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Stars Are Blind

And They Can't Drive Either!

7/20/2006 7:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Your average celebrity is capable of doing a multitude of things: star in a blockbuster film, release a number one album... or maybe even both! But it seems like for all their "star powers" they seem to lack one essential skill (at least if you live in Hollywood) - they can't f'n drive!!!

Not to make light out of potentially harmful incidents, but seriously, what is going on in Tinseltown? With the recent incidents of Daniel Baldwin and Haley Joel Osment, it made us think back to some other recent celebrity car mishaps, a lot of which were caught on tape.

The Lohan Family
Like father, like daughter. Michael Lohan escaped death after crashing his car into a pole and it burst into flames. He had been driving with a suspended license at the time and had a blood-alcohol level nearly double the legal limit. Check out the video of his charred Volvo - hard to believe he walked away unscathed.
Michael Lohan
And his daughter has been involved in not one, but two vehicular mishaps. In the second one, Lindsay crashed her Mercedes on Robertson Blvd. in a trendy area of Los Angeles - and right near celebrity hotspot the Ivy. After the crash, Lohan ran into the nearby Hideaway House Antiques shop to hide from the paparazzi. While plenty of photogs were on the scene, as one eyewitness would tell TMZ, they were not responsible for this accident.
Lindsay Lohan

Paris Hilton and Stavros Niarchos
How these two still even have a driver's licenses is beyond us. Back in November 2005, Stavros crashed Paris' Bentley into the back of a parked trunk - with TMZ's cameras rolling (thanks Stavros!).
Paris Hilton, Stavros Niarchos
Last month, Paris backed her into a parked Honda Civic. We can't imagine what these two are like when surrounded by other MOVING vehicles.
Paris Hilton
And just this week, Paris was pulled over by Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department for driving too slow in West Hollywood.
Paris chased by cops
Chris Tucker
The "Rush Hour" star was arrested in Georgia in April 2005 for speeding. He was allegedly clocked doing 109 miles per hour in his 2005 Bentley. So where was Tucker in such a hurry to get to? Why, church services in South Carolina, of course.

He pled guilty to speeding and eluding police and was fined $6,999. The 32-year-old comedian told authorities that he didn't hear their sirens, presumably because the Lord was already talking his ear off. Chris Tucker
Tyson Beckford
Cover model Tyson Beckford suffered a few injuries to his famous mug when his truck was rammed off the road in June 2005. As he explained, "My lip was busted, one of my teeth was knocked out and my eye was swollen shut ... My nose was fractured and the blood was squirting out of my face.

Check out the video of Tyson explaining what happened -- plus footage of his burning truck.
Tyson Beckford

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MR. TRAFFIC Kenny Morse    

I told my traffic school classes and my site readers they could expect this is what happened when I first heard it. This should NOT be a shock to anyone. People are drinking and driving at an all time high, and in LA.....for the FIRST time......the % of people also driving on Pot is the biggest ever!!!

2936 days ago


These celebrities should have personal drivers to go with their personal stylists, shoppers, bodyguards, and publicists.

2936 days ago


I suspect they are probably looking for new movie ideas. Reminds of southern florida where you have lots of 'older folks' who have paid into their car insurance for years and now don't care how they drive. I guess being wealthy makes for the same mentality. The burning question I have is ...when lindsey drives, does her head come over the steering wheel? (I know, what doesn't her head come over but serious).

2964 days ago

Josh Hutcherson    

Add Hayley Joel Osment to that list of bad celebrity drivers! lol

2964 days ago


I have to say i feel sooo sorry for celebs... you can't do ANYTHING without having someone right up your tail... poor Paris, not a fan at all, but how unlucky... heart beginning to bleed for her!

2963 days ago


I wouldn't want all the money in the world to be a celeb. Is all that money worth no privacy? NOT. I think it's really a ego thing more than a money thing. They are willing to feed their egos at any cost

2963 days ago

I'm just saying...    

