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Nick and Vanessa's Sloppy Night

7/25/2006 1:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Lachey: Click to watchButter was thick and creamy with celebs last night, as couple-of-the-moment Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo, along with legendary swordsman Wilmer Valderrama and hip-hop impresario Russell Simmons, spent their evening in the ever-packed celeb-boite.

Though earlier in the afternoon they seemed to court the cameras' attention as they pawed at each other like puppy dogs very publicly on the Upper East Side, things were different downtown, as their significant security detail got right up in the faces of our intrepid cameraman as well as some of the other assembled photos, even smacking at another photographer's equipment. The hostility continued when everyone was in the car, as the driver seemed to back up into the crowd without reason.

But inside, TMZ spies say that the couple was very much in full canoodle mode, and that Vanessa got the kiss that she so desperately wanted -- and many many more -- on the club's banquets.

Russell Simmons was seen strolling away from Butter with a tall, lissome blonde, though the last time we saw him with a blonde, she had somewhat longer tresses. Is she the same beauty as before? Judge for yourself.


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First off, I would like to say I am disgusted with the whore....I think Vanessa is her name. I think she is using him to get the same amount of fame as Jessica but that wont happen because she has no talent. I also think she is making all the "going to make it work" comments to mark her territory seeing how Nick has not come fourth with their couple status. And I heard she was making out with Nick in front of Jessica at a club which is very was absolutely out of line to purposly try to hurt someone who is already going through a tough time. What is the need to rub it in her face. I really think Nick is using her for some P*SSY and to get his mind off his failed marriage. Id also like to say nick is an ugly nasty washed up old man who needs to retire because im smiply sick of seeing him.

2956 days ago


Why is Vanessa famous??

2977 days ago


I think they are a cute couple!!! At leas tshe is into him and she is not taking him for his fame. I love the two together they just look so cute.

2977 days ago


Come on guys, what's the purpose of this video? To show us they go out at night. I don't know how they can take it, every moment of their lives people are just in their face. God bless them and give them patience. I know people will say well that 's part of the game and they shouldn't be out there. That's true. It's a double edge sword I guess. If they stay home or go out, the cameras are still there.

2977 days ago


You go Nick & Vannessa. I'm rooting for you guys. You make a wonderful couple and a more "grown up" relationship compared to the one with Jessica Simpson... In hindsight, that relationship was so "high school".

I hope to see you both married and with children down the line. Great couple! You go guys.

2977 days ago


I am happy that Nick has moved on! After seeing Jessica's new video, he is MUCH better off. I am the ice cream....what was she thinking?

2977 days ago


wow great Video work what are you giving your cameramen to work with VHS cameras from the 80's don't be so cheap Havery

2977 days ago


She looks and acts SO freaking desperate and pathetic. Seriously she is nowhere near as naturally hot as Jessica was, and her insecurities show by little displays like this one. And her comments to the press about visiting him on tour and making it work when he had yet to make a public announcement.

If she tried any harder to stake her claim she'd be peeing on his leg like a dog marking it's territory.

2977 days ago


Jessica is not dating anyone because Adam Levine did not want to get serious. She was caught leaving Adam's hotel room with his shirt on shortly after separating from Nick. That said, I hope Nick finds happiness and success. After checking out the link on #5 - It is obvious, Jessica is desperate to remain a celebrity at the cost of her own dignity and her husband.

2977 days ago


I dont think Nick and Vanessa are really that serious...its nice to see them together, but he did just come out of a marriage. I dont think he'll be settling down any time soon. As for jessica...that ice cream shot is horrid. I cant believe lil miss priss would go to those lengths just to solidify her status as a celebrity. Its horn dog of a boyfriend who's obsessed with her was even disgusted by it. Any ways, Nick, you are so much better off now that the media whore is out of your life. Good luck Nick and Vanessa!

2977 days ago


i dont think that they make a cute couple shes not even all that i dont like her shes a man stealer that hoe what the heck is she anyways she not half the woman that jessica is jessica is way more beautiful and funny and cool then that host or what ever she is she needs to leave nick alone shes only famouse cause of nick right now she is a nobody -jessica simpson fan

2977 days ago


I'm so sick of the "who cares?" comments. If you don't care don't comment, idiot. There must be a comment like that on every post. Freaking morons.

2976 days ago


Actually SHE is the one always on top of him, she wants fame, she was just a JV from MTV and now she wants fame, Nick and her wont last. They are not cute! HAHAHA NOT CUTE!

2975 days ago

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