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Who's The Middle East Hottie?

7/21/2006 4:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

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Lets see whos hot with theyre head blown off... yumm!

3013 days ago

The Plaidypus    

Okay folks we all know about the sufferings of war........ It's not a laughing matter........ However if you don't find humor in life and in the ironies of life you will die from the inside out......Sooooo LIGHTEN UP !!!! You only get one life....If you want to be glum and all seriousness fine, just don't dampend my parade...... Now I like Bill Hemmer not just for his looks but because he brings a lot of information and understanding about what he is reporting...... Just my.02

3013 days ago

Peter Trevino    

Anderson Cooper is the winner no matter what!

3013 days ago


Good lord, I never realized how many Mrs Grundys there were haunting gossip sites. World War THREE? Give me a small break.

During WWII, when arguably the fate of civilization hung in the balance, they were making movie musicals and comedies and GOSSIPING about movie stars! How dare they!

Guess what? there were a helluva lot more casualties in WWII than this little flareup is going to see. And a great deal more at risk.

Get over yourselves, Self-Appointed Moral Arbiters. Turn off the computer, go read the bible and leave the rest of us alone.

3013 days ago


who are you trying to fool? Lou Dobbs, he is one sexy sexy man

3012 days ago

Sandra S.    

How long is this contest? You need to have a deadline!

3012 days ago

ari simon    

This is really a disgusting article. Why would you turn the crisis in the middle east into a "Who's Hotter" contest?! Would you create an article about who's the hotter reporter or soldier when the U.S. was invading Afghanistan or even Iraq to try and fight against terrorism? I highly doubt it. The crisis in the middle east is not one to be taken lightly in any way, and this simply makes a mockery out of it.

Really distasteful and sick.

3012 days ago

Sandra S.    

Anderson Cooper is, without a doubt, the whole package, even if he doesn't win.

I do not see Bill Hemmer or Richard Engle on the cover of Vanity Fair, or having their own television program.

3012 days ago


I can't believe how upset some people are getting! Wow! You do need to lighten up in this time of tradgedy, there's nothing that being sad and miserable can do for these people except keep them in our prayers. I watch all the news coverage of the wars with deep sympathy and sorrow, and thank the Lord its not our country.
That being said, Anderson Cooper is the best all around, he's also been in many war zones and written an excellent book about all the tradgedies he's been witness to. It's called "Dispatches From the Edge" .Check it out on the NYTimes Bestseller list. Beverly. W.

3012 days ago

No legs in Texas :(    

Super, Dooper, Cooper, all the way !!!!!!!!!!

3012 days ago

Hey, there is one Turkish Guy over here, unfortunately though have my t-shirt on:)

3012 days ago


Isn't Anderson Cooper gay? I thought he used to live with Carson Kressley from Queer Eye. Also isn't herGloria Vanderbilts son?

3011 days ago

No legs in Texas :(    

Who cares if Anderson Cooper is gay. They're asking who's a hottie, not who's gay. Just because you are gay doesn't make you any less attractive. If he is gay, well SO WHAT! He's in a place, where most "machos" won't dare go.

3011 days ago


Although I must admit that when I first saw what this was all about, I had the same reaction as most people that this was immoral, unnatural, ridiculous, insane, and I can go on and on and on but I won't on the other side of the coin you have to realize that these men and women fighting for freedom are also fighting for their very own freedom to be able to come home alive completely intact. Do you all not believe that our troops are not doing the same crazy things such as this in their campsite or wherever in order to lighten the mood whenever they have the time to do the same to lighten up their own lives while fighting and hopefully making their time in the war zones seem to be shorter. And yes, I honestly believe that if allowed many of our soldiers would greatfully enter a contest for the hottest soldier and the hottest Middle East Man just for a long laugh. Personally, I believe they would remember this story for the rest of their lives and include the same in their stories when they came home so family and loved ones could see that there was a little bit of the lighter side while their family member/s were in the war zones. A story like that would definitely lighten up the day of tales of the war and the casualties, etc. and pop goes the weezle with this lighthearted story.

Remember everyone over there are seeing and hearing things that we could absolutely never imagine beyond our wildest dreams but these people are, so give everyone a break and let them have a little bit of fun!!!

3011 days ago


I agree, I don't know and I don't care if he's gay, that's his business, it doesn't make him any less hot or intelligent or talented. In fact the mystery about him only makes him more attractive.
Bev. W

3011 days ago
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