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"Spider-Man" Baddies Spill on Sequel

7/24/2006 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Spider-Man 3 at Comic-Con: Click to watchThough "Spider-Man 3" doesn't open until next summer, 5,000 lucky fans got an early look at the new film at Comic-Con, the country's largest comic book convention. The stars of the sure-to-be hit were also on hand and tried to remain tight-lipped about the movie.

A slimmed down Tobey Maguire, who plays the titular hero, was very vague and made the new film sound a lot like "Spider-Man 2." "You know, Peter's dealing with elements of himself and things that have been imposed on him that put him kind of in conflict with himself," says Maguire, "He's got some battling to do."

The new villains offered up a little more. Topher Grace, who plays Venom, says his character embraces his badness. "Well, he just really, really enjoys being evil, which is rare. Usually some of these characters could be tortured. But, I have to say, I think he believes with great power comes great fun."

While Venom is pure evil, it's Thomas Haden Church's "Sandman" who may be more on the fence. "I mean, he's a real guy in the movie, who goes through some changes- hormonal and otherwise...He's just a very disaffected loner who has a mission in the movie, and comes to loggerheads with Spider-Man and a few others and is just trying to work things out."

"Spider-Man 3" opens May 4th 2007.

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I think the Sequel will be awesome. My kids will sove it.

3012 days ago


Can't wait for Spiderman 3..2007 come quick damnit..

3012 days ago


This Commeent is for -PAT- who posted his own comment back on July 27th, Like you said your not a spiderman fan. If your were you would know that, the cartoon version that used to air on FOX on Saturday morings is depicted largely from the Comicbook series. So therefor, if you were a fan you would know that, the movies themselve are depicted from the comicbooks.

About the occurrence to how spidy got the venom symbiote is as follows from the Cartoon stand point:
J.J.'s son, Robert Jamerson (Mary Jane Watson's Boyfriend: Spiderman2) an astronaut, goes in to space, what planet he and the other two astronaunts lands on? I don't know it may have been an astroid they landed on. Anyway, he and the other men started collecting rocks from the surface and as soon as the finished got back on their ship and headed back to Earth.

On the return trip back to planet Earth something started going wrong, the canisters thats were holding the rocks started raddeling and some type of slim engulfed them. As the ship approached the Earths atmosphere there was no communication to the space shuttle. The ship came in for a crash landing in the Hudson river NY. Thats when spidy jumped in to save the astronauts before the ship submerged in the hudson, he found all three unconscience. He put all there on the ships life raft and as he tries to get out of the ship he get caught on something and he gets pulled under. The harber police came pulled the unconscience astronaunts out of the water and spidy on the other hand manages to get out of the ship just in time and swims to shore, there he noticed the he is covered in a black goop, which he thought was from the Hudson river.

Spidy gets home takes off his spidy suit and gets in to bed. As he is sleeping, Peter Parker is dreaming of being chased and fighting with an unknown foe, as he dreams the foe in black blankets him in darkness and he wakes up hanking on a side of a building upside down on his web, where he noticed that he is in an all new custome all black but his reflection is of the regular custome. This new suit is not a suit at all but a ENTITY. This entity has a mind of it's on, it can preject the apparance of clothes. Thus Peter Parker has no need for his Classic spider man outfit. The Symbiote can become that, but in black.

Parker is very happy with his new abilities at first until he starts becoming uncaring, disinterested in whats right and wrong, and ultimately giving in to the dark side of himself. He cheats on M.J. with Gwen stacy. The city starts to dislike him. Spidy is to much of a good guy for the Symbiote, he manages to get a hold of him self by recalling his uncles famous words "with great power, come great responsibility" and manage to get get a crip on reality. but how to get the suit off of him. Parker does not want the suit but the suit desires a host. In comes ...

Ladies and gents the one and only Eddie Brock...aka Venom. who is Eddie Brock? Eddie is a former reporter of the Daily Bugle, he was discredited when spidy proved one of his stories wrong (Comic Version) and was fired and than turned to a life of crime (Animated Series Version FOX), which ever turn the movie takes it will be good. Brock was obsessed over being fired he starts to following the web slinger and collecting news paper articles of the hero...move along some time and spidy gets the Venom suit off of him self and Eddie brocks encounters the symbiote and merges with it and become THE VENOM, the bad thing is that the symbiote keeps the memories of the host and those Eddie Brock know who spider-Man really is and terrorizes him, and thus the real fun of being a villian begins for Eddie.
From the Cartoon version of spidy, to get the symbiote off a person you need some sort of ringing noise, I.e church bell or sonic ringing. The Movie will also feature the lizard aka Dr. Connors.

3004 days ago

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