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Colin Farrell's Tonight Show Nightmare

7/21/2006 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

An obsessed fan of Colin Farrell's bypassed security and rushed the "Tonight Show" stage during a taping with Colin Farrell Thursday afternoon.
Colin Farrell and Dessarae Bradford
The woman was identified as Dessarae Bradford. Bradford unsuccessfully sued the actor for $5,000 last April claiming the "Miami Vice" star had harassed her with phone calls, cards and text messages.

Bradford reportedly leaped up from the audience, jumped on stage and approached Farrell in the middle of his interview with host Jay Leno. Witnesses said they thought the incident at first was part of a skit. Once Bradford started to speak to the star, Farrell took her by the elbow and lead her off stage to security. Witnesses claim Bradford shouted, "I'll see you in court!" and Farrell replied, "You're insane!" and asked cameramen to turn off the cameras.

Bradford reportedly managed to leave a copy of her self-published book entitled "Colin Farrell: A Dark Twisted Puppy" on Leno's desk.

Bradford was detained by Burbank Police, although per NBC's request, was not arrested. Bradford was warned that if she returned to the NBC studios, she would be arrested for trespassing.

The incident was edited out of the show.

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2993 days ago



2993 days ago

get a life people    

damn wish he would harass me.........

2993 days ago


Why wouldn't they have had her arrested? Doesn't make any sense.

2993 days ago


I would like to see it, to bad they edited it out. I wouldn't sue him if he harrassed me.

2993 days ago


He's definitely nasty of he got with that nasty thing. She looks like a hooker. At least the one with the video looked a lot better.

Come on can have any chick in the world and you choose this thing???

2993 days ago


Are you people kidding me? This chick is a delusional whack-job.

Then again he did try to bang a grandma.

2993 days ago


The extremes weirdos go to to try and get a buck.....she needs to say some uglier , nastier guy was harassing her.....hmmmmm.......she looks like a flavor flav typa girl.......ya think????

2993 days ago

wendell dixon    

Now thats crazy on live tv..I wish that I could have been on the show..and wassup with them teeth,,Looks like your middle name is Black and Decker. Collin escorted her away..thats a brave man..way to go

2993 days ago


What's up with all the crazy stalkers. First that odd woman with John Cusack and now this nut job!

I agree, they should have left it in for us to see.

2993 days ago


watch the video where it has the subject highlighted in the article...she is waving and posing for the cameras...yeah she looks real shook up to be going to a harrassment hearing...all smiles and giggles...shes got balls to go with that pit bull grin- Like he would look at her twice?

2993 days ago


She is trying to get money out of the deal like other rejects. good luck

2993 days ago

Adam Rollefson    

I was actually at the taping of "The Tonight Show" when this happened. While Colin Ferrell was being interviewed by Jay (right before showing a clip from "Miami Vice"), she walked up on stage - while the cameras were roling - and threw her book on the desk! The security guards didn't do anything, so Colin (who obviously recognized her) got up, put his arm around her while telling the producers to stop filming and escorted her off the stage.

Colin really was smooth about it and gave her a coy, "Darling, you're insane," as he passed her off to the police before she was taken outside. She replied "I'll see you in court tomorrow!" What the security guards were thinking, I don't know, but everyone was definitely in shock - it was a sureal experience. Jay summed the moment up nicely by asking for a sarcastic round of applause for NBC security - I'm sure someone got fired. Colin then explained how she was his new stalker and that he had never met her before. After relooping the tape, things proceeded as normal for the rest of the show.

Things got even crazier after the show, when an "Access Hollywood" reporter interviewed me about what had happened during the show! She said that she wasn't sure if my interview would be used, but that if they did use it, it would be on today (Friday). So check your local listings and see if you can see my interview on national televsion! Actually, several other people stated to the reporter that the black woman was actually some other black chick who he filmed an explicit tape with, but that proved to be untrue - the woman was simply a psycho stalker. I was the only person interviewed who didn't jump to conclusions and incorrectly state that the woman was the one from the explicit tape and I also was the only one who correctly stated that it was a book, not a DVD she threw at Colin, so I would think that the other interviews would be thrown out and that they will use mine, since mine was the most accurate - we'll see. All in all, a pretty crazy day!

2993 days ago


How could you guys participate in this skank starf*#er wannabe's desperate attempt at getting her 15 minutes of infamy? She is a joke, and not even a funny one. I am no Colin Farrell fan, but she is so pathetic I can't believe a well known gossip site like this would even feed into her obvious ploy. Bitch, get a life. She must be trying to scrape the cash together to get her f'd up teeth fixed. Honey, just start a website called "Help a skanky wannabe get her teeth fixed".

2993 days ago


#18.......Unreal. Thanx for the relay. Where did she come from? Audience? But honey, I don't watch Access Hollywood, they don't deliver the real scoop, all we see is movie reviews or clips/promos of their own hosts, so boooorrrring! However "I'll see you in court tomorrow!"

#19......Thanx for sending that laughter my way, way too funny.

2993 days ago
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