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Paris to TMZ Users

You've Hurt Me Bad

7/20/2006 12:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

 Paris Hilton says she cries sometimes after reading the cruel comments about her posted on TMZ.

In an exclusive interview Wednesday, after finishing a meeting with her publicist Elliott Mintz, Hilton agreed to talk to TMZ's Harvey Levin about thousands of messages TMZ users have posted, many of which are, as Hilton says, "mean and sadistic."

Levin asked Hilton about such comments as, "Paris is just an overused human condom," "Paris is like a fart in a mitten. You know it's there, you can't stand it, but you can't get rid of it," and "Would you please drop over dead or commit suicide you damn slut."

Hilton said "I'm far less promiscuous than any of my friends." As for the infamous sex tape with ex-lover Rick Solomon, Hilton said "I'm judged because of something that an ex-boyfriend did to me. I'm not a slut at all."

Hilton says that many of the TMZ comments are "very hurtful" to her and that some make her cry. She says "They think I don't have any feelings."

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okay PARIS im glad that you now know what you really are and what o lets say about half the world knows what you really are and you think showing yourself off and all that other crap WORKS?! well looks like it dont you need to quit acting liie your perfect because your not! and like that song your sparyed on tan and you BIG fake smile dosent always work in the real life!? and lets just put it this way your gross and nasty and no one likes it so face it! and every1 knows that lie about nick beating you when i saw that i was DONE with you! you are just a waste Of time and GRRR your just NASTY! and your a complete LIER! so just come out and say it paris you know you are! and awww poor little nasty girl hade to cry over this!?!?!?! well babies will always babies i guess you will never learn??? that all i got to say! GO WAY! NOW MORE THAN HALF THE WORLD HATES YOU! get out of the celb World your going to fail sonner or l8er!

2928 days ago


I don't think it's nice for Paris Hilton to show her vagina, skinny ass and little boy body in public. She comes off with this attitude of self importance and arrogance that is very annoying to a hugh portion of the population. It shows very little breeding and zero class. There are many beautiful, female celebs who can sing, dance and act. Paris can't do any of that, so that is why she feels it necessary to display her scrawny body. To my eye, she is not nearly as beautiful as most of Hollywood's leading ladies (though she keeps tying to convince herself that is the case with all her props). And, of course, there is the legion of papparrazi telling her she's all that, just so they can get another picture of a popped out tit or shot of her cooch.

Honestly, she's only popular because she's bought the air time.
She is not someone young women should aspire to be like. She spends too much time in the bars. I'd say this makes her a BAR FLY who should be swatted away.

I wish she would take a long hard look at her lifestyle and make a change to put her mind to do some real good while she is here on this earth. She has the means to do good. I'd love to see that happen.

She can join up with Bill and Melinda Gates, Warren Buffett, Oprah Winfrey, Bon Jovi, Bono, Angelina Jolie and others who are going to great lengths to make a difference in this world.

Come on, Paris, quit coming off as a selfish, spoiled, ignorant, airhead. IT'S REALLY GOTTEN TIRESOME.

2926 days ago


HAHAHAHAHA, OMFG!!! Her lawyer intercepts! WTF, if that ain't entertainment, what is? Right out of the "Frasier" Snob Playbook! Jeez, that made me shoot Coke Zero outta my nose!

1426 days ago


Paris is still a person! with person feelings. Her heart pumps blood just like everyone else. She was born under the same sun as you and I. I'm ashamed at the people on this site who have so much ugly in them to write such awful mean things about another human. What are you 14 cuz i could never think that someone in adulthood would ever have the lack of human compassion that I have been reading about another being. I say good for you Paris, keep being you. Everyone in this world makes mistakes or is judged by others just don't let them get you down!! Keep on loving and don't ever fall to there level.

1302 days ago


No wonder she can't keep a guy. Can you imagine waking up to those size 12 feet sticking out at the end of the bed and her reptilian talons digging into your side. Do you think it's like waking up with a pterodactyl in your bed? I've seen better looking gargoyles on the sides of cathedrals. She could very well end up being the cure to the common hangover.

1127 days ago


Fart In A Mitten, Why cant I think up stuff like that.

624 days ago
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