like power/ influence, ect... And sure, she dates a new guy every other week, but more power to her! She's young! Date away! I just think it is really sad she has to do things to draw negative attention to herself and dumb herself down to make people feel like she really is an idiot. (I'd love to know if her IQ is on the positive side!) She can blame her ex boyfriend for the sex tape, but he didn't do it alone! She can blame whoever she wants for any of her screw ups, and car accedents, and fights, and rude comments she's made, but at the end of the day, she has to go to bed, with or without someone, and thinking about all the crap she's done and said and if she has any heart and soul, she'll start making some serious changes before she ends up getting herself killed, and I do not wish that on her, I'm just saying...I hope she changes before it's to late...for her sake and the sake of the young girls who look up to her.

2961 days ago


It's really amazing how jealous and mean people can be. Complaining about Paris Hilton and passing judgements, so ridiculous.
I think it should be taken in to consideration that even though she's an heiress, she's not the wealthiest girl to come out of America, I believe most of her money she earned herself through being industrious and hard-working, I mean she's like what; entitled to a 10th or less of the Hilton fortune?

Anyway, it's so stupid to hate on Paris Hilton, who's got the energy?
And if you don't approve of what she did in -what she thought was in the privace of her home- with her ex-boyfriend, don't watch it, it's not like it's on TV, not even on cable.

I think she's totally OK, she gives good face and is so funny to watch on TV. And I admire her being so industrious and very self sufficient!


2961 days ago
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