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Star Catcher LA - Fantasia and Joe Francis

7/21/2006 2:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

FantasiaHyde was filed to the brim with stars last night and Josh Levine was there for all the action.

Topher Grace of "That 70's Show" and the upcoming "Spiderman 3" was caught leaving with a friend. Director/party animal Brett Ratner showed up with a lovely lady on his arm, while Joel Madden showed some love by taking a few pictures with fans.

Joe Francis also showed up at Hyde while Fantasia was spotted at Jaime Foxx's post-premiere party for "Miami Vice."


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Jinxy Cat    

What s the deal with Fantasia's bottom lip? It's f**cked up....

3016 days ago


the bee-atch CAN sing, haters.

3016 days ago

wendell dixon    

You know some of the comments on her are truly amusing...How could half of you call someone ugly or talentless..I never heard of any of you dumb f##cks kick out an you may not like what..Im sure I wouldn't like half of you loosers on here...but to talk about someone who has been thru hell and back and still making it...goes to show you..Haters will be Haters...Hate on..We all know that she had a child at a young that anything new..half of yall all know someone who has had a child at a young age..Im glad that I know she has thick skin..soo when you see her..tell her that bottom lip is busted..she what she would say to your weak azz..and to think you didn't know that she could read-LOL...Yall kats are so pathetic..a lot of you must be busted, a member of the troll factory or just blatently a "true" dumb ass..WAY TO GO FANTASIA..KEEP THE HATERS READING ABOUT YOU...because they will never amount to much but being a looser...I love it...

3016 days ago

WTF? is spelled losers.......but i second your emotion.

3016 days ago

wendell dixon    

thanks lyn...i was in a rage of at work..unlike the "losers" that have time to hate...but I know I was caught up in the moment trying to get my point across...thanks on the spellcheck-LOL...I had to correct myself..take care..I think I ragged on you before..I do apologize if I ragged on you before.but you seem to make a lot of sense ....well most of the time..I go for your seem like a cool chick...

3016 days ago


it's okay to rag on each other, especially when you don't take it too seriously like some of these haters.
I have to admit, i can be a hater, too, but when someone has such talent, i hate to see them slammed just cuz they aren't as pretty as others, ya know?
Some people ask for it with their actions and words, but, not in this case.

You seem cool, too! i usually LOL at your comments. Speak the truth.

3016 days ago


watch how u take your pic's,u look like a camel,close your mouth it's to big to be open that wide,u look stupid...thats why they printed the pic!!!...penny-pen...

3016 days ago

chris johnson    

i think she has a beautiful voice and is sexy as hell i don't see none of u haters up there singing

3016 days ago

wendell dixon    

Yeah I agree with you most times Lyn.I have some hater in me..but you're right..I have a life outside of the Internet and I can say that it amaze me how ugly folks can be towards celebrity. My moma always told me if you don't like a tv show..turn the channel. I agree that Fantasia is not the most beautiful singer out there, but the girl has some type of vocals... I try to speak how I feel but I wonder why some folks on here have so much rage in their heart..Now let someone walk up and tell Fantasia them lips are big..Im sure the girl would let you know about yourself..Im proud of her because not to many folks can say that they didn't graduate from high school and became something of themselves..that girl gor beat up buy her baby daddy while she was tapping 'American Idol"..she left him..and her life went into another stratosphere...GOLD=$$$$....but Lyn..I can tell that you're not a real true "hater"....your comments never gave me that impression.....You sound level headed....

3016 days ago

wendell dixon    

Jenifer...why you calling someone a "bitch" slide your ass to da ATLANTA...I got some real females that would put you right in order..I don't hit on chicks see Lyn..I can deal with the haters.and since I suck Jennifer..I got something you can suck on..its a life..loser...and're right..I need to know how to multi-task a little better...I can laugh at myself.. and Jennifer..I would never take comments from a loser like you all to serious..come on mean nothing to go it..remember it..Haters are such sad creature...get a job..and maybe we can talk about you..iJenifer f I ever took what folks on here said about me..I would cry like Paris Hilton..Im ready for ya..bring it own...I like to sharpen my knives on losers like you.....I spelled it right Lyn-LOL

3016 days ago

WTF?'s all good. Don't let haters bring you down. Even if we disagree on stuff, at least we've got a life outside message boards, ya know?
And yes, I'm the bomb diggety. LOL

3016 days ago


I was going to comment ,but there seems to be alot of hostility on this page...i'm not into chatting with chicks like Jennifer.....opinions are ok but when you get down to calling others B&^%^es and things like that .....i'd rather just sit and read the a couple people on here i'm also at work and i hope everyone is having a great day!!! Have a good weekend

3016 days ago

wendell dixon    

Lyn..I know you a cool chick..yeah I may have said some things in the past because we may disagree..but I wasn't trying to smear your are actually why I comment..I used to sit back for months and say nothing on here...but they got on you real bad on here and I wasn't liking that because you make sense "most" of the time. I only had to let Jennifer know that you can step on other toes but I pulls out the guns,knives, whatever it takes to fight back the demons..LOL..It's Friday yo...Im having fun..and I see you are doing the same...take care...I don't roll on here on the weekend..I have a life..but its always good reading your comments..and im sure you da bomb..LOLHave a good weekend..

3016 days ago

wendell dixon    

Jennifer..come on yo..I writes a long blog to make you think..and look I got your azz thinking about me.I love it..see I made you take notice like a are the true loser in this case...Money and employment is not my issues. thats far from what im lacking...I wasted to much time on your already...but you funny Jennifer..LOL..I love it...

3016 days ago



Well that was dramatic.

I love Fantasia and EVERYTIME i hear "truth is" i bump that shit.
She has an original and classy voice.

Keep it rolling sexy mamas!!!!

Luvs- California Love

3016 days ago
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