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I'll Take Sarcasm for $300, Alex

7/25/2006 8:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ken JenningsKen Jennings, who won $2.5 million during a 74-game winning streak on "Jeopardy," has written a tongue-in-cheek advice letter to the long-running game show.

While initial reports portrayed the missive as a slap against the show, Jennings' musings are actually more funny than mean-spirited.

Here are a few bits from

Maybe when Art Fleming was alive, America just couldn't get enough clues about "Botany" and "Ballet" and "The Renaissance," but come on. Does every freaking category have to be some effete left-coast crap nobody's heard of, like "Opera," or, um, "U.S. History" or whatever? I mean wake me up when you come up with something that middle America actually cares about. I think it would rule if, just one time, Alex had to read off a board like:

* PlayStation
* The Arby's 5-for-$5.95 Value Menu
* Reality TV
* Men's Magazines
* Skanks from Reality TV Who Got Naked in Men's Magazines
* Potpourri

Does that really sound like the ramblings of a man completely digusted by the show that made him famous?

And then there's this ...

Why are there no physical challenges? It doesn't have to be Nickelodeon déclassé, buckets of green ooze falling from the ceiling. It could be tasteful and restrained. Like, if you know the answer, you have to run from your podium to the gameboard, jump up to touch the clue in question, and give the answer. "What is an Arby-Q?" Then you run back to your podium to select again. Some of these contestants, frankly, could use the exercise. Oh, also, there are angry bees.

Ken then signs off on his alleged hate letter to Alex and crew with the following.

You and I have a lot of history, Jeopardy! You know I think the world of're putting my kids through college, for crying out loud! So I think I can be open with you in a way that others just can't. I hope you take this advice in the spirit in which it was offered. Remember, I only criticize because I...





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he is being mean spirited to every beef loving american. what the hell is arby sauce anyway? what the hell is the point of this letter, so mr. gameshow millionaire and alex can laugh at people who live in middle america and read tmz? I hope he wasnt talking about paris when he said skanks who get naked, because we all love paris around here, she is da BOMB babee. I love beef, I love paris, i hate myself and want to die.

tmz foreverZ!!!

3010 days ago

U Know Who    

Would be nice to understand what the hell they are talking about without having to have graduated Magna Cum Laude from SC.


3010 days ago

Michele in Ohio    

That doesn't even sound like anything he'd say. He's a nice Mormon man, for goodness sake. Is that for real??????

3010 days ago

Andy Saunders    

Judging by your poll results, it looks like half of your readership is also humor-impaired...

3010 days ago

Heywood Jablomi    

This Ken Jennings makes my hemmoroids burn. What a douche

3010 days ago

Reality Check    

Humor-impaired? Are you kidding me? My humor is safely intact. Rather, I don't find it either humorous or intelligent to make such derogatory and offensive comments about a program which clearly benefited him so much. Instead, I recognize this as a man who knew enough trivia to make an impressive winning streak on a game show, but clearly does not have the sensitivity or intelligence to recognize where criticism is unwarranted, who then attempted to make a last-ditch effort to claim his comments were made in jest after he realized the immense proportions of the fallout. What's next? Is he going to claim it was a cyborg that made these comments? Or perhaps it was a cyborg that won the money in the first place.

3010 days ago


weard guy, isn't he..? ;-)

3010 days ago


Jeopardy change your format so we don't have to listen to anymore nerds!

3010 days ago


Nerdy he gay??

3010 days ago


Anybody who actually thought those comments were serious is an absolute idiot. I wouldn't say they were gut-busters, but he was trying to be funny. And yes, middle-America is stupid. Deal with it. You're all self-absorbed TV-watching fools who couldn't care less about expanding your world view.

3010 days ago


News flash: he's coming out with a book next month. This is all part of a carefully orchestrated plan to create some new buzz about Ken Jennings and help sales along. I wouldn't be surprised if the folks at Jeopardy read his comments ahead of time and gave him the go-ahead.

3010 days ago


There's a reason why it's called trivia -- whether high knowledge or low, it's info that's rarely used. Ken Jennings had barrels of trivial knowledge, and he put it to good use for the first, and perhaps only, time in his life. Leave him alone, and he'll drift into obscurity; maybe he'll be a Jeopardy answer himself someday.

3010 days ago


You guys know you're not on, right? If you only want to read serious and important articles then perhaps you should find a different website to frequent. In case you haven't noticed, tmz articles have nothing to do with anything that matters. Lighten up! I thought it was funny. I like to see nerds with a sense of humor.

3010 days ago


He is attacking Americans, not the show. He probably sent it to the show knowing it would be news worthy. He is arrogant. Your 15min. are up Ken! Stop trying to extend it.

3010 days ago

Ian Thorpe    

You thought he was being sarcastic and mean spirited. Actually there is a show almost identical to the format described running on Sky TV in the UK.

3010 days ago
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