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Did Justin Guarini Fall Off Planet Earth?

7/25/2006 1:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin GuariniWell Allison, Justin is definitely no Kelly Clarkson. He was cut by RCA and, as a result, got virtually no promotion for his first album, "Justin Guarini," released in 2003. That album was followed by "Stranger Things Have Happened," released by Justice Entertainment. There's a buzz that one of Justin's problems is that he took a buzzer to his hair, which took away his key distinctive quality.

He didn't fare much better either when he took a stab at film -- his movie, "From Justin to Kelly," tanked.

Justin makes occasional TV appearances and he's still working on his music. But the runner up in "A.I." season one has not exactly had smooth sailing.

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Is Luke Wilson hooking up with anyone these days?

Luke WilsonOk, Jodi, here's the deal. Luke revealed last week that he's been dating someone for the last year and a half, but he won't say who. However, there are problems.

Luke told Howard Stern that he and his girl are having issues, in part because of his demanding schedule. Luke added that in his relationships he never has "the guts to just leave." For Luke's sake, we're hoping his girlfriend won't react the same way to a breakup as his on-screen lover in "My Super Ex-Girlfriend."

Someone posted a comment on TMZ that Paris Hilton was a "fart in a mitten." Please do explain.

Paris Hilton: You Made Me CryOh yeah, Jill! Everyone wants to know what it means, if anything. Well, we did some digging and it really does mean something. Fart in a mitten is defined as an odor that becomes trapped in fabrics, which you just can't eliminate. We're guessing the person who made the comment thinks Paris is the odor and the world is the fabric.

By the way, take a look at Paris' reaction when TMZ's Harvey Levin asked her how she felt about being called a "fart in a mitten."

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Is the entire cast of "7th Heaven" coming back for its 11th season?

7th HeavenSteph, it's a good question that was up in the air until recently. The CW has resuscitated the once laid to rest "7th Heaven." All the current stars are expected to return. It looks like the big wigs at The CW looked at the show's history, which was one of the top performers on the WB, and decided to give it another chance. So plan on seeing all the Camdens back on Mondays at 8pm, beginning Sept. 25, 2006.

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Is Wilmer Valderrama dating anyone these days?

Wilmer and ScarlettKelly, TMZ spies say Wilmer has a thing for Scarlett Johansson. The two definitely seemed like an item in the Hamptons over the July 4th weekend. But wait -- there's this problem, and his name is Josh Hartnett. Josh is officially linked to Scarlett and she has said publicly that she's very happy in her current relationship. So what's the deal with Wilmer arranging for a helicopter to fly her up to the Hamptons that weekend? If Hollywood is anything, it's complicated when it comes to romance. To be continued.

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It won't be cancelled. That is not an option. :)

2962 days ago


He hasn't sold any tickets in the last 6 weeks or so. Is he really going to perform in front of only a couple hundred people in a 2500 seat venue? I doubt it.

2961 days ago


Well, Paris, you say people you don't know you, BUT you've shown us your ugly side with your feud with Lindsay through Brandon Davis. How can you say we misjudge you when you acted pretty badly on video? Pehaps, we only hear the bad stuff, but if it's the media's fault, we would like to hear the good things you do.

2961 days ago


I find it so f***ing retarded that people have nothing better to do than to talk sh*t about celebrities. I admit that I enjoy knowing the new gossip but I wouldn't pass judgement on anyone I don't know. Yeah paris Hilton has seemingly made mistakes in the past but maybe she really is a decent real human being with real feelings and a heart. Its up to those who know her to pass the judgement and not critical bastards who bring others down to make themselves feel better.

2960 days ago


HaHa....Paris you ridiculous gutter slut. First off in the TMZ video regarding comments made about you.

1. You said, "I don't read the comments."
2. Then 3 seconds later you said, "Those comments I read really hurt me."
3. How can someone with obviously a smart lineage be so fricken stupid and illogical. Don't contradict yourself in an interview. Duh!

Here's an idea for you Paris: until you have something intelligent to say stay out of the spotlight with your stupid ass comments regarding your cellibacy for a year. Even if you're not a slut (I know it's a stretch but work with me people) then you're still a bad actress (check), a wannabe pop star (check), a "porn" star (haha: how could you be so trusting of your boyfriend, celebrities plus sex tapes always get out dumbass). That's all folks.

Oh yeah Paris, please give Gwen Stefani some credit for your song because we all know that's not you singing.