Hey gary byrom:You really think Pair Hilton a is NICE GIRL? You on your meds? (IMHO) No, Pairs IS a slut, she IS a hater herself, a VERY immature young girl and she is nothing more than a joke gone horrible out of control. Seriously, I would not want my claim to fame being heiress/party girl with a sex tape and have the world (most of it) laughing at my ignorance and stupidity. And as far as driving HOLY CRAP! She's going to kill someone or herself, that's why she should NEVER have a licence. The spoiled little rich girl needs to let someone responsable drive her, (she can afford a real driver!) and the cops should quit turning a blind eye to her driving and ticket her and take her licence for a while.

2963 days ago


Hey Gary Byrom,
Why don't you go by your given name, "PARIS HILTON"?

Paris is a mean spirited bitch... FYI

2963 days ago

larry jaggie    

awwwwwwww......................should be paying attention to what your doing on the a truck driver, i see so many of you out there, reading, books, newspapers, talking on cell phone...beating the kids.......the bad part of all this is that people die from these acts.......some should put something together, what happens to the lives of folks,.........when other people do not respect others..........i have seen a lot of lives lost from all the above.....and if you could be there to see what might learn to respect each other.............may you save a familys life.............larry jaggie

2961 days ago

George Ochoa    

Who give the right to journalists to judge the celbs mishaps, aren't they innocent until proven guilty? Beside the fact that they are human, with more money than you ( Journalist, papparatzis)and me, most of them are in the area of Los Angeles with MORE than 20 Mil population and too much cars! So check the odds for all suffering souls living in the overcrowded LA area.

2961 days ago


"I wouldn't want all the money in the world to be a celeb. Is all that money worth no privacy? NOT. I think it's really a ego thing more than a money thing. They are willing to feed their egos at any cost

Posted at 10:01AM on Jul 21st 2006 by Dan"

Says the guy who hs no idea how to become successfull, and so here YOU are, MORON.

2961 days ago


Paris is an example of why blondes have a bad reputation. What part
of Hit and Run is illegal doesn't she OR her friends get? The first
accident her friend hits a truck and leaves (got caught later). She
doesn't discourage him from leaving either. But how the hell do you
miss a big truck right in front of you is what I don't get. He must
be the reason why blind drivers have the benefit of brail at the drive
thru ATM machines now! (I don't get that either). She hits a
parked car, stops while the papparazzi discuss it and film it, then
ultimately drives away. I wonder if she ever got caught for that
one. And it takes her 2 minutes to pull over for a cop WITH his
lights on? Stupid doesn't describe it. Better still the cop lets
her go with a warning for driving TOO SLOW!!!! She sure manages to
get herself into some doozies for being a SLOW driver. She's
certainly a SLOW learner, that's for sure. Wake up Paris!!! You
have to stop and call police or at least leave information for the
cars you hit. And the rearview mirror isn't there for the purposes of
putting your makeup on. Try using it for the purpose for which it
was intended and pay attention to what's around you. A patrol car
with flashing lights means PULL OVER dummy.

2961 days ago


Debbi said:
"the reason why blind drivers have the benefit of brail at the drive
thru ATM machines now! (I don't get that either)"

I didn't either until I thought about it. The answer is, don't assume it always the driver of the car using the ATM. More than once I have been riding in a friend's car, in the backseat, and asked them to stop at an ATM, and they stop further forward than they normally would so I can just take care of business from the back seat's window.

Besides that, on a couple of occasions I have been the one driving and a buddy is in the front passenger seat, wants to stop by an ATM ... I notice there's nobody else in the lot so I go ahead and pull through backwards, putting his side's window at the ATM, saving them the trouble of getting out or having to give me their PIN number (I don;t like the responsibility that comes with that, on my part).

So figure in a backseat passenger, a reverse maneuver, and add in possible walkups ... braille at the drive-up ATM makes much more sense. Especially when you include all the people that are legally blind and wouldn't be able to read, likely wouldn't even be able to recognize universal symbols, but can still see shades and more or less judge their surroundings but need braille to read.

That help? ;)

2961 days ago


HA-HA-HA!!! What clowns. I don't think celebrities are the bright stars, they just are phoney human beings, wanna be's. Driving and being responsible is for real human beings, with real lives. If you want proof just listen to them try to talk and make sense. Of course these idiots can't drive!!!!

2961 days ago

mark cantwell    

this is just a crazy idea but if you got the $$$ then use a "limo".no muss no fuss

2961 days ago
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