2960 days ago


Paris Hilton is a slut because she filmed a movie with a guy she was in love with and had been dating for an extensive period of time? I think she is like alot of girls and just was attracted to the wrong kind of guy... I am freinds with the owner of club paris orl and I have met Paris and she is a very nice and sweet person with respect for everyone... advice - make some money of your own guys, live your own lives and you won't have to constantly come on here and talk about strangers like their your freinds... MAKES ME SO PISSED TO READ THIS CRAP...

2960 days ago


Justin has a lot of talent. He may not be your cup of tea, but to say he has no talent is ridiculous. Kelly Clarkson is talented, but she is not any more talented than Justin or alot of other artists. She had luck and hype on her side. And people who didn't screw up managing her career. Unfortunately, talent accounts for very little in show business these days.

2958 days ago


Justin Guarini is a no-talent LOSER. The only reason he made it so far an AI is because of his stupid hair which he no longer has. So basically now he has nothing. Tamyra shouldv'e been runner-up and everyone with working ears knows that. I can't imagine him ever having succesful singing career.

2953 days ago



2949 days ago

Kevin Keckeisen    

lol "Fart In A Mitten". That describes Paris Hiton to a "T". I guess chronic diarrhea in a sock describes (putrid) Dane Cook (or Dane "KOOK" as he's known to all the people *repulsed* by his constant Usenet newsgroup El Cheapo self-promotion thinly disguised as a "fan")

2927 days ago

California Jew    

I think someone needs to examine the photo of Wilmer Valderrama and Scarlett Johansson a little bit more--- it is clear to me that the hand on his neck is that of the woman leaning in to whisper to him- and he is reciprocating by placing his hand on her waist. it's what friends do when talking in a loud party atmosphere. No where is scarlett's arm in that photo that would conclusively point to the hand on his neck belong to Scarlett.


2977 days ago


the arm around willmer is not scarlett's but the other girl who is leaned over him in the black shirt.

2977 days ago


i know all of you gays are really harsh because of your unaccepted lifestyles and your envy of paris but come on, you all need to get lives. and for the chicks who comment, you need to get lives too and youre only mean because youre envious of paris, what she has, and what she's accomplished. paris is a person too. im sure you all have done at least one, likely more, thing that you regret. but why are all of you(haters) wasting your time on your computer commenting about paris anyways? i would think if she is so bad, shes not worth your time. why dont you go look in the mirror and pick out all of your, many, faults and then sit down and write all of them down and also the things you want, but dont have and paris does. (e.g. mercedes slr mclaren and a beautiful house in the hollywood hills) now, go use your brain to figure out how you want to get these things, and the plastic surgery youre desperately in need of. time is money. im sure you wouldnt waste it like you do your time here. and the only reason why i am wasting my 2 minutes writing this is out of pity for all of you sore souls who are wasting your lives away, here on

"Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish."

2977 days ago


To whomever asked whether Justin Guarini fell off the face of the earth: No, he did not.

And to TMZ: I suggest you do a little more research before you post the answers to people's questions.

First off, Justin got no promotion from RCA BEFORE they dropped him, and then was dropped due to lack of
sales. You'd think a major record label would be able to put two and two together. Promotion = sales. Not so hard, is it??

Second, I've never heard ANY buzz concerning his haircut...and believe me, if
there was some, I would have heard it.

And,'s something for you to ponder! How come Kelly Clarkson
never gets any of the snark from the whole "From Justin to Kelly" fiasco? Huh...that part seems to be conveniently left out any time someone is discussing her career, yet it's ALWAYS included when they talk about Justins. Heck, it basically headlines the whole conversation! The truth of the matter? Justin got wonderful reviews on his acting, so the fact that the movie failed so miserabely really had nothing to do with him!

Justin released Stranger Things Have Happened this past December. He released it independently, under his own label, Justice Entertainment. It

He has recently become heavily involved in BurnLounge, a digital distribution network for musicians and their fans. Other names in this project include: Snoop Dog, Bow Wow, Deborah Gibson, Ted Nugent, Mekhi Pheifer, Flava Flav, Bill Bellamy, Carson Daly, and Rick Dees, to name a few. The CEO of BurnLounge, Alex Arnold, has been overheard calling Justin his "angel" and saying that he's "going to make it all happen." Obviously THESE people have faith in him, whether or not you do. :)

He is now in the studio working on his third album, which is to be a mix of jazz, funk, R&B, soul, and a little hip-hop.

Oh yeah...and...



2977 days ago

lisa nichols    

Ah-- can anyone say "set-up"? Shame on TMZ for trying to make us feel bad for this no talent. It is a fact that this poor little thing made money from that tape..and then used it to make a name for herself. Who knows..maybe she'll also follow in her pal Pam's foot steps and contract Hep C too. I take that back, she probably already has it. Wear a condom boys ;-)

2977 days ago
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